At PlayStation Experience 2014, footage of Bloodborne showed off an enemy known as the flaming Undead Giant who was not seen in the final game. For years, fans thought the enemy was simply cut content, until some players traversing through the game’s chalice dungeons noticed it.

The enemy, which was a variation of the Undead Giant but, well, flaming, was first seen during a stage demo controlled by Bloodborne director and FROM president Hidetaka Miyazaki. Like the Undead Giant most players pursuing the Platinum trophy will see along the way, the flaming giant was meant to be a chalice dungeon enemy.

After three years, no one had reported ever seeing the enemy, and the community for these games generally communicates new information reliably. It was eventually discovered by KolbrotKommander, part of the Reddit Tomb Prospectors who run through Chalice Dungeons repeatedly. Fellow prospector MorosNyx then told the reddit and internet at large that the enemy could be found in a Depth 4 Cursed and Defiled Root Chalice dungeon.

You can use the glyph “pa6ssc6u” to access it yourself.

You can see the discovery, and original footage from PSX, below. It makes people wonder what more these games have hidden in them.

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A quick Star Wars: The Last Jedi trailer appears just before everyone prepares to go home for Thanksgiving, giving us all something to be thankful for.

The trailer, titled Tempt, centers around the Jedi in the movie and their temptation to the dark side.

Check out the trailer below. We’re down to just a few weeks until the movie releases on December 15.

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Battlefield 1 developer DICE is releasing its Turning Tides DLC in two waves, in December and January, with this year’s batch now dated for December 11 for owners of the game’s premium pass (which is a two-week head start on those who don’t).

The December drop features the Cape Helles and Achi Baba maps, a new Gallipoli operation, Infiltrator Elite class, the L-Class Destroyer, and more. The second part of the DLC in January also features two maps, the conquest assault mode, and its own goodies.

Apart from the December release date news today, the game is also offering:

  • Free Trial for expansions They Shall Not Pass and In The Name Of The Tsar on November 22-December 4 and December 8-December 10.
  • Frontlines Modes for the Suez map on November 27. DICE describes the mode as “a mix of Conquest and Rush” with a tug-of-war over chained control points.
  • The Fall of Empires operation campaign on November 22-December 6. This is a combination of the Conquer Hell and Iron Walls operations.

For more info on Turning Tides and more of what’s going on with Battlefield 1, click here.

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Capcom has released a new trailer that shows how a trio of upcoming characters handle themselves in Marvel Vs. Capcom Infinite. We knew that Venom, Black Widow, and Winter Soldier were coming to the game, but this is the best look we’ve had of them in action.

As the image above proclaims, they’re coming to the game as DLC on December 5, either as part of the game’s season pass or as individual purchases for $7.99 a pop.

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They join heroes including Black Panther, Monster Hunter, and Sigma, who were added to the game last month.

Bandai Namco released new screens for new characters this morning covering Gotenks, Kid Buu, and Adult Gohan. There is also a dedicated Gotenks trailer.

You can check out the trailer below, and you can see all the new screens in the gallery. Gotenks’ special attack seems to borrow its art style, at least to a small degree, from the film Dragon Ball Z: Fusion Reborn, which used thicker black lines than to frame characters than other Dragon Ball media.

Dragon Ball FighterZ release January 26 on Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC.

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Last Wednesday, the multiplayer expansion for Final Fantasy XV called Comrades launched. It made me put this column on hold, so I could you provide you with detailed impressions as quickly as possible. If you want to know what to expect from Comrades, you can find my thoughts right here. Spoiler alert: I’m having a lot more fun with it than I anticipated. I’ve reveled in creating my own avatar, buying new weapons and clothing, and beating the hell out of iconic monsters from the series, from Malboros to Treants. One feature I’m happy Square Enix brought over from the main game is Prompto’s fun photography. After every mission, I go check my photos to see my character’s skills in action – for better or worse. Therefore, I thought it would be fun to save some of my best and worst moments in picture form, allowing you more of a glimpse into my journey. Consider this a Grind Time bonus for waiting for my impressions. 

This is my avatar. Honestly, nothing feels more awesome than transporting a version of yourself into a Final Fantasy game.

To get my bearings, I had to practice on a giant Cactuar dummy. I’ve never felt so cool.

I quickly enlisted my friend Nick to help me get in the groove.

As I swapped weapons, I realized the power of the mace and wasn’t afraid to use it.

And once I got my magic abilities stronger, I was a force to be reckoned with….

Then I fought Prompto and he cast petrify on me and took this selfie, bringing my ego down a few notches.

I call this my emo shot. I imagine Green Day’s “Boulevard of Broken Dreams” is playing as I deal with the fact that Prompto totally punked me.

But then the great Kenny Crow joins me in a mission, lifting my spirits.

I start to feel the fire again, rallying my teammates to carry on with my cheer ability.

Of course, sometimes I look like a big dork doing that, so it earned a Moogle frame. 

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Splatoon 2 is getting an infusion of content – including a new game mode, Salmon Run stage, 140 pieces of gear, and much more via two updates before the end of the year.

The first update hits on November 23, and includes the new Salmon Run stage (Salmonid Smokeyard – above), gear (clothes, stuff returning from the first game, shoes, etc.), Amiibo functionality, higher level caps (up to 99), and gear swapping between battles without exiting to the lobby. This update also starts the ball rolling on four new battle stages, but technically the first of these doesn’t hit until the day after the update launches on November 24 (MakoMart). the others (Shellendorf Institute, Walleye Warehouse, and Arowana Mall) release in the following weeks.

The second update is in mid-December, featuring the Clam Blitz mode. Here you collect clams around the stage, who then follow you until you deposit them in a basket near the opponent’s base. However, players must first destroy the barrier around the basket by collecting 10 clams in order to get the Power Clam that breaks the barrier down. The first one to 100 wins.

For the updates’ full details, click here.

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Microsoft has announced what’s coming to its Game Pass subscription service in December. Gears of War 4 and the Darksiders remaster are joining the ranks of games that members can access.

Here’s what’s coming in addition to Gears of War 4 and Darksiders: Warmastered Edition:

  • Sherlock Holmes: The Devil’s Daughter
  • This War of Mine: The Little Ones
  • Casey Powell Lacross 16
  • Mega Man 10
  • Mass Effect

Game Pass gives players access to more than 100 games for a $9.99 monthly subscription fee. If you sign up between now and November 27, you can get your first month’s membership for $1, too.

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In a letter to their players, Clicker Heroes 2 developer Playsaurus explains why they went with an upfront pricing model instead of free-to-play with microtransactions like the first game, citing both ethics and gameplay design as their main reasons.

Games are inherently addictive,” explains the developer. “That alone is not a bad thing, until it gets abused … We made a lot of money from these players who spent thousands. They are known to the industry as ‘Whales’. Great. If you’re rich, please be my guest. But we don’t want this kind of money if it came from anyone who regrets their decision, if it made their lives significantly worse as a result. Unfortunately, those who have a problem are usually in denial about it, and would be too ashamed to ask us for a refund. We would give the refund in a heartbeat. It’s not like we have artists drawing each ruby by hand. It costs us nothing but payment processing fees.”

Playsaurus also explains that letting players feel like the experience might be better if they spend more money feels terrible, and that they do not want the game to feel like that’s necessary. 

You can read the full post at the source link below. Clicker Heroes 2 is scheduled for PC and Mac in 2018.

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Our Take
It’s interesting to see a dev be so transparent about this decision. It makes me wonder if there will be a trend to be openly consumer-friendly by explaining their reasoning.

Beamdog, a Canadian developer founded by ex-Bioware staff, has announced that they will be releasing an enhanced edition of PC RPG classic, Neverwinter Nights for release 

The studio has been known for working on Infinity Engine games such as Baldur’s Gate through Icewind Dale, and recently released Planescape Torment, as enhanced editions meant for modern systems. Neverwinter Nights is their first foray into Aurora Engine titles. Here is a listing of what the enhanced edition offers:

  • Improved Display: Your portrait, combat bar, inventory, and other UI elements adjust in size based on your chosen resolution including 1080p and 4k.
  • Advanced Graphics Options: Pixel shaders and post-processing effects make for crisper, cleaner visuals. Enable contrast, vibrance, and depth of field options as preferred.
  • Community Endorsed: Original developers have teamed with key members of the Neverwinter Nights community to curate important fan-requested improvements to support players, storytellers, and modders.
  • Backwards Compatibility: Works with save games, modules, and mods from the original Neverwinter Nights. A galaxy of community created content awaits.

You can find the launch trailer below. Beamdog has not clarified the release date, but says preorders are starting tomorrow, so a release date should not be too far in the future.

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Our Take
The Baldur’s Gate remasters were good, so hopefully Beamdog maintains their quality for this one. They aren’t complete remakes, but for the price, they do a good job of bringing the old games to new generations.