Hironobu Sakaguchi, commonly known as the father of the Final Fantasy series, will be doing a four-part stream of Final Fantasy VI on March 1.

In conjunction with Japanese gaming magazine Famitsu, Sakaguchi will be streaming the game on Youtube and Japanese video site NicoNico. The first episode will have a guest appearance by Kazuko Shibuya, the pixel artist on Final Fantasy VI, to join Sakaguchi in his quest to topple the Empire and save the world from ruin.

Sakaguchi directed the Final Fantasy series up through Final Fantasy V, then becoming the producer for the series as a whole until Final Fantasy IX. After that, Sakaguchi took on a more broad role in Square, overseeing games like Parasite Eve, Vagrant Story, and Kingdom Hearts. After he spearheaded and directed Final Fantasy: The Spirits Within, which was a box-office bomb, Sakaguchi resigned from Square and founded Mistwalker, the studio behind games like Lost Odyssey and Terra Battle.

Final Fantasy VI was released in the west as Final Fantasy III, but has since been referred to in every modern incarnation as the corrected VI.

[Source: Gematsu]


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It probably won’t do me much good in Japanese, but I’m really hopeful someone subtitles this so we can hear Sakaguchi’s insights into what I think is the best Final Fantasy game.

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