In an odd little note at the end of a Japanese PSBlog post, it has apparently been confirmed that both of the new Persona dancing spinoff games will support PSVR.

No additional details were given and presumably this would not just be for simply viewing the game, as there’s already a built-in function in the PS4 for using the PSVR for that. Will this be if not the first then at least the most prominent virtual reality dancing game on the PlayStation VR? Or will it just be a weird mode for oggling character models?

While no western release date has been announced, Persona 3 Dancing Moon Night and Persona 5 Dancing Star Night are scheduled for release in March in Japan.

[Source: PSBlog Japan]


Our Take
With the news that the game lacks a traditional story mode, it seems like they’re putting that effort into other areas. It will be interesting to see what this entails, hopefully something fairly off-the-wall.

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