The demo for Project Octopath Traveler, an exclusive RPG
for Switch that blends HD visuals with pixel art, has been downloaded over
1 million times.

The main purpose of the demo, which released on September
13, 2017, was to receive player feedback on the game through a survey. Nintendo
released a video today in which developer Square Enix gives a sneak peek at how
the 45,550 responses from the demo have helped shape the final product.

  • Instead
    of holding the B button to run, characters now automatically run when the
    control stick is pushed all the way in a direction. Pressing B now makes the
    player sprint. However, enemy encounter rates increase the faster you run. Fast
    travel, which is not in the demo, has been added.
  • General
    visibility, especially in dungeons, is being refined. Changes include traversable
    areas standing out more, floor and wall color adjustment, and added landmarks.
    A radar, which Square says couldn’t be added to the demo in time, will help
    players see entrances, exits, and designated areas. Players can also adjust
    brightness and the level of “HD-2D” filters.
  • Ten save
    slots, one of which is for autosaves, will be available in the final game. Players
    are now less likely to accidentally overwrite a save. Help text size has increased,
    as well as general improvements to the user.
  • Event
    scenes can be skipped. If you enjoy an event scene, a replay feature allows
    players to rewatch them. The default text speed has increased but can be
  • With
    gameplay difficulty, Square says they are refining the balance so battles can “provide
    a good challenge, without being overly frustrating.”

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Project Octopath Traveler is slated to release this year. Watch
us play the demo here.

[Source: Nintendo on Twitter]


Our Take

Knowing player feedback truly is playing a part in the development of a game is
important. This video provides a nice, brief insight into how player
feedback is molding Octopath as a final product, which is looking better each time its shown.

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