Replay – BioShock

Beneath the surface of the ocean, at a depth where not even the
faintest trace of the sun’s mighty light can be seen, the cold, obdurate
blackness holds the future of mankind. It’s here that the underwater
metropolis known as Rapture was built with the dream of the top brass of
science congregating to build a better tomorrow. As the experiments and
theories began to take shape, science defeated common sense, and
something went wrong. Something went terribly wrong. As your bathysphere
descends toward this revered paradise, you are hit with the sinking
fear that mankind may have gone too far. It’s not until you step foot in
the ruins of this city that you realize just how real this fear is.

This is the intro paragraph to my BioShock review. I was blown away by this game, giving it a rating of 10 out of 10, and showering it with hyperbole along the lines of calling it “ingenious, enthralling, and a masterpiece of the most epic proportions.” BioShock originally released on August 21, 2007, and has recently come back for its 10th anniversary on Xbox One and PlayStation 4. Would you kindly click the play button below to see why I call it one of video games’ most important titles? Seriously, click the damn button.

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