A datamine of Fortnite’s latest patch revealed new skins, gliders, and emotes. The initial leak came via Fortnite Intel, then fnbr.co revealed the name and rarity of each item. 

Among the skins are a male basketball player called Jumpshot (Rare), a female burglar called Rapscallion (Epic), and a red-skined male elf-looking thing based on a venus fly trap called Flytrap (Legendary).

Update v4.3, also introduced shopping carts – Fornite: Battle Royale’s first vehicles – to the mode when it launched this morning.

A full list of the cosmetic items can be found on Fortnite Intel and fnbr.co.

[Source: Fortnite Intel and fnbr.co via IGN]


Our Take
I really like the Jumpshot skin and its female equivalent, Triple Threat. There’s also a bunch of cool gliders and back bling in the leak, which you should definitely check out.

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