Cevat Yerli, co-founder of Crysis, FarCry, and The Hunt: Showdown developer Crytek, has stepped down as CEO of the company, staying on as a “Strategic Shareholder” at the company.

His two co-founding brothers, Avni and Faruk Yerli, will replace him as joint-CEOs. The company did not announce any additional changes to its company structure, and maintained that none of its current projects would be impacted by the change.

“With the company in a strong position, now is the ideal time to recognize the existing leadership’s excellent achievements over these past two years and formally transition executive leadership to Avni and Faruk,” Yerli said. “I have every confidence that the company will continue to shine under the guidance of Avni, Faruk, and the rest of the leadership team.”

[Source: Crytek]


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“Strategic Shareholder” sounds like a neat job.

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