For Overwatch’s two year anniversary, Blizzard has promised new skins for the entire case especially for the anniversary. Today, the developer released two of the skins, Lightning Tracer and Venom Soldier 76.

Both costumes are Epic Drops and part of the seasonal anniversary event. Tracer’s Lightning skin gives her blonde hair and a mohawk, along with the word Lightning emblazoned on her left leg. Soldier 76’s Venom costume makes him look like a Saturday morning cartoon villain, complete with a cobra on his leather jacket’s back and comic book-style metal mask.



The Overwatch anniversary event begins on May 22 and brings back past brawls and cosmetics from the previous two years of the game for players to earn or purchase with in-game currency. Logging in any time between May 22 and June 11 will get you a lootbox that guarantees you one Legendary item.


Our Take
I dig that Tracer skin, hopefully they get creative and don’t play it safe with the rest of the skins.

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