Meteors have been hitting the ground in Fortnite today along with a social media blast from Epic portending the upcoming season four.

A few Fortnite players have noticed that meteors have been coming from the sky, but few people are finding landing spots as they appear to impact on the ground and disappear. Some streamers have been nearly hit by the meteors, like streamer RealKratfyy barely missing it in this twitch clip.

Epic has also been adding more to their season 4 teases, revealing what appears to be superhero-related imagery. This is leading people to assume that the meteor in Fortnite: Battle Royale is going to bring superpowers in some form or another, with players claiming to have seen loading screen descriptions referring to double-jump powers.


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I’d be pretty into a separate Heroes mode in Fortnite, actually. I’m now interested in where they take it.

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