If you don’t have a fireplace, and don’t mind having a stranger in your home, you won’t find a better video to warm your day than Overwatch’s Yule Log Featuring Jeff Kaplan. For hours, Kaplan, the vice president of Blizzard Entertainment, has been sitting mostly motionless in a chair, resisting the urge to eat from a huge plate of cookies. At times, I thought the look on his face said “Should I make Overwatch 2?,” “I shouldn’t have eaten that last night,” and “I regret agreeing to do this stream.” Periodically, Kaplan will open a present. The present I saw him tear into contained a framed Overwatch image reading “I need healing.”

Humorous yule log videos are all over the place. Heck, you can even watch a Game Informer-themed one featuring Kyle Hilliard below. If you want to watch Kaplan, which we highly recommend, click here. He’s been going for a while now. Let’s see how long he lasts.

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