A new trailer for Fist of the North Star Yakuza (Hokuto ga Gotoku, or Like A North Star, a play on Yakuza’s Japanese title of Ryu ga Gotoku, or Like A Dragon) shows off cinematics, fighting, and…cabaret club management?

The trailer, which Sega released on a livestream earlier today, shows Kenshiro in Eden, a flourishing entertainment district. The game is most ways a Yakuza game, to the point where Kiryu’s voice actor plays Kenshiro and DLC will allow players to just straight up replace Kenshiro with Kiryu.

In the new trailer, Kenshiro can take the captions from enemy death rattles and special move screams, wielding them as weapons or crushing them to turn them into items. He can also use his patented Pressure Point Punches by pressing circle with perfect timing during combos, causing enemies to explode in bloody messes.

Kenshiro also has a host of Yakuza-like minigames available to him, such as bartending or apparently running a cabaret club similar to Yakuza 0 and Yakuza Kiwami 2.

The game was originally announced for February 2016 in Japan, but has been delayed one month to March. No western release has been announced yet, but it is likely SEGA will feel free to make announcements after Yakuza 6 gets closer to release. Hokuto ga Gotoku is exclusive to the PlayStation 4.

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