Nordisk Film, a Danish film studio and distribution company, has announced that they have wholly acquired Avalanche Studios, the developer behind Mad Max, Just Cause, and the recently announced Rage 2.

According to Avalanche, this deal changes very little, as the studio still has full creative freedom and the only personnel change being made is Nordisk’s managing director Mikkel Weider joining Avalanche’s board. Avalanche’s current agreement with other publishers will still continue, with the door left open to further opportunities.

This deal provides Avalanche with a bit more financial stability and allows them to open new studios without constantly needing to seek out new publisher contracts. Nordisk has been a minority stakeholder in the developer since last year, upping their purchase to a €89,000,000 ($103 million) acquisition of all the shares and the entire company.

Avalanche is currently working on Rage 2 in cooperation with Id for Bethesda, which we expect to see more of at Bethesda’s E3 conference.

[Source: GamesIndustry.Biz]


Our Take
I doubt Noridsk purchased the company just to change everything about them, so I imagine there’s simply a mutually beneficial revenue arrangement for the two.

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