This week brings
us a lot of looks at remakes, which is always fun to dive into. Instead of a
remake, I want Square to bring the Xenogears team back together and finish the
second half of what was the best PlayStation 1 JRPG. I would buy that remake or
update or whatever. Now dive in!

Community Blogs
For February 22 – February 28:

And Remasters: 2018 Edition

TrentDF doesn’t write about the state of remakes, just that there have been a
lot of them in 2017. And he wants more. Here he makes the case for five games
to get remakes, including Bushido Blade, a Spyro trilogy like the Crash
Bandicoot remake, and even Twisted Metal. I’m down.

Therapeutic Effects Of Gaming

Prince of Snark Euphoric Ennui I writes about how gaming can improve lives. He
breaks it down into different disabilities, and explains what games are
available for people to play, and how certain games can help. The University of
Wisconsin-Madison even had a team that developed a Wii game to “help children
with autism improve their balance.” It worked.

Things I Like About Dishonored 2

The Dishonored series is an absolute blast, and it is nice to see it make a
return to the blogosphere thanks to Timothy Repasky. Here he writes about three
key things the game does well. Of course, the amount of choice available is one
of those things, and I couldn’t agree more with this blog.

Gaming Life: Pt. 2 – Let’s Talk About The Secret Of Mana Remake

If you haven’t already heard about this particular remake, let Dominic Cichocki
fill you in: “It’s not good.” He goes on to write that “the
new elements like HD graphics, voice acting, and the existence of the game
itself, all feel muddled and cheap. Numerous hard crashes made me feel like I
was playing Skyrim, while many other bugs popped up repeatedly.” Why,
Square? WHY? And really, a re-release with the original delicious sprites would have

Top Gaming: Dark Souls The Card Game

Based on what I know about this series, I don’t understand how a card game can really…work? I mean, crazier things have happened, but Brendon Curzio writes that the
game is “well worth the price” of 60 bones. And I really like how you level up
your deck in the game; I could see enjoying this.

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