A returning monster named Lunastra is coming to Monster Hunter World on May 31 alongside a new update, Capcom has announced. 

Lunastra is the female version of Teostra, the fire-breathing elder dragon. Where Lunastra differs, beyond her raw brute strength, is that she can cover the arena in blue flames that cause a heat effect to your characters. This means that you had better be drinking cool drinks or your hunter’s health will slowly slip away during the fight.

Unlike other monsters that engage in dramatic fights when they meet, Lunastra and Teostra meeting up is nothing but bad news for your hunting party. The two team up to unleash a super move that covers the entire arena in red and blue flame, making you incredibly vulnerable to the next hit. Lunastra also brings with her some frankly useful and interesting armor sets that should be good for hunters who are already done crafting all the other armor they want in the game. She will be available in an event quest starting at the end of May.

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Coming along with her is an update that makes a couple of bug fixes and preps the game for time-limited Arch-Tempered Elder Dragons. These special challenge bosses are meant for post-game hunters looking for fights harder than even tempered Deviljho and it starts with Arch-Tempered Kirin. Slaying these monsters gets you material for new armor sets that Capcom has said offer extremely good bonuses, but we’ll have to wait and see. Kirin comes on June 8, with Val Hazak following on June 21.

One quality of life improvement is making it so scout flies no longer steal the camera at camp when starting a mission. Capcom added this for respawning a while back, but now the camera won’t focus on the Scoutflies as you run toward the table for a meal.

The Lunastra update should be coming later today/tomorrow worldwide. As with all Monster Hunter World updates, the new content is all free.

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