Developer Fatshark has announced that it is bringing Warhammer: Vermintide 2 to Xbox One and PS4 in the future.

Pre-orders start in 2018 for the first-person co-op title, as does a beta for both systems (click here for PS4, and here for Xbox One) in March or April. There is no announced release date for the console versions, although the title is coming to PC in early 2018.


Our Take 
Given that Warhammer: End Times – Vermintide supports Xbox One X and PS4 Pro, Vermintide 2 will likely do it as well.

Atlus has announced that its 2011 game Catherine is being remade for the PlayStation 4 and Vita in an enhanced version called Catherine: Full Body. According to details in Weekly Famitsu, the update includes a third love interest, new endings, and more.

The game is being developed by Studio Zero, which teased that some kind of new Catherine-related content might be on the way during an October livestream

More details will be shown during a new Japanese livestream, which is being broadcast starting 4:30 a.m. on December 22. It starts with a 30-minute live-drawing presentation, which is then followed by the main program. 

[Source: Weekly Famitsu via Gematsu]

The Xbox One version of Playerunknown’s Battlegrounds has some issues. Among the most prominent issue right now is the framerate, which dips frequently into rough territory frequently. Thankfully, the PUBG Development and Community Team hopes to rectify that today.

The team has released the first patch for the Xbox One version version of the game. Among a slew of UI improvements and bug fixes are the much-awaited “visual and performance improvements,” as well as slightly improved anti-aliasing on non-X versions of the console. Players can now use gas while on a bike or sidecar, which should let them refuel while driving. The player icon on the map is now more visible, too, which should help players figure out which way they want to head in to make it inside the circle. Keyboards have also been disabled, meaning everyone now must play on a controller.

To see the full list of notes, head here. For a quick overview of what the pre-patch version of PUBG on Xbox One was like, you watch us discuss the game below.

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Our Take
The notes indicate this is a “first pass” upgrade for the visuals and framerate, which makes me want to temper my expectations about how well the game will run post-patch. Still, I’m playing enough of the Xbox One version that I’m happy to see any improvements come this quickly.

Have you played L.A. Noire? Do you know firsthand what it’s like to be Detective Cole Phelps, Badge 1247? Then you might want to take it up a notch with this L.A. Noire VR video.

The video, which explains what it’s like to be a Detective Cole Phelps in L.A. Noire and his disembodied hands. Watch as Phelps waves to everyone, gets uncomfortably close to witnesses’ personal space, and more. Youtuber The Last Mariner definitely puts on a hell of a show.

Check out the video below and remember that sometimes you have to shake a few trees to see what falls out.

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Panic Button, the studio that ported Doom to the Switch earlier this year, is porting Wolfenstein II: The New Colossus to the Nintendo Switch, according to Bethesda.

When talking to GameReactor, MachineGames’ Andreas Öjerfors said that Panic Button has experience using id Tech 6 on the Switch and thus is Bethesda’s trusted partner for moving these games over. Additionally, Bethesda clarified that the game is coming in early 2018, so Switch fans looking forward to the title shouldn’t have to wait too long.

Wolfenstein II: The New Colossus released on October 27 for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC. You can read our review for that version here, A Switch port was announced during a Nintendo Direct in September, but gameplay footage hasn’t been shown yet.

[Source: Game Reactor]


Our Take
Doom on Switch took a bigger framerate hit than I would have liked, but it was still a huge task. Wolfenstein II is a bit slower, or at least intended to be slower, than Doom, so a framerate hit might not be as bad. I’m hoping it looks as close as possible.

A few days ago, Bungie announced that a Destiny 2 tie-in comic titled Fall of Osiris would be coming soon. The comic is now available for fans to read.

The comic is written by Ryan North of Dinosaur Comics fame and is the first major expanded universe content Bungie has done with Destiny. It tells the story of how the lauded Guardian went from hero to traitor. The lore comic idea has been used to great success by Valve with Team Fortress 2 and Blizzard with Overwatch, as it allows pulling in outside talent for less volatile and time-consuming methods of telling an expanded universe story.

You can find the comic at Bungie’s website through their comic reader, which tends to give you one panel at a time, so get your left mouse button ready.

A new Code Vein trailer released today might give you tonal whiplash as Japanese Rock Duo Vamps is revealed to be doing the game’s theme song. The trailer sets their song to cutscenes and gameplay footage that leaves you rocking out and confused.

The english voice-acted trailer shows off in-game cutscenes, animated cutscenes done by animation studio ufotable, and the Souls-like gameplay that has been the best comparison point for the game so far. 

You can check out the trailer below. Code Vein is releasing on Xbox One, PC, and PlayStation 4 in 2018.

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Far Cry 5 is trading its exotic locales of the past for something closer to home, but that doesn’t mean things get any less crazy. In the newest trailer, we’re treated to some chaotic action while given an overview of how The Resistance works.

In Far Cry 5, an extremist cult has taken over Hope County, Montana. Here, you join forces with The Resistance, who are fighting back with all the firepower they’ve got. Each time you free a region that was once under the control of the cult, your resistance meter increases.

We also get to see what it’s like to have beasts on your side, like mountain lions and bears, who you can have attack foes at your command. Watch the trailer for yourself below.

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For more on Far Cry 5, read about how Ubisoft is building what they describe as a believable cult and watch new gameplay here.

The Last Jedi amassed huge success at the North American box office this weekend, with a debut of $220 million. This marks it as the second highest domestic opening ever for a film.

It’s also the fourth film to open above $200 million domestically, trailing behind its predecessor The Force Awakens, which opened with $248 million. The other two include The Avengers ($207 million) and Jurassic World ($208 million). The Last Jedi is also doing incredibly well internationally, where it has reached the milestone of $230 million. This means that globally, its three-day haul has been as high as $450 million.

For more on the blockbuster, check out this short featurette that shows the cast training and learning complicated choreography for the film.

[Source: Time]

Cuphead amassed popularity quickly upon release, with its delightful 1930s cartoon style and unforgiving gameplay, selling over one million copies in just a week’s time. Did You Know Gaming, a Youtube channel that focuses on video game trivia, takes a deep dive into the world of Cuphead and its creation process.

Creators Chad and Jared Moldenhauer always wanted to make their own game, but lacked the resources to do it. When they saw the indie boom that began around 2010, with success stories like Super Meat Boy, they found renewed confidence that they too could create an indie darling. 

The game’s two protagonists weren’t always envisioned as beings with cups as heads. Originally, Studio MDHR explored several ideas, but knew that they wanted to stay away from animals since most platformers have them as characters. As they explored different designs that featured inanimate objects as characters’ heads, they finally settled on Cuphead and Mughead.

Every facet of Cuphead’s design was meticulously created, including its sound design and music. Each musical piece has several layers to its beat, and each time you replay a boss battle, you may notice small variations to the score. This is because soloists re-recorded over finished music with improvised segments and different instruments.

Cuphead takes inspiration not just from 1930s cartoons, but also from several games. Outside of the obvious run ‘n gun inspirations, there are nods to Super Mario World, Final Fantasy, Street Fighter, and more. Find out more by watching the video below.

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For more on Cuphead, read our review here.