Bethesda tweeted a test pattern this morning with the hashtag #PleaseStandBy that is pretty clearly a Fallout tease. Outside of being the familiar Fallout test pattern, with the Native America head on top, there is not much else that can be inferred form the simple tease. Presumably, it is something Bethesda will expand more on at E3.

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Our Take
The pie in the sky hope is that Bethesda will announce Fallout 5 at E3, or maybe a New Vagas-like sequel to Fallout 4, but there are plenty of other things this could be teasing. It might be a big Fallout 4 expansion, or maybe a port to Switch of Fallout 3 or 4, or maybe something entirely new. Bethesda likes those Switch ports, after all. Whatever it is ultimately teasing, we should know in just a few short weeks.

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