Everyone’s favorite Metro City rascal Cody was announced for Street Fighter V along with everyone else from season 3, but this new gameplay trailer (with a hint of story) gives Cody some time to shine.

The trailer begins with a live action clip of Cody, played by New Japan Pro Wrestling star and Street Fighter IV Cody main Kenny Omega, entering the mayor’s office and receiving a phone call. From there, the trailer begins showing off Cody’s two V.skills – his trusty knife and what we can now say is a traditional Metro City mayoral pipe – and a new costume of traditional mayoral pants. Check out the trailer below.

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In addition, Capcom has announced three other DLC costumes for Cody. He can wear his prison garb from the Alpha series and Street Fighter IV, a white tuxedo, or his Final Fight outfit of an understated white t-shirt and jeans. Omega is also voice acting the character in the game.

Cody will be avalable on June 26 and will be followed by DLC characters G and Sagat later in the season. Street Fighter V is available on PlayStation 4 and PC.


Our Take
Canonically, Cody without his handcuffs is supposed to be one of the strongest humans alive on a tier of Oro and stronger than Akuma. I wonder if he’s gotten weaker in his older age.

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