Lore In A Minute! is a YouTube show that gives quick breakdowns of different games’ lore and stories. Kingdom Come: Deliverance has a detailed, medieval open world, and this video can help you grasp what’s going on as you begin your journey.

You can watch the short video below. Kingdom Come: Deliverance is a massive RPG, but this video at least gives you some information on protagonist Henry, and how he became entwined in a rebellion to overthrow the king.

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For more, read our tips guide and associate editor Javy Gwaltney’s opinion piece on how he wants to see more protagonists like Henry. Stay tuned for our review of Kingdom Come Deliverance.

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First 4 Figures recently revealed its newest collectible, which is a chibi version of Artorias The Abysswalker. Poised for battle in a circle of purple flames, Artorias still looks fearsome despite his rounded edges and chibi form. 

Although he may look small in the image above, Artorias stands eight inches tall. This statue is part of First 4 Figures’ SD line, which stands for “super deformed.” These figures will all have a chibi-like aesthetic, with a large round head and a small body. Take a closer look at the Artorias figure in the video below.

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You can also watch a making of video from the First 4 Figures team below.

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This figure is due to release in Q2 2018 and sells for $99.99. You can pre-order it now by heading here. For more Dark Souls collectibles, check out this figure of Sif the Grey Wolf and this Funko edition of the Red Knight.

Detective Pikachu is a 3DS game that released in 2016 in Japan, and now it’s finally coming to the West. This Pokémon spin-off takes place in Ryme City, centering around Tim Goodman and Detective Pikachu, who team up to solve a number of mysteries.

Crime solving, however, isn’t nearly the strangest thing in this Pokémon game. Detective Pikachu sounds like a gruff older man, which so far comes across more unsettling than anything else. Watch the trailer below.

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A specially themed 2DS XL Pikachu Edition and a new Detective Pikachu Amiibo will release alongside the game.

Detective Pikachu releases for 3DS on March 23 for $39.99. For the Detective Pikachu live-action movie, read about how Ryan Reynolds is being cast in the leading role. Ken Watanabe has also been cast for the film. You can also view leaked photos from the film set here.

Microsoft announced that Rise of the Tomb Raider, along with several other games, are heading to Xbox Game Pass this March. Xbox Game Pass is a Netflix-like subscription service that gives users access to a vault of games if they pay $10 per month.

Microsoft’s Larry “Major Nelson” Hryb teased this information in a photo he tweeted. You can view the image below, which shows Rise of the Tomb Raider atop seven other games. It’s unclear what the other titles are at this time, but Major Nelson says that it will be revealed next week.

In January, Microsoft said that all of its upcoming exclusive Xbox One games will be available to Xbox Game Pass subscribers upon release, starting with Sea of Thieves when it launches on March 20.

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Metal Gear Survive released earlier this week, and Konami has announced some of its post-launch plans for the game. In particular, Rescue Mission is a new cooperative mission type that arrives in March.

Rescue Mission requires you and your teammates to enter enemy territory and save other soldiers. According to Konami, these missions will “embrace a whole new level of cooperation and team spirit as they coordinate with their squads to rescue soldiers in need of help.”

In the meantime, Konami is offering both daily and weekly missions that offer bigger rewards and special modifiers that change up battles. HellFire is one of these modifiers, which puts all enemies on fire.

Metal Gear Survive is available on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC. Our review is still in progress, but you can listen to us talk about our initial impressions on the latest podcast.

Along with their troubled System Shock 2 remake, Night Dive Studios have been working on remastering the first two Turok games since at least early 2016. Thankfully, that project isn’t troubled, and will launch early next month.

Night dive has announced that both games will release on Microsoft’s console on March 2. The games will be $20 apiece. These remasters seem to be light on new features, sticking instead of revitalizing the core experience of the titles under a new engine. You can watch a trailer below to see how the remaster of the first Turok looks in action.

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Our Take
Can’t say I’ve ever been a Turok fan, but even if I was, $20 for each game seems a bit pricey. I can certainly admire the work put into these remasters, but the price seems just a bit too high.

With Metal Gear Survive out this week (review in progress!), spin-offs are in the air, for better or worse. But while Survive has some baggage attached to it, there are plenty of cases which make the case that spin-offs can be as great as the series that inspired them.

It’s entirely possible that I’ve missed a few great spin-offs while thinking of my answer, but I’m pretty sure the first WarioWare game is up there. Sure, the “Wario” in WarioWare is more a ruse that ties all the microgames together than a real substantive hook, but the biker jacket and helmet have become an iconic look for the character, breathing new life into him beyond him being “bad Mario.” The supporting cast is great too, and of course, the idea of playing dozens of microgames that last only a few seconds each is a brilliant idea that holds up today.

So what’s your favorite spin-off? Think Revengeance is an excellent game in its own right? Are you one of those weirdos who likes Dirge of Cerberus? Or do you have a soft spot for the Rabbids? Let us know in the comments!

Last year we covered the trailer for a short film based on Papers, Please, which had a surprisingly good trailer. If that trailer piqued your interest, we’re happy to report you can watch the entire thing now.

Papers, Please follows the plot of the game, and has an immigration inspector making tough choices about who he will let into the country based on their passport and personal history. The entire film, which was made with the blessing and cooperation of Papers, Please creator Lucas Pope is only 11 minutes long, so if you’re looking for something to watch over dinner or a late lunch, this should hit the spot.

If you’re not a Youtube person, you can also download and watch the film on Steam.

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As Fortnite continues its climb in popularity, it’s starting to cross over into mainstream culture. Chance the Rapper wants it on Switch, and the latest viral tweet involves a promise to turn an AP Chemistry class exam into one about Fortnite.

Twitter user Jilli Zuz yesterday posted a kind of tweet many users have seen before: A message asking for retweets in the hopes of meeting a certain goal, after which something relatively cool would happen.

In this case, Zuz needed 6,700 retweets on the tweet in which the photo was posted in order to have her AP Chem teacher agree to change the second semester class exam into a Fortnite exam. The photo shows the teacher shaking hands with the students as a sign he will honor the deal.

With the tweet currently sitting at over 20,000 retweets, Zuz has clearly met her goal. Will the teacher forego having students practice and learn the chemistry material they’ll need in order to survive in college for the sake of a tweet? Will the school board allow it? Will students who’ve never played Fortnite be extra-mad they have to learn entirely new, unrelated subject material on short notice? We may never know.


Our Take
The dumbest thing I ever did in AP Chem was bring a Nintendo 64 to class after our teacher mentioned he’d played Goldeneye once when it came out. We brought a console, the game, and four controllers but couldn’t hook the thing up to a TV in the classroom, so a couple of friends and I pretended to play it for the first few minutes of class while he gave the lecture. We were idiots.

Dragon Ball Xenoverse is getting a fairly large content drop next Wednesday, February 28. Players will be able to purchase Jiren, Dragon Ball Super‘s rendition of Android 17, Fu (one of Dragon Ball Online and Xenoverse 2’s original characters) and, most notably, Ultra Instinct Goku.

For those who haven’t kept up with Dragon Ball for a while, Ultra Instinct is a form of godlike movement and offense taught to Goku by Whis, the caretaker of the God of Destruction, Beerus. This is his strongest form yet, and while in it he may be as strong as Beerus himself.

You can watch all four of these characters in action below. Head here for our review of Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2.

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