Monolith Soft director Tetsuya Takahashi revealed news about the next update
for Xenobalde Chronicles 2.


Update 1.3.0 will fix a bug from 1.2.0 where “in certain instances
during and after Chapter 7 … a Blade linked with a specific Driver disappears
from the Blade List (it only disappears from the list, the Blade itself does
not disappear),” Takahashi says. The bug is a result from the process of adding
“Advanced New Game Mode,” which allows players a second playthrough option that
launches with the update February 13.

More information about the update will be shared leading up to its
release. Until then, read our Xenoblade Chronicles 2 review here, and see Takahashi’s
production note here.

[Source: Gematsu]


Our Take
It’s always nice when a developer makes necessary updates to a game, especially when it’s a huge RPG like Xenoblade Chronicles 2. Advanced New Game Mode also sounds like an enticing way to reel players back into the world of Alrest.

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