NISA has announced that the two Yomawari titles, Japanese ghost-horror games done in a somewhat cutesy artstyle, are coming to Switch as Yomawari: The Long Night Collection.

The collection is made up of two games, Night Alone and Midnight Shadows. Both games are ghost stories about girls in rural Japan that wander off the beaten path and end up finding much more than they expected or wanted. Both games are made for fairly quick play sessions, averaging about six to ten hours each, which makes bundling both of them together fairly ideal.

The first title, Night Alone, was released on Vita and PC, with Midnight Shadows also being on PS4 in addition. You can check out the Switch announcement trailer below.

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Yomawari: The Long Night Collection releases in Europe on October 26 and the U.S. just before Halloween on October 30.


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I played a bit of the second game before and was intrigued, but maybe it will help me play it on a system I can just hit a button to put to sleep.

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