In Google’s accounting of the top downloaded music, movies, games, and general things of 2017, with Nintendo’s Super Mario Run topping the list for most downloaded game on the Google Play store.

The game, which is free to download but costs money to upgrade beyond the first world, was released on Android on March 22 after a four month exclusivity window for iOS. The game launched to generally mixed reception on both stores due to its price structure, which was seemingly out sync with the audience.

The game got a significant update in late September that added a new world, new characters, and using your own music for the game. Last month, Nintendo reported that, despite the 200 million downloads, Super Mario Run did not generate an acceptable profit.

You can find our review for the level-based runner here.

[Source: Google Play’s Best of 2017]


Our Take
Nintendo once stated their goal for mobile games was to serve as an advertisement for their console games, so maybe this is a good result for them even without the acceptable profit.

Around a day ago, Bloodborne data mining programs were publicly introduced on Reddit by user daemon1 after years of trying to dive deep into the game. In the time since, fans of the game have already gone through and found unused bosses and enemies in the game files.

Youtube user Sanadsk, who is well known for videos on lore and hidden content, was given files from daemon of both enemies and NPCs that didn’t make it into the final game. Sanadsk was tasked with showing off the cool things that were left on the cutting room floor.

One boss, a golden-furred chimera beast, seems like it also has black fur, spurring speculation that it might have gone gold during the fight. Another boss looks like a two-headed winged demon that doesn’t seem to make sense within Bloodborne’s world, but would fit in well with Dark Souls. Related to that, a skeleton monster is also seen which is near-identical to Dark Souls 3’s Carthus Skeleton enemy, indicating it must have been in Bloodborne originally.

Check out the video below to see everything shown so far, with promises of far, far more in the future.

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Our Take
I am eager to see what else didn’t make the cut for Bloodborne, as skeletons alone seem like they’d have big lore implications. I am also curious what was originally in Bloodborne that made it into Dark Souls 3.

The Avengers: Infinity War trailer came out the other day and people lit up with acclaim and speculation and a lot of quizzical looks at why Thanos looks so weird.

The Marvel comics supervillain that has a fetish for Infinity Stones and Death has been set-up as the Avengers’ ultimate nemesis for more than a few movies, and thus more than a few years, in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Now that he has been officially revealed in a well-lit scene and not cast in shadows, the internet is wondering why actor Josh Brolin looks so much like a weird raisin in the role.

Thankfully, a character looking goofy means we get photoshops designed to amp up the goofiness and circle around and make us okay with the original goofiness.

Here Thanos is promising to bring the pain and pain accessories.

Here is Thanos determined to destroy the world with terrible movies and merchandise.

Somebody once told Thanos the world was going to roll him and that’s when he became determined to destroy it.

Professor Lawrence Pierce of the University of Chicago writes, “I think Thanos gets stupider every year.” That’s not a question, Professor!

You’ll never see Thanos coming.

Avengers: Infinity War is coming May 4 and is the first part of the two-part Marvel Cinematic Universe phase one finale.

This weekend people in the office are mainly trying to catch up on the year’s major releases and polishing off some nearly finished games. Let us know what you’re playing this weekend in the comments below!

George Ash (@GeorgeEAsh) – Nothing new this weekend, I’ll keep playing Heat Signature, which I bought on sale over the Thanksgiving break and have been enjoying. I’ll also inevitably play more Overwatch, and may even pop back into PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds or Cuphead.

Cody Mello-Klein (@Proelectioneer) – This weekend I’ll mostly be catching up on some TV (Mr. Robot) and continuing my new game + playthrough of the Witcher 3 because time is a flat circle and I’ll never stop playing the Witcher no matter what you say.

Keenan McCall (@KEeNanMcCall525) – Honestly, it’s been a long week and I need to catch up on rest for most of this weekend. When I’m not unconscious, I’ll probably boot up some calming story driven games like What Remains of Edith Finch, Gone Home, and Tacoma. I’ve also got a personal tradition of playing through Metroid games in December, so I’ll be picking up Metroid Fusion and Metroid: Samus Returns again for some quick playthroughs.

Imran Khan (@imranzomg) – This weekend, I am doing my last minute Game of the Year checking with Ni-Oh, The Evil Within 2, and a few other titles. I’m also very, very close to beating Super Mario Odyssey’s hardest level, so maybe I’ll do some streaming of that if I can keep the swearing down to a dull roar.

Suriel Vazquez (@SurielVazquez) – I’m on the Finale portion of Cuphead, so I’m hoping to finish that up this weekend (possibly tonight!). Next I think I’ll start digging into Pyre, which is at the top of my pile of shame for the year. I also plan to revisit Soma to check out its new Safe Mode. The enemy and encounter design were my biggest issue with the game the first time, so I’m curious to see how it holds up without them.

Ben Hanson (@Yozetty) – The weekend is already here! I took a huge dent out of my backlog by finishing South Park and Horizon… not sure what’s next. Maybe I could play through another ending of Nier? Finish Hellblade? You tell me, comments section. Love you! Oh, and there’s a good cover reveal coming next week. Stay tuned!

Brian Shea (@BrianPShea) – I recently wrapped up Star Wars: Battlefront II’s campaign, as well as Uncharted: The Lost Legacy, so now it’s on to Assassin’s Creed Origins and Call of Duty: WWII. The end of the year is fast approaching, so I’m trying to clean up any major releases I’ve missed. Maybe I’ll try my hand at Nier: Automata between those games.

A new update for Assassin’s Creed Origins coming this month adds a host of new features and the final fight against the trio of Egyptian gods ending with the warrior Goddess Sekhmet.

The update adds Nightmare mode, a mode that makes enemies far more resilient to Bayek’s attacks. Separately, an enemy scaling option is available for all difficulty modes, which brings lower level enemies up to Bayek’s level in the main game, ensuring that there is still challenge even in older areas.

A new event quest is being added, titled Here Comes a New Challenger, that functions as a horde mode for the game. Unlimited waves of foes come at you for as long as you are able to survive.

You can catch the full update list at the source link below. Assassin’s Creed Origins is available on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC.

[Source: Assassin’s Creed Blog]

In a recent interview with GamesTM, Brendan Greene – aka the titular PlayerUnknown of PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds – said the Xbox One X version of his battle-royale shooter was “definitely” running at 60 FPS on the Xbox One X console. This morning, he backed away from those words saying that “PUBG will run at 30 FPS across all Xbox One devices.”

As you can see in the tweet embedded below, he cites the game’s early development status as part of the reason why a higher frame rate isn’t possible at this time. The game enters Microsoft’s Game Preview program on December 12.

Like he said, it’s possible the game could receive frame rate-enhancing tweaks during the Game Preview period, but expect 30 FPS for the foreseeable future – like how it ran during our last hands-on time with the game.


Our Take
The Xbox One X is already a tricky sell, and not having a flagship game like PUBG take full advantage of the pricey hardware in terms of framerate is a letdown. 

Last month, Bandai Namco revealed Kid Buu would be a fighter in Dragon Ball FighterZ. Today, a new trailer offers a closer look at him.

You can check out the new trailer below, which shows his combat introduction, as well as a few special attacks.

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For more on Dragon Ball FighterZ, click the banner below for all of our features from when the game was on our cover.

On Wednesday Bungie released an update on “The State of Destiny 2.” The post details several major changes coming to the game with the release of the Curse of Osiris expansion. You can read about what those changes are (and some of the events that lead up to the post) here, and we encourage you to check out Bungie’s full post to get a good idea of what exactly will change starting on December 5 and going into the new year.

Resident Destiny 2 aficionados Matt Miller, Dan Tack, and I sat down to discuss our thoughts on the big changes, how they may affect the way we play, and where we think Bungie might be taking the game in the future.

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While Jak & Daxter’s first outing, The Precursor Legacy, has been available as a PS2 Classic on the PlayStation 4, the rest of the series has been floating in the ether for a few months. Sony has confirmed that will no longer be the case come December 6.

Jak II, Jak 3, and Jak X Combat Racing, all weirdly differently structured titles, will be arriving on the PlayStation 4 digitally next week. They can be purchased either as a bundle or separately.

Jak II took the strange tact of going for a more serious tone after the playful cereal box mascot atmosphere of the first game. Jak 3 eschewed some of that Grand Theft Auto influence and also roman numerals. Jak X was a racing game wherein all of Jak’s friends got poisoned and had to win a race for the antidote but they all tried to kill each other during the race which does not make much pragmatic sense.

You can check out the release trailer for these PS2 Classics here. As PS2 Classics, they’re not full remasters, but the resolution is upgraded and they do have trophy support.

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Brendan Greene, known best as PlayerUnknown, confirmed to GamesTM that the mega-popular battle royale game is aiming to run at 60 frames per second on the Xbox One with about half that on the standard Xbox One.

Definitely on Xbox One X, 60FPS. On Xbox One, we’re not sure,” said Greene. “We may have to limit it at 30FPS, maybe, but the last time I saw it, it was running at about 30 to 40.”

Greene explained that framerate is not that important for shooters like Battlegrounds, so the difference between the two versions will not be drastic.

“The great thing about Battlegrounds is that it’s not…unlike the more high paced shooters, frame rate isn’t that important,” Greene pointed out. “Yes, it is important, but it’s not as important for us as it is in a twitch shooter. So we’re aiming for 60; not sure if we’ll get there, but that is our aim.”

PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds launches as a Game Preview title on Xbox One on December 12, while the game leaves early access on PC some time in December.

[Source: GamesTM via WCCFTech]