The first part of Monster Hunter World’s DLC crossover with Horizon Zero Dawn is set to end on February 8, so time is of the essence for PlayStation players who want a taste of robot dinosaurs to go along with their monster hunts. 

The event quest “Lessons from the Wild” can be found via the Daily Login bonus screen and tasks players with hunting down Windrakes to be rewarded with a Watcher-themed armor set for your Palico companion. Lessons of the Wild can be started after hunters have reached level six, which is near the point in the game where hunters reach the Coral Highlands.

There’s no word yet on whether or not this armor set will return or when part two of the crossover will begin. The reward for the second quest will give players an armor set that makes their character look like Horizon’s protagonist, Aloy, complete with facial animations and hair style.

Monster Hunter World has already seen huge success, breaking the record for the most copies shipped in the series within three days of release.

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