As part of its plans for Year 3 of Rainbow Six Siege, Ubisoft has announced couple of changes the game’s pricing structure. This includes removing one edition of the game and replacing it with a more expensive one.

Year 3 will add eight new operators and include a few seasonal events throughout the year. One of those is Outbreak, a four-week event which will have players take on waves of enemies in co-op. Players will be able to purchase Outbreak packs which will include only cosmetic items, and will never drop duplicates.

Year 3 also includes a couple of changes the game’s pricing structure. The $15 Starter Edition (which lets players play on every map for free but makes unlocking operators take longer) will remain the same. However, the $40 Standard edition (which lets players shorten the unlock time for operators) has been replaced with a $60 Advanced Edition, which offers is identical save for 600 Rainbow Six credits and offering 10 Outbreak Collection packs. Finally, the Gold and Complete editions have been updated to reflect the change to Year 3.

[Source: Ubisoft]


Our Take
The increase in price for the “regular” edition doesn’t seem earned to me, and feels like a way for Ubisoft to get more money out of incoming players. Anyone looking to get in for $40 and not wait for the next sale should probably do so while they still can.

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