At E3 this year, Life is Strange creators Dontnod revealed a new story set in the Life is Strange universe, The Awesome Adventures of Captain Spirit. The episode will be free to download and the developers have confirmed it is launching one day earlier than its initially revealed date next Tuesday. The game is now launching on June 25.

The game supposedly sets up the story of Life is Strange’s sequel series, but it’s currently unknown why or how. The episode will be available on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC.

If you’re looking for more Dovahkiin merchandise but don’t want to buy the same statue of the Dragonborn standing with one foot with no differences, the first ever official female version of the Dragonborn standing with one foot on a rock has been created.

The statues is part of the Modern Icons set, which includes the Fallout power armor, Aloy from Horizon: Zero Dawn, and more. Plus, if you’re sad there were no visual  Skyrim ports announced at E3 this year, you can now make your own Skyrim on your bookcase while playing Skyrim on Alexa. You can throw Skyrim on Switch in there, too, but the contortions at that point sound dangerous.

The statue stands at 9″ tall and was designed using the files from the game itself. It’s available now or after fifty hours of sidequests.

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It has been over one thousand days since Niantic announced trading would be coming to Pokémon Go. We know. We kept count. That’s more than the number of Pokémon out there. You are closer to the 2016 election than you are to that announcement.

But all that’s in the past, because Pokémon Go’s switch has been flipped and gifting and trading are now enabled in the app. There’s a small caveat that you need to be level 33-40 right now. Any other number will get trading soon as they start expanding that range out.

You can go into the app now to get your friend code, which you can then tweet out to everyone on social media. It has not been said how long Niantic will take to expand the level range, but hopefully it won’t be one thousand days.

Additionally, the legendary Pokémon Regice has started appearing as a Raid battle at gyms across the world. The remaining two legendaries of that set, Registeel and Regirock, will arrive in short order.

Game Informer’s Ben Hanson, Andrew Reiner, and Dan Tack talk about Frontier Developments’ Jurassic World Evolution and how satisfying the game can be as a Jurassic Park fan. We also talk about the new, free-to-play battle royale game from Hi-Rez Studios Realm Royale and what it gets right. Then Kyle Hilliard joins the show for Mario Tennis Aces and to talk about Lego The Incredibles. After some great community emails alongside Andy McNamara, we’re joined by Javy Gwaltney, Jeff Marchiafava, and Ben Reeves to mop up some promising games from E3 2018 that we didn’t get a chance to cover on the show.

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3:45 – Unravel Two
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28:55 – Mario Tennis Aces
30:10 – Lego The Incredibles
37:05 – The Incredibles 2 review
42:20 – Community emails
1:42:40 – E3’s Underdogs
1:43:20 – Dying Light 2
1:47:30 – Generation Zero
1:52:00 – Super Meat Boy Forever
1:54:20 – Gearbox’s Project 1v1
1:57:20 – Outer Wilds

You probably have your own idea of who “the troops” are. Maybe that idea was molded by repeated showings of M.A.S.H, the works of Tom Clancy, or films like The Hurt Locker. But just who are America’s soldiers, individually? What do they do when they’re not patrolling bases, running drills, or fighting on the battlefield?

We got the chance to find out.

Activision and The United Service Organizations (the USO) recently put on a joint tour, traveling to military installations across the world to show off new Call of Duty: WWII DLC and host tournaments for the soldiers at each stop. I hitched a ride and spoke to countless soldiers and veterans about everything from tactics for dealing with the ever-present boredom of base life to coping with injuries and whether or not they prefer Fortnite or PUBG.

Here’s the truth straight from the mouths of many men and women in the armed service about how video games have become an inescapable part of their lives.

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Announced in a Reddit AMA today, Ubisoft confirmed that Assassin’s Creed Odyssey will have a reversible cover, each side featuring a different playable character.

One side of the cover will represent Alexios, the male choice, while Kassandra, the female choice, is on the otherside. While it isn’t said there which cover will be the default one, Ubisoft did confirm in a later answer that Kassandra is the canon story. They did emphasize, however, that there’s no incorrect choice between the two.

If you want to learn more about Assassin’s Creed Odyssey, check out New Gameplay Today playing through a good chunk of the new game, wrote down ten things to know about the game, and explain how the latest AC title is doubling down on Assassin’s Creed Origins’ RPG elements.

For toy collector’s, no show hurts the pocket book more than San Diego Comic Con. This year’s show kicks off on July 19 and runs for four days. Most toy, apparel, and collectible manufacturers bring a handful of items that can only be obtained at the con. To make matters worse, many of these items are limited in supplies, which leads to long lines and exorbitant prices in second-hand markets.

This year’s round up of items highlights odd game-inspired collectibles, and plenty that dip into the comic book and cartoon realms. We’ve heard people sometimes wait in line for hours just to get one thing. We’re guessing a few of these collectibles will be highly coveted, including this first one…

Funko Pop! – Overwatch
Grillmaster Soldier 76

If you are a Soldier 76 main, odds are you have this goofy skin, and don’t mind using it to add an extra splash of humiliation onto your killstreaks. No one enjoys getting knocked out by this hilarious variant, but it is one of the top skins in the game, and is a great pick for an exclusive Funko Pop variant.

Funko Pop! – Dragon Ball Z
Dead Yamcha

Nothing says Dragon Ball Z fun more than a dead hero, right? People sure got a kick out of watching Yamcha die in the show, and now you can be reminded of that moment whenever you look at your toy shelf. Thanks, Funko!

Funko Pop! – Dragon Ball Z
Gold Super Saiyan Vegeta

If you don’t want to be reminded of cartoon death (which we kind of get), perhaps this shiny, gold Vegeta more suits your collectible needs. Look how pretty it is!

Funko Pop! – Destiny
Sweeper Bot

Destiny’s fan-favorite robot, who doubles as one of the game’s best jokes, is getting a Funko Pop! before a number of the game’s key players. We love that. Who wouldn’t want a robot with a broom?

Funko Pop! – Batman
8-Bit Version

Funko has probably created a Pop! out of every Batman variation from comics, movies, and animated series, so why not make one based on a game most people hated? Yes, this is a toy modeled after the Batman game on NES. You can only purchase it at Entertainment Earth’s booth.

Hasbro – The Vintage Collection
Doctor Aphra Set

Seeing that no one likes Star Wars now (this is a joke and a painful one for me to tell), you should have no problem securing this Vintage Collection Doctor Aphra set at the show. Doctor Aphra is a significant player in several of Marvel’s Star Wars comic book series.

Factory Entertainment – Game of Thrones
Stuffed Stark Family Direwolf Cubs

Each of the Stark children were gifted a direwolf, and now you can add Ghost, Grey Wind, Shaggydog, Summer, Lady, and Nymeria to your stuffed animal family.

FYE – XXRAY Rugrats

Some of you grew up watching Nickelodeon cartoons in the 1990s. One of your favorite shows may have been Rugrats. Remember Reptar? Ever want to see what he would look like if he were being dissected in a laboratory? Now’s your chance! You can even have this terrifying collectible front and center for all of your friends and family to see. No, we don’t think this collectible is “cool,” but we had to show you because it’s absolutely f—ed up.

Alex Ross – Superman
Origins Print

Alex Ross can tell a full origin story in a single print, and it’s absolutely stunning. If you’re a Superman fan, get in line for this piece early. Ross is only bringing 500 pieces of this 14 1/2 x 15 1/2 lithograph to the show.

Hallmark – Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back
Lando and Lobot Ornaments

Nothing says holiday cheer more than a Lobot ornament that screams “I’m bored to death.” The Lando ornament is actually quite nice, but we’re more interested in putting terrible things on our tree, and hot damn, Lobot fits that need nicely.

Gentle Giant – Gwenpool
Marvel Animated Statue

Gentle Giant always has high-end collectibles at the show, and this year is no different. Along with a
Yoda bust inspired by Ralph McQuarrie’s original design for the powerful jedi knight, Gentle Giant is selling a statue based on the first issue of The Unbelievable Gwenpool.

Monogram International – Street Fighter
3D Foam Magnets 4-Pack

Ryu, Ken, Chun-Li, and Guile are ready to battle on your refrigerator. These magnets are one of the rarest items we’ve seen at the show with just 300 pieces for sale.

Storm Collectibles – Mortal Kombat
Ermac Statue

Performing a Fatality in a Mortal Kombat game is a satisfying conclusion to a match, but do you want to see one whenever you wake up? Why not, right? Storm Collectibles has created a 1:12-scale action figure diorama that highlights one of Ermac’s Fatalities against Scorpion. It’s incredibly violent, so we’re not including the image in this article. Just click right here to see it.

NECA – Guardians of the Galaxy
Groot Chia Pet

Some things make way too much sense. Groot transforming into a Chia Pet is one of them. The only problem with this design, he ends up looking like Bob Ross. Groot Chia Pets are already for sale, but are oddly unpainted. This version at least has black eyes.

With the release of the crossplay update for Minecraft on the Switch, the portable version of Minecraft can now play together with PC, mobile, and Xbox. Microsoft and Nintendo are taking quite a bit of glee in this on social media.

Nintendo started the tweet chain by asking the Xbox account if they want to build something. In case anyone is curious, according to Twitter search, this is the first time @NintendoAmerica has ever messaged @Xbox. There is no record of the Nintendo account ever interacting with @PlayStation.

Microsoft replied with “Our bodies are ready,” a reference to Nintendo of America president Reggie Fils-Aime saying “My body is ready” during a Nintendo E3 stage demonstration of Wii Fit, which quickly became a meme and almost as quickly became not funny.

At this point, the Minecraft twitter also gets involved, pushing the Xbox and Nintendo accounts to build a heart. The Minecraft account never learned the lesson that you can’t push these things and just let it happen organically if you want it to last, but Xbox and Nintendo seem into it, with Microsoft reminding people that Achievements still exist and Nintendo declaring a commencement to the building.

Both Microsoft and Nintendo are playing up their crossplay initiatives more, especially in light of Sony blocking Epic Games account from being used on other systems at all getting mainstream attention. Xbox chief Phil Spencer has described Nintendo as a valued partner at E3.


It’s unlikely the social media love-in was spontaneous and was probably planned. Still, stuff like this gets fans excited, and people like seeing competing brands interacting on social media, especially in friendly ways.

Over on the Overwatch Twitter, Blizzard has released a tease of what looks to be new content for the game. It is just not saying what kind of new content.

The tweet is simply captioned “Calm before the storm” and is a short video shot of an alley with various posters. One poster shows a chimp in a space suit tagged with “NO BOTS.” The area is not recognizable as any existing Overwatch map.

In the replies, tweets are speculating that the tease is referring to Hammond, also known as specimen 8. In some documents, Hammond is referred to as an escaped test subject from the Horizon Lunar Colony. Blizzard had said at the beginning of the year that they were already working on testing for the character following Brigitte.

What do you think the tease is for?