PlayerUnknown himself, Brian Greene, has revealed more screenshots of one of the two maps currently in development for Battlegrounds, the desert.

The work in progress shots show a marked difference from the last time the desert level was shown, tweaking the lighting and effects to look a lot less flat and more lived-in. The only other detail we have about the map is the size, 8×8 kilometers, which is the same size as the current Battlegrounds map.

The second map in development is set in the Adriatic, though nothing has been seen from it yet. The desert map is likely to be the first released considering its progress, but no date has been given for it yet. Check the tweet below to see all the pictures of the desert map.

Battlegrounds is coming to Xbox One’x game preview program on December 12, while the game on PC will go into version 1.00 in late December.

[Source: PlayerUnknown Twitter]

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