Psychonauts 2, the story sequel to Double Fine’s 2005 psychic platformer, has been delayed past its planned 2018 release, Double Fine confirmed today.

In the newest update video, Double Fine founder Tim Schafer and the game’s project lead Zak McClendon talked about finishing the first playable build for the game. After completing the build and realizing the size and scope of the game, McClendon made the determination to delay the game past its original scheduled release timing of late 2018.

No new release date was given, just that the game will no longer be coming out in 2018. “We do know about how long it’s going to take but we don’t want to say anything until we have a firm date for people,” McClendon said. 

You can check the update video below, which includes new art and talk about the characters and world of Psychonauts 2 after the discussion of the delay. Psychonauts 2 is intended to be released on PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One.

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As the association of loot boxes and gambling continue to spark controversy, Apple is implementing a new requirement to every app submitted that has randomized items for purchase. 

If you go to the developer review guidelines, it now lists the following: “Apps offering “loot boxes” or other mechanisms that provide randomized virtual items for purchase must disclose the odds of receiving each type of item to customers prior to purchase.”

This means you should know the risk you’re taking before you press the purchase button. Apple’s disclosure requirements are similar to those in China, where games like Overwatch have to list the odds. Earlier this year, the ESRB (the industry-created ratings group) declared that it doesn’t see loot boxes as gambling. Still, with more games turning to them for extra monetization, such as Star Wars: Battlefront II that temporarily removed them after backlash, regulation of randomized items continues to be a hot topic. 

Time will tell if this will carry over to console gaming or if stricter regulations will be put into place.



Our Take
Loot boxes have certainly dominated gaming this year, and it hasn’t been pretty. Consumers have voiced their concerns, and this looks like a step in the right direction. While revealing the odds certainly doesn’t crack down on behavior, at least people know the risk they’re taking every time they put money down on these. Regulations must be in place to ensure that this tactic isn’t abused. On the one hand, it allows publishers to make more money to pour into improving their games and taking on new projects, but it also shouldn’t take advantage of fans by overuse or unfairly stacking the odds against them. You have a right to know what you’re putting your money into, so you can decide if it’s a choice you want to make. 

Takashi Tokita, one of the directors of Chrono Trigger, was asked by IGN about the chances of a Chrono Trigger sequel. Tokita, surprisingly, acknowledged the existence of the long-rumored Chrono Break and mentioned that ideas for the game live on in Final Fantasy Dimensions II, Square-Enix’s mobile game.

“There was actually a time when I planned a new title called Chrono Break,” Tokita told IGN. “Though it was canceled before accomplishing anything, the overall idea for the title was carried over to my latest game, Final Fantasy Dimensions II. Aemo’s character setting and the balance between the three characters at the beginning…these were based on the original concept [for Chrono Break] but were reworked for this title.”

Final Fantasy Dimensions II was once a free-to-play mobile title that was receiving low reviews on app stores due to its monetization loop. Square-Enix ended the free-to-play service at the end of October and immediately relisted the game as a premium title with a $14.99 one-time cost.

Square-Enix said as recently as their last financial quarter meeting that they hope to bring back old IPs, so perhaps this openness about Chrono Break indicates a desire to return to the series.

We spoke with Tokita last year about his possible ideas for a Chrono sequel and his ideas for a movie based on the IP.

[Source: IGN]


Our Take
Aemo’s character story and why she joins Morrow’s party after emerging from a meteorite start off as a mystery. How it gets from there to what would be a Chrono-like story is a bit of a spoiler, but Tokita’s insistence that it is an idea from the cancelled Chrono Break makes sense.

CDProjekt Red gave The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt a PS4 Pro patch a few months back, and now Xbox One X players can experience a similar visual upgrade.

The Xbox One X upgrade patch gives players a couple of different visual options to choose from. The new 4K mode unsurprisingly runs the game in 4K resolution, with higher-resolution textures, better-looking shadows, and ambient occlusion and texture filtering – all at 30 frames per second. If you’re more interested in a higher frame rate, performance mode renders the game at a minimum 1080p resolution while aiming for 60 FPS. Each mode also supports HDR displays.

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Community Blogs
For December 14 – December 20:

Nine Favorite Games I Played at PSX 2017

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PlayStation Experience. I kind of forgot about Guacamelee!, and oddly enough,
started replaying it this week, so was excited to read about it here. However,
I am a little nervous based on what Mikos wrote about the more frantic elements
meant to accommodate four players. And Wattam looks pleasantly insane.

the Mega Man Games (Mega Man 3 and 4)

Rival_M continues to write about the Mega Man series, this time following up
the superb Mega Man 2 with sequels that didn’t live up to what came before. I
could go for a Mega Man X replay now… Better bust out my Wii, or was it Wii U?
Keeping track of games – especially all of the Mega Man ones – can be a chore.

Final Fantasy XV’s DLC Episodes Worth It?

I have yet to play XV, so I can’t get too deeply into MightyMagikarp’s blog,
but it is a question I’ve had for some time after missing the “complete” game
for $30 and settling for the “basic” one at $15. My mind is still blown by the
multiplayer addition, but hey, plenty of single-player focused games have done
multiplayer well. Overall, it seems like the story DLC pieces are worth it, so
I’ll keep that in mind if I ever get to hang with my Chocobros.

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Matastig is looking for people to join what seems to be quite the lively
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Best Games Played In 2017 – #2: Lost in Shadow

Lost in Shadow is a game that always intrigued me, and was super cheap in
stores, but I never got around to playing it. GerardoExber seems to highly
recommend it, praising the light and shadow worlds, and even mentions that the
story is nicely wrapped up upon completion.

Super Mario Odyssey Renewed My Love for Video Games

“Super Mario Odyssey is a masterpiece,” begins bjdbuch. That’s high praise, and
seems to be common among those lucky enough to experience this new Mario game.
Not only is this game good, but it brought our blogger back to gaming in a
major way.

Years and My Year in Review!

Brendon Curzio is a longtime fan of Game Informer, which is nicely summed up in
the intro to this blog. Thanks for blogging, Brendon! If you go on to read the
entire post, you’re met with someone who was super busy, but still managed to
at least get a taste of the great year of games.

Writing Challenge:

Looking ahead and behind, what’s one thing from gaming you
would like to see carry over from 2017 to 2018 (more Nintendo ingenuity, more VR, etc.), and
something that is entirely new for 2018 (a new Nintendo handheld, an
aroma-producing gaming accessory)? Have fun with this one!

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Pokémon Go is getting festive for the holiday season with plenty of fun additions. Starting today at 1:00 pm PST, Pikachu sporting a Santa hat comes back to town along with several other frosty Pokémon.

‘Tis also the season for more ice and water Pokémon to appear around the world, including – for the first time – ones originally discovered in Hoenn region in Pokémon Ruby and Sapphire.  Also as an extra gift, the first PokéStop you visit each day between December 22 at 1:00 p.m. PST and December 25 at 1:00 p.m. PST will grant you a single-use Egg Incubator with your first Photo Disc spin.

Deals will be going on special boxes from the in-game shop, from December 21 to January 4. These will feature everything from super incubators and lure modules to all-new star pieces and premium raid passes. 

So, if you’re still glued to Pokémon Go don’t forget to log in and see what you can find.

Cuphead Sells Two Million Copies

Cuphead, the 2D platformer-shooter by Studio MDHR, has sold two million copies across PC and Xbox One.

Developers Studio MDHR posted a blog post today confirming the news, making Cuphead an indie success story after its long development time and multiple delays. The 1930s animation-inspired title has been well loved by fans despite its tough difficulty, leading to players overcoming difficulty walls they never thought they could scale.

Cuphead released earlier this year on Xbox One and PC. You can read our review of the game here.

[Source: Studio MDHR Blog]

The Inti-Creates action RPG, Dragon: Marked for Death, was scheduled for a 2017 release when it debuted on a Nintendo Direct in August. As December winds down, Inti-Creates has announced the obvious and the game has slipped into 2018.

The sprite-based brawler has been sparse on details, but it has been in development since 2011, when it began as an online 3DS game. After time, it slipped to Switch, but Inti-Creates has not said much about it since then after its playable PAX demo. The team is made up of former Mega Man Zero developers, so it has a good chance of being a solid action game.

You can check out the part of the Nintendo Direct that had Dragon: Marked for Death below. Hopefully it is not too deep into 2018.

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New town and NPC events, along with a host of small additions, are coming in the next Stardew Valley update.

Eric Barone, creator of the game, tweeted a list of some of the things added for the update. Barone listed a new town event in winter, a new type of collection that can be started in winter, signs that can display items on them, outdoor decorations (some of which can change by season), more NPC events, and a way to re-spec professions.

The new content should come alongside the multiplayer update, which is intended for 2018. Stardew Valley is available on PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Switch, and soon PlayStation Vita, though the Vita version will not be capable of multiplayer.

[Source: Twitter]

The beta for Dissidia: Final Fantasy NT was locked to invites when it ran earlier this year, but another beta coming ahead of the game’s release next month will let anyone play.

The new beta, which runs from January 12 to January 21 in both the U.S. and Europe, will be the last chance for people to try the game before it releases on January 30. Functioning as more of a demo than a beta, it will be available to anyone on the PlayStation 4, but online play still requires a PlayStation Plus subscription.

Square-Enix has promised more details close to the date, which probably means the beta will be materially different from the last one with new levels and characters available, but we’ll have to wait and see.if there’s anything new.

Dissidia Final Fantasy NT launches exclusively on the PlayStation 4 on January 30.