In a blog post today, Bungie shared a host of news about Destiny 2, including news about console enhancements and a double XP weekend coming in mid-November.

Both consoles are getting HDR lighting support in their higher fidelity patches. For the PlayStation 4 Pro version, Destiny 2 will run in adaptive 4K, while the Xbox One X version runs in a more consistent 4K. There’s no word on framerate changes for the higher spec console versions, but Bungie has said 60FPS is unlikely for the console versions. This patch will come alongside the Curse of Osiris DLC on December 5.

Additionally, Bungie is holding what they call a “Clarion Call,” wherein all players who are in a clan will received Double XP during the weekend of November 17, starting at 10 PDT and ending at the same time on November 20. Bungie assures single-player Destiny fans that some future Clarion Calls will not require joining a clan.

You can find our report card for season one of Destiny 2 right here ahead of the season 2 date on December 5.

[Source: Bungie Blog]

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