Path of Exile is adding a real mode on a fake holiday, and it’s pretty good.

The new Path of Exile Royale mode does exactly what you’d think it does: Take the action-RPG gameplay meant for single and co-op grinding and turn it into a multiplayer slugfest where only one player survives.

While the mode only waits only for there to be 20 players in a lobby before starting, up to 100 players can join in on the fun. As with other Battle Royale modes, there’s a shrinking circle players must follow to avoid death between bouts with other players. If you manage to actually win one of the modes, you’ll receive a Rhoa (which is a kind of dinosaur, which is sort of a chicken?) Dinner ornament to display in your hideout.

You can start playing today once you download the latest patch. 3.2.2.

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