Fortnite players are obsessed with a comet that recently appeared in the game world. This somewhat ominous-looking space rock has generated theories galore. Some players believe it could be an alien mothership; others are convinced it will be a new supply drop that delivers even more powerful weapons. With new comet watching signs appearing on a rooftop in Titled Towers, it appears Fortnite’s developer Epic Games is gearing up to deliver answers to fans.

That possibility was heightened again today with the release of a teaser image for Battle Royale’s fourth season. The stylistic image may have nothing to do with the comet in the end, but it certainly delivers the impression of something crashing into the ground at great velocity. We may not have long to wait, as Battle Royale’s third season concludes in just four days.

Do you think there’s any significance to the comet? If so, what do you think it may bring to the game?


Our Take
I have a theory of my own: The comet won’t crash on the map we know and love, and instead will touchdown on another part of the world that, you guessed it, delivers another map for both Battle Royale and Save the World modes. I’m probably wrong, but that’s what I want the most from the game. Wishful thinking…

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