Shantae: Half-Genie Hero, last year’s Kickstarted 2D sidescroller, has been seeing some DLC to correspond with its stretch goals since last year. Now, the final piece of DLC is coming to fill in the blanks on the final part of the game’s story.

Titled Friends to the End, the DLC campaign is the WayForward’s take on Castlevania III (or Dawn of Sorrow’s Julius mode) with three-character switching. Players take on the roles of Shantae’s three friends, Sky, Bolo, and Rottytops during the brief period in the game where she loses her sense of self. 

Each character has separate abilities and can be switched to with the press of a button.

Check out the trailer below in anticipation of the DLC’s release. There’s no official release date yet, but WayForward has said that the content is complete and is merely waiting for submission. The DLC will be available on PC, Wii U, Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, Vita, and Xbox One. You can find our review of Half-Genie Hero right here.

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In an interview with Entertainment Weekly, star of both the first Jurassic World and the new movie Bryce Dallas Howard revealed the basic story setup of the new dinosaur movie. We regret to inform you that humans are back on their dinosaur dung.

“[Howard’s character] Claire’s founded an organization, Dinosaur Protection Group, and they’re finding a way to get these dinosaurs off the island,” she says. “She reaches out to Owen Grady [Chris Pratt] to let him know this is happening.”

Howard didn’t elucidate on what the inciting incident that kicks off the inevitable crisis that will happen, but either someone is going to stop the transfer of the dinosaurs and they all get out or someone is going to be incredibly incompetent and they all get out. It’s a Jurassic Park movie, so it could really be either one. At some point in this series, people are going to understand they should just not do anything, at all, period, with the dinosaurs, right?

Her answer does indicate that Claire and Grady did not end up together at the end of Jurassic World, which means their on-again off-again romance will probably be on-again for the service of the movie.

Producer Colin Trevorrow has said that the first trailer for Fallen Kingdom will arrive in two days, so hopefully we’ll find out who forgot to password lock their computer or whatever happens while they’re air transporting dinosaurs.

[Source: Entertainment Weekly]

Superhot Team has announced a standalone expansion to their mind-bending first-person action puzzle game, titled Mind Control Delete.

Details are scarce beyond the reveal trailer, but it sounds like the developers are changing up the structure of the game for the expansion. The Steam description calls it a Rogue-like experience. “The game will force you through dozens of increasingly difficult time-moves-only-when-you-move gameplay challenges. Each challenge will make you more powerful and bring you closer to deciphering the secrets hidden from you by the system. As you unlock powerful abilities and gain access to new playable characters, so will your enemies grow stronger, smarter and more desperate to stop you.”

The page also explains that the game is nine months to a year away, but will be going into Steam Early Access soon.

You can check out the trailer below.

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Our Take
I personally really liked Superhot, but I don’t know if I would be excited by just more levels. The changes to the structure they’re talking about here sound great and I’m quite excited to see how it comes together.

A few months ago, purveyor of licensed comics Titan Books announced a graphic novel set in the Bloodborne universe titled Death of Sleep. Now, we have a look at what it will look like.

The original synopsis of the graphic novel didn’t really make it clear whether the book is retelling the story of FROM Software’s Lovecraftian horror or was telling a story in that world and writer Ales Kot still isn’t giving that piece of information up. “There will be mystery, the weird, the eerie, the horrific and the bloody — and there will be an undercurrent of decaying romanticism, walking hand in hand with brain-mashing, soul-cleaving action, together ascending towards the Blood Moon,” says Kot.

Take a look at the covers and sample pages of Bloodborne: Death of Sleep below.

Bloodborne: Death of Sleep releases in February, both physically and digitally.

While WWE 2K18 was announced for the Nintendo Switch back in July, 2K had been hesitant to give any information or gameplay footage of the game through the entire back half of the year. Suddenly, a release date of December 6, two days from now, has been announced for both physical and digital versions of the game.

Preorders for the physical edition will get the Kurt Angle DLC, while all eShop purchases until December 13 will receive it. 2K warns that a microSD card with a minimum 32GB of free space is required to download the eShop version, but did not clarify how much free space physical owners would need for the extra content. The boxart simply says that a microSD is required.

You can find our review of the PS4 version, from which the Switch version is ported, right here.

[Source: 2K News]


Our Take
The hesitancy to show footage of the game, plus the out-of-nowhere surprise release, does not indicate a ton of confidence in this game. We’ll just have to wait and see, I suppose – it is not like it is a particularly long wait.

The developer most recently best known for pioneering the Souls series and genre held an Armored Core stream today where they were very clear there would be no new game announcements, but that did not stop the FROM Software Twitter from assuaging fears.

In a tweet posted today, FROM thanked their fans for their support and encouraged them to keep hope for the series alive.

“Thank you for watching the Armored Core 20th Anniversary Music Special Broadcast!” the translated tweet read. “There is nothing we can announce now, but we don’t intend to end the AC series as it is, so we’d be happy if you could wait a little longer. Even going forward, thanks for supporting From Software!”

The developer then announced that an Armored Core Dynamic theme would see release on the PlayStation 4 soon. 

Earlier in the year, FROM Software president and Dark Souls/Bloodborne director Hidetaka Miyazaki said that Dark Souls was completely finished with the release of The Ringed City DLC. During an interview in 2014, Miyazaki specifically called out Armored Core as one of the series he wants to pursue again.

[Source: FROM Software Twitter]


Our Take
While I love Souls games, I am sure FROM really would like to move on at this point, and the time is right for another mech game. Maybe a Metal Wolf Chaos sequel, please please please?

Scott Cawthon, creator of the Five Nights at Freddy’s series, has released a game on PC today that really goes some places.

The game, titled Freddy Fazbear’s Pizzeria Simulator, was released all of a sudden on Steam with very little in the ways of description or screenshots, showing an 8-Bit sidescroller with titular character Freddy Fazbear collecting and designing pizzas. Of course, since this is a Scott Cawthon game, what you see is never what you really get, and the game takes a hard left turn a few chapters in.

I’ll leave it to you to figure out where the game goes after that, but it definitely isn’t what I expected. You can check out the game for free on Steam right now, no other platforms have been announced.


Our Take
I’m a little tired of this series, but free experimental games that mess with your expectations are probably the best way to continue it.

Deadline reports a rumor that Quentin Tarantino, director of movies like Reservoir Dogs, Kill Bill, and Pulp Fiction, is pitching his idea for the next Star Trek movie set in JJ Abrams’ reboot film line.

Tarantino, who has been eyeing retirement in the future, has apparently shared his idea for a Star Trek film with producer JJ Abrams. Abrams’ being brought in to direct Star Wars: Episode IX after Jurassic World’s Colin Trevorrow parted ways with Disney and Lucasfilm on the project, causing delays in the progress of the Star Trek series unless Tarantino picks it up.

It is just a rumor for now, and Tarantino’s other projects might make taking over a Star Trek unfeasible, but it could be interesting to see what the once-niche auteur director does with Star Trek.

[Source: Deadline]

Star Wars: The Last Jedi’s debut is just a couple weeks away, and while you wait, you can check out some new behind-the-scenes footage. This featurette shows off the cast learning some of the epic moves they’ll be putting to action in the film.

In the video, we see Daisy Ridley, John Boyega, Adam Driver, Gwendoline Christie, and Kelly Marie Tran train as they learn the choreography. We also hear from assistant fight coordinator Liang Yang, who impressively boasts that Ridley learned complicated moves quicker than expected. Some of these combinations were to be learned in three days time, but she caught on in a mere hour-and-a-half. “She’s a very quick learner,” Yang says.

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Gwendoline Christie, who plays Phasma, mentions in the video that this is the “hardest physical thing” she’s done yet. Boyega has similar sentiments, saying that the training is “rigorous in a great way” and that the stunt team is “very disciplined.”

For more on The Last Jedi, read about how director Rian Johnson was once considering to make Luke blind in the upcoming film. You can also view the newest trailer here. The Last Jedi releases to theaters on December 15.

Lionsgate unveiled the official release date for the upcoming Hellboy reboot, stating that it will come to theaters as of January 11, 2019.

The movie will star Stranger Things’ David Harbour as the lead, and has Game of Thrones director Neil Marshall at the helm. Details are slim at this point, but Habour has previously teased that the upcoming film won’t be an origin story. Actors Ian McShane, Milla Jovovich and Daniel Dae Kim also have roles in the movie.

For more on Hellboy, read about how this superhero recently made his way to Injustice 2.