You know what’s out next week? Why, it’s Dark Souls Remastered! Series superfan Dan Tack took Leo and me on a quick tour of Blighttown – a zone notorious as much for for its atmosphere as its performance issues. Does it hold up well in this version? What? You think we’d just say it here? Sheesh!

OK, fine. It runs nicely in the remaster. Are you happy? Don’t worry, there’s plenty more to this video than that bit of info. There are… ladders. And zombie things? Also a really big, gross monster! Through it all, Tack stays cool under pressure. And that’s in spite of him falling prey to the greatest prank of all time! You’ll have to see this one to believe it, folks.

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Dark Souls Remastered is coming to the PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC on May 25. The Switch version will follow sometime this summer.

The review embargo for State of Decay 2 is up, but I’m not quite ready to provide my final evaluation of the game. It’s a huge game, with three playable maps and a complex web of interconnected systems to work through. I’m not going to give a score at this time, but I can share some of my overall impressions. Much like its predecessor, it’s an ambitious game hamstrung by technical issues.

The game’s biggest addition is the introduction of co-op, with up to four players working together online. One player acts as a host, while the others join the cause and help battle zombies and ransack buildings for supplies. It’s a lot of fun, though glitches abound – even after downloading a sizable patch. Characters skitter around the screen as though the game can’t keep track of everyone, items disappear, flashlights are basically broken in multiplayer, and zombies materialize out of thin air. State of Decay fans may be used to shrugging off these kinds of technical issues, but I’ve run into situations where my characters have found themselves teleported into danger through no fault of my own. Considering the permadeath penalties that are at stake, it’s rough.

Single-player is much more stable overall, though the Xbox One X isn’t able to leap beyond a consistent 30 FPS. I’ve been taking advantage of the game’s Play Anywhere support and have been spending most of my time on PC. There, I’m able to achieve a consistent 60 FPS framerate with all of the graphics settings on ultra. 

In spite of those problems, it’s an awful lot of fun. There’s even less of an emphasis of a critical path in the sequel, and I’ve been exploring as much as I can. I’ve managed to take control of one of the largest home bases that I’ve encountered – a minor-league ball park – and am preparing for a final assault against a few remaining infestation zones. Or maybe I’ll claim that power station and make life a little easier, first. As soon as I get a sense of how this story ends, I’ll be posting my review. Until then, I’ve got zombies to kill.

For more on the game, check out two hours of multiplayer from our recent episode of New Gameplay Today Live. 

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State of Decay 2: Ultimate Edition is available on Xbox One and PC on May 18, while the standard edition is available on May 22.

In the past quarter, Grand Theft Auto V has sold five million copies, according to Take Two’s latest financial report. That puts the Rockstar (in multiple meanings of the word) game up to 95 million copies sold.

The game handily cleared the bar of best selling game in U.S. history last November and has just been adding on since then. The new number makes it a virtual guarantee that the game will sell 100 million copies before the end of 2018. Take Two is also leveraging the success of GTA Online with the recently released Grand Theft Auto V: Premium Edition, which is the game plus some extra in-game cash.

To hop up one more place on the best selling game list, GTAV would have to sell just under 50 million more copies and surmount Minecraft.

[Source: Take-Two]


Our Take
At some point I wonder how many more people that are that could reasonably buy the game.

Bungie has once again updated its Destiny 2 roadmap after the release of Warmind, and the major updates include a testing ground for new PvP changes, as well as a new seasonal mode.

“Crucible Labs” will act as a way for dedicated players to offer Bungie feedback on “experimental PvP content” in the Crucible before they’re finalized, similar to public test servers in games like Overwatch. Whether they’ll be a separate server or accessible in the game directly, or what platforms Crucible Labs will be available on were not announced. Crucible Labs will hit on May 29.

Other changes between the release of Warmind and the arrival of the big Fall expansion include the Solstice of Heroes seasonal event, which game director Christopher Barrett says will let players “celebrate their accomplishments and, of course, earn sweet new rewards.” This sounds similar to Destiny’s Age of Triumph, which had players earn rewards for things they’d already done and work to complete a book of accomplishments to earn new honors.

Fans can also expect bounties, harder versions of the Raid Lairs, and changes to Exotic armor pieces in July.

[Source: Bungie]


Our Take
Crucible Labs sounds like a great way to solicit more active player feedback and respond to changes more quickly. I hope it’s successful enough that Bungie ends up applying this new method across the board, with major changes to strikes, weapons, and more getting fielded by players before they become final.

For Overwatch’s two year anniversary, Blizzard has promised new skins for the entire case especially for the anniversary. Today, the developer released two of the skins, Lightning Tracer and Venom Soldier 76.

Both costumes are Epic Drops and part of the seasonal anniversary event. Tracer’s Lightning skin gives her blonde hair and a mohawk, along with the word Lightning emblazoned on her left leg. Soldier 76’s Venom costume makes him look like a Saturday morning cartoon villain, complete with a cobra on his leather jacket’s back and comic book-style metal mask.



The Overwatch anniversary event begins on May 22 and brings back past brawls and cosmetics from the previous two years of the game for players to earn or purchase with in-game currency. Logging in any time between May 22 and June 11 will get you a lootbox that guarantees you one Legendary item.


Our Take
I dig that Tracer skin, hopefully they get creative and don’t play it safe with the rest of the skins.

Remedy, creators of games like Max Payne and Alan Wake, posted some tweets the other day that have captured the attention of social media.

In the first tweet, Remedy introduces Uuno, a Staffordshire Bull Terrier that the studio is employing for motion capture tests. The tweet contains the hashtag #YearOfTheDog, referring to the Chinese year of the dog, but quickly got a number of replies asking for more photos and details of the cute black dog.


Remedy was happy to oblige with a video of Uuno doing tricks.


Replies to this tweet include people calling Uuno “a heckin good doggo” and “the goodest boy in the world.” Remedy would go on to explain in a further tweet that Uuno isn’t starring in his own game or anything, they were just experimenting with different kinds of motion capture. With his popularity, though, the developers are considering using him for more.

In February, Remedy talked about their other projects in the work, including one they’re preparing for next year.

Remember that contest from day before yesterday where we gave away a Pickle Rick statue to Minneapolis entrant and a second equally awesome contest from yesterday where we did the same for Indianapolis? Well, Adult Swim has given Game Informer the go ahead to give away another special three-of-a-kind Pickle Rick statue to a lucky local fan in the Denver area this time.

With Rick And Morty Season 3 releasing on blu-ray and DVD today on May 15, Adult Swim is celebrating the occasion with a handmade Pickle Rick statue that isn’t available at retail. Whoever wins this will have one of the only ones in the world that no other Rick and Morty fan can buy. Take a look at some pictures of it with different lighting below.

To win, just comment on the post below. We’ll pick a winner at random from the comments by next Wednesday, May 23, at 12:00 PM CT. We’ll shoot you a message at your Game Informer account and get the details for you to get your statue. This contest is only open for local fans, however, so if you’re not in the Denver area, it probably doesn’t make sense to enter. If you’re in Indianapolis or Minneapolis, use these pages over here to comment!

If you are in the area, comment below and make sure you enter before it’s too late. 

No purchase necessary. Only open to U.S. Residents 13 years of age or older. Only one entry per person. One winner will be picked at random.

While it’s looking likely we’ll get to play Red Dead Redemption 2 this year, we’ll have to wait for a while longer for another of Take-Two’s big franchises to get a sequel. We’re not sure what franchise that might be, however.

As part of its quarterly financial earnings report (in which it posted strong earnings off the back of GTA Online and NBA 2K19), the company laid out its expectations for the 2019 fiscal year (which began in April of this year and concludes in March of next year), which includes strong sales for Red Dead Redemption 2, NBA 2K20, WWE 2K20, but does not include a major sequel in one of its key franchises.

The sequel, which had originally been planned to release during the 2019 fiscal year, has been pushed back to the 2020 fiscal year (April 2019-March 2020). The delay was made to give the developers extra time to work on the title. “We remain as excited as ever about this title, and expect it to enhance our results next fiscal year,” said Take-Two chairman and CEO Strauss Zelnick.

Zelnick did not reveal which franchise he was referring to, but it’s possible it could be either Borderlands 3 (whose presence at E3 is not looking likely), or the next entry in the BioShock series (which a top-secret studio is working on but still looks to be a ways off). Either way, we’ll (probably) know by March 2020.

[Source: Take-Two Interactive]


Our Take
I’m betting this is Borderlands 3, but maybe Take-Two is overestimating the excitement around a potential Duke Nukem sequel?

In December of last year, the FCC led by Ajit Pai voted to end net neutrality, a regulation in place that prevents internet providers from prioritizing content on the internet for faster speeds or data access. Today, the Senate voted to reinstate those protections in a 52-47 vote. 

President Trump made eliminating net neutrality a priority when he selected Ajit Pai as FCC chairman, but has long been an opponent of the regulation. Congress, however, is empowered to codify those Title II protections to prevent ISPs from throttling or blocking content. While the FCC voted to repeal those regulations in December, red tape prevented the change from going into effect for a number of months, until Pai confirmed that they would start applying on June 11.

The vote has been split on party lines with Democrats voting to keep the Obama-era protections in place and the majority of Republicans voting to let the repeal go through. Under the Congressional Review Act, the Democrats were able to call a vote to examine and vote on regulations by federal agencies under an expedited process, meaning it allowed the Senate to deny repeals with a simple majority.

With Republican senator John McCain of Arizona currently hospitalized, only a single Republican needed to break ranks to beat the repeal. Senators Susan Collins, Lisa Murkowski, and Joe Kennedy all stepped away from the Republican position and voted with the Democrats to pass the resolution. The CRA was used by the Republicans last year to repeal an Obama-era FCC rule that prevented broadband providers from selling customer data, but is not used often otherwise.

The largely symbolic vote is just the first step in the net neutrality fight and is explicitly intended to get the subject on voters’ minds to pressure their representatives for the far more important House of Representatives vote which has not been scheduled and might not be without voter pressure. Net neutrality proponents would need to get the signatures of a majority of the House to use the CRA, convince every single Democrat to vote to retain the protections, which is not yet true, and also flip 22 Republicans. After all that, the legislation would have to be signed by President Trump, who is on record as disliking network neutrality legislation.

The only way this moves forward is if proponents push forward. If you’re curious how network neutrality would affect gaming, Elise wrote up a world without network neutrality here.


Our Take
The fight for the internet should not be along party lines and shouldn’t be a partisan issue. If you use the internet, network neutrality should be something you care about and research heavily.

internet has been lighting up in the last few days which over what appear to be
possible leaks of a Pokémon game for Switch.

Yesterday, anonymous users of the
image board 4chan, which is known for a number of true video game leaks and a
far larger number of fake ones, posted the titles and details of what they
claimed were the next few Pokémon games. Titled Pokémon Let’s Go: Pikachu and Pokémon
Let’s Go: Eevee, the two titles are supposedly remakes or reimaginings of Pokémon

Pokémon Yellow was the third game
of the first generation, slightly redesigned to be more in line with the anime,
with changes like getting all of the starter Pokémon in your team and starting
with Pikachu instead. The battle sprites were also redrawn to be a little less
abstract than they were in Red and Blue and look more like the cartoon.

The rumors go on to suggest that
the title is no accident and developer Game Freak is trying to leverage the
success of mobile game Pokémon Go by combining mainstay Pokémon features with
that of Go. The post talks about not only making catching more like Pokémon Go,
but also integrating the Switch titles with the mobile games, including using Pokémon
Bank to trade between them.

Finally, the alleged leaker says
that Pokeride, the Alolan service to ride certain Pokémon around returns, as
does the Pokémon Heart Gold/Soul Silver feature of letting your Pokémon follow
you. A few months ago, a blurry screenshot appeared on the internet of a
trainer riding a Lapras with an Eevee riding on the trainer’s head. It was
dismissed as fake due to the blurriness of the shot and the inexplicable use of
the Eevee riding on the trainer. While the rumor creator could have also seen
that shot and simply based their post on it, it is definitely curious.

Pokémon rumors happen all the time
and fans will go far, from speculation disguised as rumors, to fake
screenshots, to even fangames presented as real ones. Since a Switch Pokémon
title was announced at E3 last year, fans have gone wild with speculation over
what the first mainline console Pokémon could be like. These rumors, however,
got a twist earlier today.

Two domains, “”
and “,” were registered
by the domain registration company CSC Corporate Domains Inc
. This is
notable because CSC Corporate Domains also registered the domains for Pokémon
Sun and Moon, website, which is the official website for
the Generation 7 titles on 3DS. The Pokémon Sun and Moon website lists Game
Freak, The Pokémon Company, and Nintendo as owners, while the latest websites
do not. That sort of information can be kept hidden easily, however.

It is also worth noting that The Pokémon
Company has been pushing Eevee as one of the mascots of the series hard in the
last year, giving the Pokémon its own merchandising line and even making Eevee the
center of The Pokémon Center April Fool’s joke
 with a photoshopped
appearance in Tekken 7.

With only a few weeks until E3, it
is likely we’ll hear about the game by then if it is indeed coming this year.
Regardless of whether these rumors are accurate or not, it is fascinating how
the Pokémon community rallies around speculation and rumors and tears them apart.
The community is already split on whether this is real or fake, so a lot of
people are likely to eat some crow when the Switch games are eventually


Our Take
Like I said, Pokémon rumors are constant, but these seem to have a bit more meat to them than most. We’ll likely find out before too long, as I can’t imagine remakes taking too long if they were in development along side Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon.