Last year, Nintendo shocked and baffled the world by changing a single category in Mario’s Japanese profile page: occupation. The change went from Plumber to Adventurer, turning everything we knew about Mario on its head. Thankfully, that has now been rectified.

Users on Reddit noticed the change yesterday, realizing that Nintendo had seemingly adjusted the Mario profile page once again this week. After some Google translation and comparing of archived pages that referred to him only as a plumber “a long time ago,” it was revealed that Occupation had been changed back to Plumber, putting Mario back in touch with his pipe-based roots.

Maybe Nintendo knows this is just one of those changes where calling him Adventurer provides no benefit but changing it from Plumber bothers some people because it’s an unnecessary change. Or maybe Bowser’s line in Mario Odyssey calling Mario “plumber boy” finally got to him and he realized that, while he may also be an adventurer, he’ll always be a plumber at heart.

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Most horror games are about limited the player with scarce resources or having them evade a ferocious villain stalking them. In Carrion, an upcoming horror game from Phobia Game Studio, the roles are reversed. This time, you’re a fearsome, bloody, monster blob lurking around and killing its prey.

You make your way through an industrial complex going head-to-head with various heavily armed humans, all hoping to end the terror you cause. Unfortunate for them, you have a range of otherworldly abilities at your disposal to send them to early graves. You can view a short trailer below.

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Carrion is expected to release on PC, though no release date has been announced just yet.

Good Smile Company, a Japanese retailer known for its pop-culture collectibles, is releasing a Nendoroid figure of the Guardian from Breath of the Wild later this year, and it’s available now to pre-order. 

This adorable collectible features a movable head and eyeball, along with removable legs. It also comes with a number of accessories including a translucent “Game Over” screen, which you can view in the image gallery below. Other accessories include an eye beam attack, and an Ancient Bow.

Currently being sold for 5,800 yen (approximately $55), you can pre-order the collectible by heading here. It is expected to ship as of August. Good Smile is also re-releasing its Nendoroid Link (4,500 yen) and Nendoroid Link DX (5.800 yen) which are both up from pre-order as well, and will ship in September.

Take a look at our photo gallery below for more images of the Nendoroid Guardian.

Welcome to a very special episode of The Game Informer Show podcast! The magazine just hit our 300th issue, and we’re celebrating by rolling out five unique covers and listing what we consider to be the 300 greatest games of all time. To reveal the new covers and dive in deep on the creation of the list, we streamed this episode of the podcast live from Fulton Brewery in downtown Minneapolis in a room filled with the Game Informer community. Thanks again to everybody that came out for the event, and we hope you enjoy the episode!

You can watch the video below, subscribe and listen to the audio on iTunes or Google Play, or listen to this episode on SoundCloud. Also, be sure to send your questions to for a chance to have them answered on the show and win a prize by becoming Email of the Week!

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Our thanks to the talented Super Marcato Bros. for The Game Informer Show’s intro song. You can hear more of their original tunes and awesome video game music podcast at their website.

To jump to a particular point in the discussion, check out the time stamps below…

1:25 – Revealing Game Informer’s 300th issue covers
17:10 – Fulton Brewery’s Tucker Gerrick on the Game Informer collaboration
23:14 – Creating the list of the Top 300 Games Of All Time
1:31:30 – Community questions
1:43:00 – Media Molecule’s Abbie Heppe on Dreams
1:52:05 – Even more community questions

Chucklefish, the creator of the infectiously popular farming simulation game Stardew Valley, is working hard on its next title Spellbound. Spellbound has a similar aesthetic and vibe to Stardew Valley, but this time revolves around magic schools instead of agriculture.

In an interview with Red Bull Games earlier this week, Chucklefish’s founder Finn Brice provided plenty of new tidbits about what we can expect from this school of wizardry sim where you attend classes, build relationships, craft, brew potions, and learn magical spells.

“The game revolves around your path through school, the relationships you build, and your mastery of the several schools of magic at your disposal,” Brice told Red Bull Games. “Players should expect to build up their magical proficiency by undertaking school projects. This might have them growing magical crops and creatures in herbology or taking on the denizens of the forest in elemental magic.

Although Brice explains that the team was unsurprisingly influenced by J.K. Rowling’s Harry Potter, they describe Spellbound’s world as “very unlike Hogwarts.” The magic in this universe is more “practical,” taking inspiration from Terry Pratchett’s Tiffany Aching series, Garth Nix’s Old Kingdom series, Studio Ghibli animations, and Cartoon Network’s Steven Universe.

Brice explains that a lot of emphasis is put on your path through school, where you increase your magical proficiency through academic projects in classes like Herbology, where you might create magical creatures and crops. School and social life will provide many opportunities for befriending characters, delving into quests, dating, and more. Brice hints that there will be some surprising elements to dating in Spellbound, where players may be “a little shocked the first time they get dumped.”

Combat is also a key feature, and the team describes this iteration as reminiscent of “Zelda-like retro action RPGs, with spellcasting taking the place of swords, bows and bombs.” By combining and unlocking elements, players will be able to activate different kinds of spells which can then be used in the forest dungeon.

You can read our review of Chucklefish’s previous game, Stardew Valley, by heading here.

[Source: Red Bull Games]


Our Take
I love both Harry Potter and Stardew Valley, so a hybrid of the two is really exciting to me. I’ve been eagerly awaiting more information about Spellbound, and this interview helps shed light on some interesting mechanics. I’m really curious about how Steven Universe influences this game and what both classes and spellcasting will be like. Sounds neat so far!

On Friday, the Xbox One version of PlayerUnknown Battlegrounds, which is currently in Xbox Game Preview, received an update. In particular, the starting area where you spawn at the beginning of the game has been removed. 

Instead of the lag-induced starting area that spawned hundreds of players in one place, the game will now introduce several pre-match starting locations to help optimize performance. However, this isn’t the only notable change in this update. Sound effects are also being adjusted, along with quality of life improvements in some menus and bug fixes.

You can view the full patch notes below:


  • Introduced multiple pre-match starting locations in order to optimize both server and game client performance
  • Weapons are removed from the starting island prior to the match starting
  • Game DVR is now supported for automatic recording of gameplay highlights. This feature must be enabled within the Options / Settings menu.
  • We continue to listen to your vehicle feedback and have lowered the damage taken from objects throughout the world such as rocks, trees, and uneven terrain
  • Adjusted the sound effects of both water and red-zone bombing
  • Party matchmaking is now influenced by the player’s MMR
  • Adjusted long-range blood VFX back to the original colors


  • Improved visibility of squad member colors (yellow, orange, blue and green)
  • Players can use the right thumbstick to rotate their character model during customization
  • When customizing character appearance, the D-Pad can be held to switch between menus
  • Preview is supported when customizing appearance or creating a new character


  • Updated the design of the energy drink

 Bug Fixes

  • Fixed water sound effects
  • Fixed Red Zone disappearing immediately after it starts
  • Fixed random character teleportation following initial landing 
  • Fixed an issue where some doors could not be entered despite appearing open
  • Fixed issue of recovery and boost items being able to be used when underwater
  • Fixed the character animations when transitioning from jump-prone to standing
  • Fixed unexpected character death caused by falling while moving
  • Fixed areas of fencing where specific sides could not be penetrated by bullets
  • Fixed buildings with missing stairs
  • Fixed bug which caused objects to float in the air
  • Fixed areas of terrain which were causing player characters to become stuck
  • Fixed an issue which prevented team members being displayed following acceptance of an invite
  • Fixed the issue of revive being cancelled unintentionally
  • Fixed hand animations when reloading/shooting the Kar98 in a prone position
  • Fixed the issue limiting peak parachuting speed in FPP mode
  • Fixed character animations when moving from prone to entering a vehicle

Optimization / Stability

  • Optimized textures, landscapes and buildings throughout the island to improve performance
  • Fixed a crash occurring when HDR was enabled
  • Fixed a frozen character issue when reconnecting following a crash
  • Fixed a crash occurring when the player opened their inventory
  • Fixed a crash occurring when the spectated player was using a scope


  • Applied new Russian, Japanese and Chinese (simplified/traditional) fonts
  • Japanese only: Adjusted the Katakana font
  • Japanese only: Fixed incorrect order of wording during object interactions
  • Portuguese only: Fixed the display of height meter when parachuting

 Known Issues

  • B button incorrectly displayed to cut parachute cable; this should be X
  • When viewing the map, the X, Y, and B buttons are fully functional – please be aware that this can cause you to exit the plane or vehicle whilst in motion. Please only use the map button to return to gameplay until this is resolved.

As of late January, PUBG on Xbox One has amassed over 4 million players. For more on the game, read our review.

[Source: PlayerUnknown Battlegrounds Official Forum]

The mysteries of Half-Life 3 and episode three of Half-Life 2 may never officially be resolved. Extensive, investigative work has resulted in little to no revelation, and whenever information does crop up, it’s delivered at the most unexpected times in the most roundabout manners.

Valve may have abandoned its silent theoretical physicist, but other developers have brought him into all sorts of video games over time. Freeman has received plenty of subtle textual and visual nods in titles like Call of Duty: United Offensive or Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas, so we’ve limited our list to actual sightings of Dr. Freeman’s likeness. Let’s see what other worlds the scientist has explored over the years.

The Punisher (2005)
Loosely inspired by the 2004 movie starring Thomas Jane, The Punisher is a third-person shooter where Frank Castle takes on a load of gangs with plenty of guilty-pleasure cameos from Iron Man, Wilson Fisk, and more. However, the cameo we’re interested in happens during the introduction of the Stark Towers level. A tour guide shows Castle all of the scientists working on projects when the facility goes on lockdown. One of the scientists asks “Dr. Freeman” what’s going on, to which he replies, “Maybe the quantum physics group finally opened that extra-dimensional portal!” Sadly, the enthusiast scientist perishes when an Eternal Sun gang member breaks into his lab, so you’re unable to save him. Although Portal wasn’t released yet, this version of Dr. Freeman seemed to be working on a device that looks awfully similar to Chell’s Portal gun, too.

S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Shadow of Chernobyl (2007)
If you look to your left next to a fallen helicopter in Wild Territory, you’ll see an underground tunnel filled with electro anomalies, which plays a key role in the “Find the Family Rifle” side mission. If you carefully navigate the area using bolts or your detector, you’ll find a deceased Gordon Freeman with his signature glasses. Looting his body will uncover his PDA, where he chronicles being sent to Chernobyl (possibly by the G-Man) following the Black Mesa Incident. Apparently, he didn’t fare well in the radioactive landscape, but you can benefit from the fallen scientist by taking a Black Kite pistol off his body and a modified version called the Big Ben in a box lying next to him. GSC Game World planned to add a mission where Barkeep gives you a mission to recover the Black Kite pistol, but the quest was scrapped from the game.

Penumbra (2007)
In Chapter 4 of Penumbra, you encounter a locked door that blocks your way to the incinerator room. The only way to get through is to carefully venture across a frozen lake to retrieve a crowbar, which must be sawed from the previous owner’s cold, dead hand. Should you inspect the item’s description, it reveals that “There’s a name scratched into the metal: ‘Freeman.’” The scientist can’t seem to catch a break from harsh landscapes, whether it be frozen tundras or radiation wastelands.

Metro 2033 (2010)
After Rangers Pavel and Ulman save Artyom from two Nazis in the Trolley Combat mission, you’ll notice a bloodied door down the hallway as soon as you assume control of Artyom. The Rangers head left, but if you open the door and turn on your flashlight in the pitch-black room, you’ll find a Gordon Freeman who’s been long dead. There’s no way to tell on appearance alone since he’s a skeleton, but a pair of glasses and red crowbar leave no doubt. The similarities between this and the Shadow of Chernobyl Easter egg are likely not coincidence. Metro 2033’s developer, 4A Games, was founded by former S.T.A.L.K.E.R. developers.

Renegade Ops (2011)
Your car is your weapon in this interesting take on the twin-stick shooter. You upgrade your arsenal and tour different locations as you blow up all sorts of different vehicles. The Steam version of Renegade Ops comes with a Half-Life-themed buggy that Gordon Freeman himself drives. His unique ability allows him to send out giant Antlions to destroy enemies.

Shoot Many Robots (2012)
It’s hard to say whether this counts as an appearance or not, but it’s close enough to warrant our list. This side-scrolling shooter features customizable clothing with varying stats, and one of these outfits is the Steam exclusive HEV Suit with Gordon Freeman’s glasses. These items were available for anyone who pre-purchased the game, which interestingly increased the likelihood of encountering a Portal turret in-game. Unfortunately, Shoot Many Robots was removed by Ubisoft from the Steam store, so this is an appearance that’s disappeared into the nether.

McPixel (2012)
The eponymous character of McPixel is put through dozens of rapid-fire situations where you interact with his environments to figure out how to prevent explosions from going off. In one of the downloadable content scenarios, the hapless guy finds himself at Black Mesa Research Facility, where Gordon Freeman and Gabe Newell are roasting hot dogs over a fire. Saving the facility entails kicking Newell into the fire, eating his hot dog, and vomiting on Freeman, which will cause him to vomit rainbows that put out their campfire. We can’t help but think there’s some metaphor behind all of this.

Steamworld Dig (2013)
In the Old World section of this adventure mining title, the second upgrade cave houses an ancient store you can visit if you venture to the upper-left portion of this area. Once you steam jump across a chasm after blowing up a wall, you encounter a GameGo store with a row of people who died waiting for Half-Life 3. Advertisement posters and a billboard are all over the place, and one of the fans is wearing a HEV suit. We wouldn’t count this as a Freeman appearance, but his likeness (with appropriately graying hair) can be seen on one of the store’s posters.

Mad Max (2015)
If you move south from the center of the Grit Canyons area, there’s a cliffside with an opening below. Entering this well-hidden haven will lead you to a pile of boxes, but you’ll notice that a bigger wooden crate has an orange “3” blazoned on the side. A severed arm with a crowbar rests on top of it and, lo and behold, a rotting corpse with glasses lying next to it. You can collect some scrap and eat some maggots straight out of Freeman’s corpse while you’re there, too … appetizing, right? In addition, Avalanche Studios developed this game as well as Renegade Ops; the team clearly has an affinity for Half-Life.

Final Fantasy XV (2015)
The latest in the strange world of Gordon Freeman appearances comes from Square Enix’s partnership with Valve to deliver Final Fantasy XV on Steam. Players can wear Gordon Freeman’s HEV Suit, glasses, and use a crowbar with their own customizable characters, but can play as the man himself if they so choose. The extra content is exclusive to anyone who purchases the game on Steam before May 1. As a side note, Final Fantasy XV creative director Hajime Tabata said that “The Half-Life team at Valve” sent him a headcrab hat to wear while announcing the DLC … the wording is a bit curious, wouldn’t you say?


What are some of your favorite appearances of Half-Life’s star character? Are there any games you’d like to see him appear in? Let us know in the comments below. You can also check out our thoughts on the canned script for Half-Life 2: Episode 3 by clicking here.

At the end of our Replay Civil War, it all came down to you to choose the next Super Replay! Our Overblood Facebook group ended up choosing two games through a tie: Killer7 and Godhand.

You chose well. Killer7 is my favorite game of all time, for reasons I will fully elaborate on in the near future. The short version, however, it’s that it’s the closest video games have gotten to being a David Lynch film. It benefits from being played alone in near silence, so you can fully process its wild, surreal moments, cool characters, and ambiguous plot.

In fitting with its themes, we decided to take Killer7 very seriously, as Andrew Reiner, Joe Juba, Leo Vader, and I focus only an the artistry of Killer7 and never talk about anything else and make absolutely zero jokes. Enjoy!

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With a little ingenuity and £350 (or about $482), YouTuber
My Mate Vince created a “portable” Switch XL.

Using a 15.5 inch, 1080p monitor powered via USB cables,
Vince attached the components to the back with velcro. Portable batteries power
both the monitor and the third-party FastSnail Switch dock, which run off 12
and 5 volts, respectively. He even managed to make the Joy-Cons detachable by taking
the rails off a controller grip and screwing and gluing them into the sides. The
entire device weighs about 2.5 kilograms (or 5.5 pounds), he says.

Vince says in the video’s description that if the video
becomes popular enough he will invest in a set up that “will look much better and thinner and be more
portable with a kickstand with different levels.”

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Check out one of Vince’s
other videos that shows games
looking wonderful on a ’70s TV

The Land of the Rising Sun is fortunate to have some of the greatest cafés known to mankind, ranging from Monster Hunter to Kirby-themed settings with adorable dishes in tow. It was only a matter of time before Game Freak joined in with the craze with its adorable Pocket Monsters with the Pokémon Café in Tokyo.

Reservations will be opening on March 5 at 6 pm and are set between March 14 and April 5. After then, the schedule will be updated and subject to change, but the only way to get in is through reservations. Every customer will need to order two items, but if you’re looking to go all in, you can do special reservations where you can get exclusive merchandise like mugs, plushies, and more.

Pikachu is all over most of the menu items, which range from soups to fruit dishes. There are plenty of colorful drinks and deserts as well, which are upwards $15 on average. You can check out the full menu by clicking here. We imagine it’ll take quite some time for the craze around the café to die down, so if you don’t see yourself going, at least there are appealing, digital alternatives in the near future.

[Source: Pokémon Café via ResetEra]