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Red Hook Studios released Darkest Dungeon in 2016 to critical acclaim. This gothic roguelike RPG didn’t hold players hands, but it was praised for its creepy atmosphere, strategic combat, and diverse roster of character classes. Today, Red Hook announced that it has already begun work on a sequel. 

According to an interview with PC Gamer, Darkest Dungeon II will be a bigger game as Red Hook builds up its studio. The original game was completed with only five developers, but Red Hook has already grown to 14 for this project and doesn’t plan to stop there. For the sequel, the studio aims to create a larger journey where players will travel to, rather than hinge around a single basecamp. Otherwise, fans can look forward to a similar RPG combat system. Red Hook also hopes to release via early access. Stay tuned for more details, hopefully soon.

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This is great news for fans of hardcore RPGs. Honestly, I’m not a big fan of roguelikes, but the original Darkest Dungeon was one of my favorite games of 2016, and I can’t wait to learn more about this sequel. 

Reuben Langdon, the voice actor for Devil May Cry’s Dante, Street Fighter’s Ken, and model for Resident Evil’s Chris Redfield, has survived a shooting attempt in Guatamela. Langdon is unharmed and was not hit during the shooting.

The actor was in Guatemala filming a documentary titled Vision of the Ages along with compatriots Steve Copeland and Phil Lane Jr. when approaching their car on the street. Once they got inside, an assailant tried to open the door to the driver’s side of the car, but was unable to force their way in. The gunman then fired six times on the car, which Langdon’s group eventually got the car running and sped away. No one in the car was hit, but they pulled bullets out of the car after stopping to get their bearings.

Langdon confirmed this week that everyone is safe and unharmed, but understandably is not supplying more details, which are already fairly hazy.

It isn’t Halloween yet, but Double Fine’s adorable, trick-or-treat RPG, is getting the Saturday morning cartoon treatment via Amazon Prime Video. It has been a while since the show was first announced in 2017, but it is finally on its way out.

Releasing on March 8, the show will follow Wren, Everett, Lucy, and Reynold as they dress up and use their souped-up costumed abilities to take down candy-hungry monsters. The monsters look different from the grubbins in the two Costume Quest games, but their candy agenda seems the same.

Amazon released the show’s title theme a few months back that shows off its Adventure Time roots. You can watch the trailer for the show below or check out our reviews of Costume Quest and Costume Quest 2.

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Tetris fans have already had a good year with the release of both Tetris Effect and Tetris 99. Now, sportswear apparel PUMA and The Tetris Company just made a hard drop and announced a limited edition Tetris-themed sneaker.

The PUMA x TETRIS RS iteration releases worldwide on October 2019. If you subscribe to Nintendo’s online service, you might want to check out the recently release Tetris 99. Kyle Hilliard called it a “fun and intense experience;” head here to read that review. Or if Tetris isn’t your game, maybe you’re more into these PlayStation-themed Nikes.

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Publisher: Bandai Namco
Developer: Ganbarion
Release: 2019
Rating: Rating Pending
Platform: PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PC

The latest trailer for the upcoming open world One Piece game, World Seeker, shows off a fair bit of the combat gameplay, and it also details how you will acquire and complete sidequests, and how that will affect your relationships with your crew and the other characters you meet in the world. You can check out the trailer above.

One Piece: World Seeker is coming to PS4, Xbox One, and PC on March 15. For more on the game, you can head here to read all of our coverage of the game so far.

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Earlier this year Breach – a co-operative, customizable action RPG – launched into Early Access, and developer QC Games is already updating the game with new content and improvements from fans’ time with the title.

The Patch 0.1: Valley of Kings (click for full patch notes) introduces the titular map, the medic class, new boss Sekhmet (the Egyptian goddess of war), and various tweaks and improvements.

The video above showcases the new medic class, giving helpful examples of how the class’ microbots can be summoned to aid you and your party.

The patch also introduces requested Hero Only and Veil Demon Only queues (the title’s overall gameplay premise is that four players take on one Veil Demon player), an optional ranking system, and the Onryo – a new faction of monsters for the Tokyo map.

QC Games says the plan is to put out one major update a month, with weekly updates in between.

In other Breach news, those wanting to now buy into the game’s Early Access can do so for $10, which also nets them a 30-day XP/Gold boost and 2,000 QC Points. Those who’ve already supported the game by buying the Founder’s Pack get 3,000 QC Points as thanks.

For more on the game, see it in action in this episode of New Gameplay Today.

[Source: QC Games]

Metro has always flirted with difficult moral choices and consequences. Never to the extent of Mass Effect’s branching setup but both 2033 and Last Light offered endings that depended on player’s actions at critical moments during the campaign. Exodus does the same. However, earning either the good or bad ending is more about your moment-to-moment playstyle than critical choices this go round.

The easiest, guaranteed way to get the good ending in Exodus is knock people out when you’re sneaking  around and don’t kill indiscriminately. That doesn’t mean you have to avoid firefights or do a pacifist playthrough (I earned over 500 kills and still got the good ending) but when enemies surrender, don’t kill them. During certain missions, characters will ask you not to kill certain people, so don’t kill those people!  Also, sometimes characters in your party will give you quests (like finding a guitar in the wasteland). Do all of this and congrats, the good ending is all yours.

If you want the bad ending, just do the opposite. Be a real monster and kill everyone you come across. Never do a quest for anyone. Presto: the bad ending is all yours. You’ll know you’re on the path to this ending if your compatriots complain to you or even attempt to leave your group. If your karma is low enough, sometimes you can lose people from the group, so keep that in mind as well.

For more on Metro Exodus, check out our reviewtips, and feature on why Metro is gaming’s most interesting post-apocalypse.

Most players are still waiting to get their hands on the final version of Anthem, even as some PC players have been able to dive in and explore the full game through their Origins Premier membership. If you’re one of those players, it’s possible that you’ve already run into a particularly tedious stop sign on your forward progress through the game, which comes in the form of a grind-focused quest several hours into the main game.

The Challenges of the Legionnaires (or Tomb Trials) can be a pain, but on the bright side, you can begin to accrue the objectives you need even ahead of when the mission opens up. Here’s what you need to know.

Getting Started

There are four tombs, and for reasons we won’t get into here to prevent spoilers, you’re going to need to get into each one before the story can progress. Each tomb is themed around a particular dead Freelancer, and you need to complete certain feats to be worthy to enter each tomb. You will undoubtedly complete at least some of these objectives through the natural course of playing. Others will likely require purposeful effort.

You don’t need to do these in any sort of order, but they’re listed alphabetically below.

The Trial of Artinia requires:

5 World Events: You can only complete this by playing Freeplay, so you’ll have to take a break from normal missions. While on a Freeplay expedition, listen for notifications from your cypher, and watch for a purple icon to pop up. This indicates a publicly playable event. Note that when the event completes, you have a chance to move forward what is arguably the most frustrating objective in the bunch, collecting treasure chests (see below). But be aware that you have to be the person who actually opens the treasure chest, so as soon as the World Event ends, rocket over to that chest.

30 Weapon Defeats: If you don’t have this one complete, it’s possible you’re playing the game wrong. Shoot some enemies with guns.

15 Weak Point Defeats: Bad guys will flash yellow damage numbers if you hit their weak spots. Kill an enemy with one of these shots to advance this objective.

9 Elite Defeats: The best and most consistent place to find Elites at this point in the game is in the Stronghold, called the Tyrant Mine, but you’ll see them in other places as well. You’ll see Elite in their name.

The Trial of Cariff demands:

3 Mission Completions: This one should be complete if you’ve been picking up and playing missions from quest-givers.

30 Gear Defeats: Another easy one. Use gear abilities to kill enemies.

15 Combo Triggers: Straightforward, if you know what you’re looking for. Try to equip both a primer and detonator from the Forge. Primers show a dot when you’re looking at their tooltips, while detonators show a star. Use these in conjunction when attacking enemies to trigger combos.

3 Multi-Kills: Enemy kills in Anthem are frequently single target, so you might need to consciously pursue this one. Try hitting groups of enemies as they spawn, particularly with an Ultimate, with which you’ll have a high likelihood of inflicting large amounts of damage quickly.

The Trial of Gawnes needs:

50 Melee Defeats: Any javelin class can complete this, but it’s especially easy with an Interceptor; melee is one of their specialties.

50 Ultimate Defeats: This could conceivably be a grind, since you must wait for your ultimate to recharge between each use. Find a spot that consistently kicks out or spawns large numbers of enemies in one place. One excellent option is in the boss fight for the Tyrant Mine stronghold. When the boss regularly flees, a large group of enemies emerges from a nearby cave. Pop your ultimate and snag some kills.

3 Legendary Defeats: We recommend not worrying about this one. Legendary enemies often show up as bosses, and if you consistently play expeditions, you will complete this objective without a problem.

The Trial of Yvenia insists on:

15 Treasure Chests: This is the one you’re likely to get frustrated over. It doesn’t sound like 15 chests would be a big deal, but most players we’ve spoken with have gotten hung up here for a couple of hours. That’s because (unless it gets patched) you must personally open the treasure chests, not just benefit from what’s inside. Because of that, if you’re playing in a group, you need to be the first one at the chest to get credit. The Tyrant Mine stronghold has a couple of chests available, and world events will also help you along your way, presuming you get to the chest before other players. In Freeplay, there’s also a number of treasure chests that are hidden throughout the open world. They can be hard to spot, but they do have a distinctive blue glow if you sight one. Good luck.

25 Harvests: This challenge is straightforward, but it can take some time if you haven’t been attentive to gathering crafting supplies. Watch for mineral and plant foraging points on the ground (and underwater) as you explore, especially in Freeplay. Harvest those nodes to progress the objective.

3 Javelins Repaired: Nothing fancy here. Play in a public party, and watch for those moments when one of your companions goes down. Of course, this is more likely to happen on higher difficulty settings…

10 Collectibles: This is a good one to watch out for from early on. If you are conscientious, it’s unlikely you’ll have to spend too much time searching when the time comes. Collectibles are marked with a small magnifying glass when you get close. Unfortunately, the ones you find in the hub space of Fort Tarsis won’t progress this objective. 

Good luck on your hunt. By keeping the objectives in mind ahead of when the mission shows up, we hope you don’t get hung up for too long on what can otherwise be a tedious slog.

This week my colleague Brian Shea weighs in on what he thinks the UFC franchise should do to build upon the foundation of its career mode. Developer EA Vancouver hasn’t officially announced the series’ next installment, so there should be plenty of time for it to listen to Shea’s excellent suggestions.


It’s no secret that I loved EA Sports UFC 3 when it launched last February. In my review, I called it, “the best MMA game ever released.” While I still stand by that statement, now that we’re a year removed from launch, I think EA Vancouver could still make several adjustments and improvements upon the already-strong offerings of its 2018 release.

UFC 3’s huge push was its new career mode. It delivered a fun trek from the local circuit to becoming the GOAT, but it fell short of truly delivering the feeling of being a UFC fighter. The basic loop of just training and fighting is a good first step, but there’s much more to being a fighter than just those two elements, and without things to break it up, the process of training can become tedious. 

UFC 3 acknowledges that self-promotion and generating hype for your fights is a crucial in today’s MMA landscape. Last year’s entry let you respond to social media posts by your rivals and choose to brush off training in favor of streaming video games or doing promotional activities, but I’d like UFC 4 to take this a step further. 

Give us press conferences where we can navigate dialogue trees to answer questions. Through these options, we can either build hype for our next fight, or maybe pave the way for a future rival or opponent. The same could be said about post-fight press conferences. After nearly every real UFC fight, Joe Rogan or another commentator interviews the winner. This gives them the spotlight to not only showcase some personality, but often call out a next opponent. 

Of course, this would only work to its full potential if storylines are more prominent in career mode. This was actually a category in which I think UFC 3 moved in the wrong direction. With UFC 2, the career mode showed you not only the other fights on the card you’re on, but also the results of those fights; you could spot another fighter in your division tearing it up across each card, letting you play a narrative out in your head. UFC 3 removed the simulation logic, which hurt your awareness of what was going on throughout the rest of the UFC.

I want UFC 4 to create these narratives for you. Not only should UFC 4 resurface that simulation logic, showing the result of each fight on the schedule, but I would love for it to produce headlines coming out of each fight card – even if you’re not on it. We see this nearly every week in the MMA media: “Who is Conor McGregor going to fight next?,” “Is TJ Dillashaw going to fight Henry Cejudo again, or did Marlon Moraes earn his shot?,” “Does Stipe Miocic deserve an immediate rematch after losing to Daniel Cormier?” Obviously, this would require some complex solutions be put in place, but I’d love to see those narratives surface about the UFC roster at large, as well as the storylines that MMA reporters and fans are talking about as a whole. We get a little bit of that through the in-game social media, but it doesn’t feel broad enough.

Also, I really want to see things like weekly ranking updates, including champion turnovers. When UFC 3 launched, the same champion remained atop the division until you dethroned them. It’s so rare that a champion remains on top year after year, so I’d like to see that same simulation logic showcase the changing of the guards as you climb the ranks yourself. MMA is an unpredictable sport, and just because someone is the best now doesn’t mean another fighter can’t take their belt next month.

With the sport being so unpredictable, I’d like to see more leaning on those elements. Let us deal with the frustrations many fighters deal with in real life. UFC 3 toyed with the idea of getting injured if you overtrained, but you never suffered anything beyond a temporary attribute drop. I want the possibility of having to pull out of a fight if you go too hard. 

Weight cuts also play such a huge role in the landscape of the sport, I’d love to have to showcase discipline to make weight, or be able to have some weight-class mobility beyond moving up to do a champion-versus-champion fight. Especially lately, we’ve seen fighters opt to go to heavier classes because they aren’t as depleted from the cut; what if you could choose to fight at a lower class, which gives you a size advantage, a boost in speed, and maybe even a shallower field of fighters in your path to the belt, but your chin, stamina, and power attributes take a hit? Things like this could help truly make it feel like your personalized story to UFC glory, rather than a cookie-cutter mode that shepherds you from one fight to the next.

If UFC 4 keeps the same foundation for its career mode (and I think it should), I’d love the ability to import custom characters and legends to populate divisions. UFC 3 did a fantastic job of adding post-launch fighters, but they missed several of my all-time and current favorites. However, due to the pretty good fighter creation suite, I could create pretty convincing fakes. Unfortunately, I couldn’t bring those fighters into career mode unless I was playing as that fighter. It’s not an essential feature, but it would be cool to import some of the custom fighters I made to see how they fare in the simulations as I make my own way to the top.

EA Vancouver’s updates to UFC 4’s career mode could be plentiful, but I would actually love a new offshoot of the traditional career mode that we haven’t seen before in a UFC game. Other sports franchises like Madden and NBA 2K allow you to become the general manager of your favorite team. It would be awesome if a UFC game borrowed elements of this to let you step into the shoes of a matchmaker or UFC executive like Dana White.

Taking control of the UFC in a GM-like mode would be a blast as you get objectives for each year, then work to fulfill them. Putting together fight cards each week to sell the most amount of tickets and get the highest ratings while running the day-to-day behind-the-scenes operations could prove beyond rewarding. Do you match up the two top contenders or give one of them a title shot? Do you establish an interim belt, or do you let an injured champion recover without a threat to his title? Do you give an unhappy fighter more money, or let them leave the UFC for another organization and sign a talented regional champ to fill their slot on the roster? Maybe it’s time to establish a new policy or weight class, or do a special tournament to determine a new champion?

You can already put together custom events and tournaments in standalone modes outside of career, but bringing these elements together into one cohesive experience could be enough to pull me out of simply replaying the fighter career mode over and over again. It’s definitely a longshot that this ever happens since it would be so different from anything else EA Vancouver has done to this point, but I could see myself getting lost in such a mode.

Other than these big changes to career mode, I’d love to see some tweaks to striking that limits the benefits of backing up while attacking, as well as some shake ups to the ground game to make an exchange with a skilled jiu-jitsu fighter feel different than someone who can’t hold their own on the ground, or is more from the wrestling discipline when it comes to ground situations.
We don’t know when (or even if, for that matter) EA Vancouver will announce UFC 4, but I’m hopeful that they will include some of these elements. What would you most want from a new UFC game?


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