Nintendo’s pink puffball Kirby celebrated his 25th anniversary last year, but that was merely Nintendo biding time until the actual 25th anniversary that matters, Waddle Dee.

The iconic Kirby enemy first appeared in Kirby’s Dream Land in 1992, technically making this the 26th anniversary, but also no one cares because it’s Waddle Dee and he gets to have his 25th anniversary whenever he wants. As such, Nintendo has produced a website as an offering to to the canonically strongest character in the Nintendo universe.

Along with this important milestone, Nintendo has revealed Waddle Dee Battle Royale, where Waddle Dees fight each other for supremacy in a 3D battle arena. 

We can only assume this is leading to a Waddle Dee announcement for Smash Bros. on Switch at E3 and are preparing opinion pieces of how Nintendo does not “get it” if E3 passes without one. You can find, and should definitely check out, the Waddle Dee celebratory website right here.


Our Take
I always found it weird how Waddle Dee never actually attacked you, and provides Kirby no benefit in terms of powers, but I’d bet 100% of players eat them as the first thing in the game. Waddle Dee did nothing wrong.

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