The Xbox One version of Playerunknown’s Battlegrounds has some issues. Among the most prominent issue right now is the framerate, which dips frequently into rough territory frequently. Thankfully, the PUBG Development and Community Team hopes to rectify that today.

The team has released the first patch for the Xbox One version version of the game. Among a slew of UI improvements and bug fixes are the much-awaited “visual and performance improvements,” as well as slightly improved anti-aliasing on non-X versions of the console. Players can now use gas while on a bike or sidecar, which should let them refuel while driving. The player icon on the map is now more visible, too, which should help players figure out which way they want to head in to make it inside the circle. Keyboards have also been disabled, meaning everyone now must play on a controller.

To see the full list of notes, head here. For a quick overview of what the pre-patch version of PUBG on Xbox One was like, you watch us discuss the game below.

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Our Take
The notes indicate this is a “first pass” upgrade for the visuals and framerate, which makes me want to temper my expectations about how well the game will run post-patch. Still, I’m playing enough of the Xbox One version that I’m happy to see any improvements come this quickly.

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