In the nearly two years since Pokémon Go released, developer Niantic has continually evolved the experience. Doctor PoGo, a hardcore player who sat next to Niantic CEO John Hanke on a flight, claims Pokémon Go is on its way to its next stage of evolution.

According to Doctor PoGo, Niantic is working on several changes, including the addition of Gen IV Pokémon and a new PvP system. In addition, die-hard players will delight in a new level cap beyond the current cap of 40. Also, if you’ve ever wanted to submit a Poké Stop for consideration in the game, that ability is also on the horizon, which could help players outside of major cities and parks to enjoy the game more. Hanke also reportedly told Doctor PoGo that Niantic will be cracking down on cheaters and spoofers even harder than before.

Perhaps the most unexpected news is that Niantic is going to try its hand at Pokémon Go Fest once again. You may remember last year’s Pokémon Go Fest in Chicago, which was such a disaster that Niantic issued refunds, gave attendees $100 in in-game currency, and reportedly settled a lawsuit stemming from the event to the tune of $1.5 million.

Doctor PoGo says he recognized Hanke and chose to sit next to him and that the two spoke the entire flight. He posted a video of him sitting next to Hanke, which you can see below. While Doctor PoGo didn’t share anything in that video, it did verify that he indeed sat next to Hanke on his flight.

Next, the Pokémon Go YouTube community latched onto Doctor PoGo’s information. Doctor PoGo endorsed the summary of prominent YouTuber Mystic7. You can view Mystic7’s video summary here.

We reached out to Niantic for comment, but did not hear back as of this writing. We will update the story if the developer provides a statement or response.

[Source: Doctor PoGo on Twitter, Reversal on Twitter, Mystic7 on YouTube via Pokémon Go Hub]


Our Take
As with all reports, you should obviously take this with a grain of salt. However, with a video of Doctor PoGo sitting next to John Hanke, it’s feasible that this conversation occurred. No timetable was given for any of the mentioned updates, so we’ll have to wait and see how Niantic rolls it all out if this is indeed legitimate information. Now we just need to get someone on a plane with Hanke to ask him about trading.

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