After a bug-ridden and messy launch, Kingdom Come Deliverance developer Warhorse game has been busy patching things up. Their latest patch should hopefully plug a number of holes, but also comes with some new hairstyles.

For most players, the most welcome news in the 1.4 patch is the fixing of “200 major bugs,” which should hopefully make wandering around medieval Bohemia a little less grueling and chaotic. In addition to all of those, issues with the “House of God” and “Mightier than the Sword” quests have been resolved, as has an issue with the Rattay archery not working on advanced difficulty.

The patch also has a couple of Easter-related inclusions. First, it adds “Real Easter Eggs,” which includes a special golden egg (the benefits and prize attached to the golden egg were left vague) and an Easter-themed “Pomlázka,” weapon. Second, the patch “revives” a number of NPCs who were killed by physics glitches, tying into Easter’s resurrection theme.

Other additions include new hairstyles for protagonist Henry (along with new hair and beard “mechanics”) as well as “Unarmed mercy” kills, which should give players more options with solving quests. Finally, a new HD texture and audio pack should give those with powerful PCs reason to rejoice.

Warhorse did not nail down an exact date for the patch, saying only that they’re shooting for “sometime next week…. hopefully.”

[Source: Warhorse Games on Steam]


Our Take
It’s a bittersweet feeling to see a patch that fixes 200 major bugs. Of course you want those things to be fixed, but that they had to be fixed in the first place is disappointing. Still, it’s a good step forward, and hopefully the start of more to come.

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