Originally an obscure PC horror game released in Japan in 2004, Yume Nikki (which translates to “Dream Diary”) is being remade with oversight from its original creator, and will be launching next month.

A couple weeks ago, publisher Playism re-released the original PC game, which was released first online outside of major storefronts like Steam. This lead up to the announcement of Yume Nikki: Dream Diary, a remake which takes the game’s 2D graphics and maps them to 3D textures. The game is being developed “under supervision and with the full cooperation from” the game’s anonymous creator, who goes by “Kikiyama.”

The remake will also include characters who were cut from the original release and take influence from “recent indie juggernauts to create something wholly unique.” Dream Diary will launch on February 23 on PC.

[Source: Steam via IGN]


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I always like hearing about long-lost or obscure projects like this coming back, so this is cool to see. I should probably play the original Yume Nikki, right?

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