Following Saints Row 2’s addition to the Xbox One BC list earlier this month, its predecessor Saints Row 2 and the most recent game in the series, the standalone expansion Gat Out of Hell, have both joined the list.

The first Saints Row launched in 2006 and was initially criticized for being a clone of Grand Theft Auto, but has come to be appreciated as something different and unique that had its own distinct feel. Gat Out of Hell is more in line with later Saints Row games and functions as a standalone open world where players control Johnny Gat. 

The tabletop racer Toybox Turbo is also included in this wave of newly-BC titles.

As with most Xbox 360-on-Xbox One games, if you own the title digitally, it should simply be in your games and apps list ready to download. If not, you can throw the disc in and download the game or buy it from the Xbox Live store.

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