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Community Blogs
For December 14 – December 20:

Nine Favorite Games I Played at PSX 2017

Justin Mikos gives us a play-by-play of the games he played while at the
PlayStation Experience. I kind of forgot about Guacamelee!, and oddly enough,
started replaying it this week, so was excited to read about it here. However,
I am a little nervous based on what Mikos wrote about the more frantic elements
meant to accommodate four players. And Wattam looks pleasantly insane.

the Mega Man Games (Mega Man 3 and 4)

Rival_M continues to write about the Mega Man series, this time following up
the superb Mega Man 2 with sequels that didn’t live up to what came before. I
could go for a Mega Man X replay now… Better bust out my Wii, or was it Wii U?
Keeping track of games – especially all of the Mega Man ones – can be a chore.

Final Fantasy XV’s DLC Episodes Worth It?

I have yet to play XV, so I can’t get too deeply into MightyMagikarp’s blog,
but it is a question I’ve had for some time after missing the “complete” game
for $30 and settling for the “basic” one at $15. My mind is still blown by the
multiplayer addition, but hey, plenty of single-player focused games have done
multiplayer well. Overall, it seems like the story DLC pieces are worth it, so
I’ll keep that in mind if I ever get to hang with my Chocobros.

for New Blood – Come Join the Force

Matastig is looking for people to join what seems to be quite the lively
community on G.I. It seems to reference and bring up all that is fun about
gaming in the last couple decades, so it’s worth a perusal if you’re looking to
talk about classics.

Best Games Played In 2017 – #2: Lost in Shadow

Lost in Shadow is a game that always intrigued me, and was super cheap in
stores, but I never got around to playing it. GerardoExber seems to highly
recommend it, praising the light and shadow worlds, and even mentions that the
story is nicely wrapped up upon completion.

Super Mario Odyssey Renewed My Love for Video Games

“Super Mario Odyssey is a masterpiece,” begins bjdbuch. That’s high praise, and
seems to be common among those lucky enough to experience this new Mario game.
Not only is this game good, but it brought our blogger back to gaming in a
major way.

Years and My Year in Review!

Brendon Curzio is a longtime fan of Game Informer, which is nicely summed up in
the intro to this blog. Thanks for blogging, Brendon! If you go on to read the
entire post, you’re met with someone who was super busy, but still managed to
at least get a taste of the great year of games.

Writing Challenge:

Looking ahead and behind, what’s one thing from gaming you
would like to see carry over from 2017 to 2018 (more Nintendo ingenuity, more VR, etc.), and
something that is entirely new for 2018 (a new Nintendo handheld, an
aroma-producing gaming accessory)? Have fun with this one!

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