Winter is still coming for Minnesota as a snow storm is poised to keep most of us homebound this weekend. Will we survive the siege of snow that’s heading our way? Will the storm last a fortnight, or just as long as a battle royale in Fortnite? Let’s see how the Game Informer staff plans to stay warm this weekend. Let us know how you’re spending your weekend in the comments below!

Ben Hanson (@yozetty) – Happy weekend, y’all! Hmmm, what to play … I think I’ll keep rolling with Metal Gear Survive. The game is fascinating and there’s a good game buried somewhere in there, I’m just having a tough time finding it consistently. Last night I hit several fail states after playing for a long time and was devastated by the checkpoints, but still! Other than that, I’ll probably mess around a bit with Alto’s Odyssey on iOS. Have a good weekend!

Robbie Key (@RobbieKeyV) – This weekend I will be wrapping up the first video in a series I’m calling “Shenanikins.” It’s three- to five-minute videos that basically show the stupid and hilarious things that happen when me and my cousins (hence the “kins” part in the title) play games on Xbox. I’m hoping to post a Shenanikins video at least once a month, so be sure to keep an eye out for that and more on the YouTube channel I made this past week! As for gaming, I’m trying to debate starting one of a few different titles I have in mind. I’ll probably continue watching JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure, and maybe get started on Altered Carbon. I hope everyone has a great weekend!

Leo Vader (@leovader) – I’m gonna be snowed in so I’m looking forward to a nice cozy weekend of Siege! I’ve graduated from a Blitz main to a Buck main on attack and it has been incredibly fun utilizing his shotgun gadget to blast through walls and flank defenders during shootouts. Still trying to find a defender I absolutely love, gonna try and fool around with Valkyrie some more and see if I get to a good place with her. Besides that I’ll maybe try and play some games that aren’t three years old because it’s part of my job to know what’s going on in the industry or whatever but I probably won’t. LOVE YOU

Kyle Hilliard (@KyleMHilliard) – I finally achieved my platinum trophy in Shadow of the Colossus and now I feel… empty. What should I do with my life? Play Monster Hunter: World, I guess? Or maybe Owlboy? I think that would make Suriel happy. Other than that, no big plans. Maybe convince a babysitter to go let my wife and I see Black Panther.

Jon Bowman (@MrGameAndWrite) – It finally happened. I’m into Fortnite now. I’m still a fatally slow builder, but I’ve finally turned the corner and started having fun with the game. Our three-man squad got so close to a Victory Royale and I helped, which was pretty neat! I’m hoping we can add a fourth and bring home the W. Other than that, I’ve finally started Assassin’s Creed: Origins and I have a soft goal to beat that before the end of March when I’m bombarded with Sea of Thieves, Far Cry 5, Ni No Kuni II, and Detective Pikachu (I’m slowly climbing aboard the hype train for that). Fortnite might throw a wrench into that plan though, as well as any other social plans I have for a while.

Kristin Williams (@kristincreate) – Pretty much the same plans as last weekend – Overwatch, Olympics, and some Final Fantasy X if we get snowed in and I have extra time.  And doing a second session of Starfinder on Sunday!

Joey Thurmond (@DrJoeystein) – With an unexpected snow storm sweeping in over Saturday, it seems that my travel plans for the weekend have been canceled. In lieu of that, I’ll be testing my mettle in Shadow of the Colossus’ Time Attack mode and play some more of Call of Duty: WWII’s Prop Hunt mode with friends. God of War II is in the pipeline along with some personal writing I’d like to work on, too.

Jeff Cork (@gijeff) – I just got back from a Disney World trip, so I’ve got all that Disney crap on the brain. It only seemed appropriate that I download the PS4 Kingdom Hearts remaster. It’s been 15 years since I played the first one, and … wow. Games sure have come a long ways. I still like a lot about the game, but the early hours have felt a lot like a homework assignment. True, it’s one that I assigned myself. And it’s definitely better than homework, but I’m excited to blast through it and continue to the sequel. Secret shame time: I never played Kingdom Hearts 2, because once the opening cinematic ended and the game went from a 16:9 to 4:3 aspect ratio, I was out out out. So yeah. That’s my weekend.

Daniel Tack (@dantack) – Baked brie wedge wrapped in puff pasty served with capicola, jalapeno garlic aioli, Carolina reaper sauce, and fresh naan bread. It’s an eclectic and electric little appetizer to stoke the fires before the main course. Move on to some beer-battered fries loaded with cracked black pepper – the real stuff – as the side dish to an epic mac’n’cheese entrée. This one is loaded with pulled pork, fried egg, chorizo, bacon, and jalapenos and topped with roasted chicken and Tack’s signature Sourdough Sidekickers.

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