Cosplay technology has made leaps and bounds in the past few years, what with the advent of 3D printing and the like. But while there’s a lot of cool tech out there for posing as your favorite character, “holographic spell glyphs” are going to be hard to beat.

The Replica Prop Forum recently tweeted a short video of someone holding a pair of LED display fans programmed to display the runic glyphs, wielding them like Doctor Strange wields in the Marvel cinematic universe. It’s a cool feat, and anyone looking to cosplay as the Sorcerer Supreme should make these an immediate purchase.

Check these magic fans out in the video below.

King, developers of mobile hits like Candy Crush Saga and Bubble Witch, has posted a recruitment page looking for a level designer for a mobile Call of Duty.

The listing, which appears on King’s site, specifically says the developer has been tasked with adapting Call of Duty. 

The aim is to create a Call of Duty experience on mobile,” the listing reads, “while also breaking new ground for mobile and redefining the genre. The approach and ambition is to be fresh, social, and highly accessible, while providing a very authentic game experience.”

King Games became a subsidiary of Activision-Blizzard in 2015, an acquisition that involved very little mixing of Activision and King developers. This listing speaks to Activision trying to expand the Call of Duty license out to new internal developers beyond the rotation of developers in the flagship games.


Our Take
It sounds like Activision now wants to use King to leverage its own IPs into the mobile space, which can either mean more good mobile games or the exact opposite.

Mario Tennis Aces is shaping up to be a solid offering in the series, and if you’re looking try it out for yourself, you’re in luck.

Nintendo has announced the arcadey sports game will be getting a free demo from June 1 through 3. The demo consists of both offline and multiplayer modes, with a nice little incentive for online players: A small tournament between demo players in which the winners unlock more characters to play as by earning points.

The four starting characters in the demo are Mario, Peach, Yoshi, and Bowser, but Nintendo has not announced who else players might unlock. Finally anyone who plays the demo (offline or online) will unlock Mario’s classic outfit in the main game once it hits on June 22.

Additionally, the company has also released a new trailer, showing off the various ways the adventure mode plays around with the base tennis, including teleportation mirrors, extra nets, and Shy Guys.

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In its current form, E3 is a dark, intimidating cloud off in the the distance, silently lighting up from flashes of lightning as the rolls of thunder rattle our ears a few moments later. It’s closer than we realize, however, and as we scramble to prepare for the flood of announcements and hands-on impressions, we decided to publish a roadmap of what’s to come so you can make your own preparations.

Game Informer’s Coverage Plans
We’ll be at the show getting our hands on as many controllers and mice and keyboards as we can, while also shoving our faces into as many VR headsets as is medically acceptable. You can expect plenty of written content on the site and in the issue the following month, but we have other plans as well! We’re live-streaming and commentating every conference as they happen. You can watch those on either Twitch or YouTube, or both! Your preference is our preference.

We will also be doing The Game Informer Show every night, June 11 through June 14. You can subscribe to our channel on YouTube to prep of that, or use this link to subscribe using your favorite podcast delivery service. Again, your preference is our preference.

To follow all of our E3 coverage, this link will be your best bet.

Press Conference Schedules
It wouldn’t be E3 without press conferences. They may not all be called press conferences any more, but who are they fooling? They’re press conferences. Here is when they will be happening in presented in the order in which they will be airing.

EA “EA Play” Press Conference
Saturday, June 9 – 11:00 a.m. PT

Microsoft Press Conference
Sunday, June 10 – 1:00 p.m. PT

Bethesda Press Conference
Sunday, June 10 – 6:30 p.m. PT

Square Enix Press Conference
Monday, June 11 – 10:00 a.m. PT

Ubisoft Press Conference
Monday, June 11 – 1:00 p.m. PT

PC Gamer Show
Monday, June 11 – 3:00 p.m. PT

Sony Press Conference
Monday, June 11 – 6:00 p.m. PT

*Sony has stated this year will be a little different from its typical press conference and focus in-depth on four titles: Death Stranding, Ghost of Tsushima, The Last of Us Part II, and Spider-Man.

Nintendo Direct Press Conference
Tuesday, June 12 – 9:00 a.m. PT

Show Schedule
Last year, E3 opened its doors to the public, and that trend is continuing this year. Here are the hours for the show. Whether you’re attending or not, knowing when the show is live can be helpful when tuning in for coverage of the show.

Tuesday, June 12
Industry Pass – 11:00 a.m. – 7:00 p.m.
Gamer Pass – 2:00 p.m. – 7:00 p.m.

Wednesday, June 13
Industry Pass – 9:00 a.m. – 7:00 p.m.
Gamer Pass – 12:00 p.m. – 7:00 p.m.

Thursday, June 14
Industry Pass/Gamer Pass – 9:00 a.m. – 6:00 p.m.

There are a number of events happening outside the definition of press conference. Here are some of the big ones.

Nintendo Tournaments and Treehouse Live
Nintendo is hosting a pair of tournaments during E3 on June 11 and 12. One will be an exhibition tournament for the new Super Smash Bros., which we still don’t know much about. The other will be the Splatoon 2 World Championship. Nintendo will also be doing lots of streaming from the E3 floor as it has done for the past few years, making additional announcements, showing off gameplay demos, and performing assorted interviews.

Grim Fandango Anniversary Event
In honor of Grim Fandango’s 20th anniversary, Double Fine is bringing together the original cast and a full orchestra to do a live read of the game’s script.

EA Play
EA’s full suite of E3 happenings lasts from June 9-11. It takes place at the Hollywood Palladium, will be open to fans, and EA will be streaming it on its site, as well.

Inside Xbox and Xbox Fanfest
Starting on Monday, June 11 at 3 p.m. PT, Microsoft will be streaming its Inside Xbox show which will include announcements, gameplay demos, interviews, and assorted giveaways. If you’re in L.A. on June 10 and 11, there is also a chance you could attend Xbox Fanfest which offers all kinds of opportunities to hands-on with assorted upcoming Xbox Games.

The Big Confirmed Games
We already know a number of the games that will be making an appearance at E3. These have all been announced and will 100% be at E3 2018 in some form.

The Big Rumored Games
There are a million rumored games that will be appearing at E3, but these are the ones with the strongest evidence behind them.

PC players who purchased the original version of Divinity: Original Sin II and are looking jealously at console players getting the definitive edition of the game in August need fume no more: Larian Studios has confirmed they’ll be getting a free upgrade.

The news was confirmed on the company’s Facebook page, where a fan commented they hoped PC players would get a free upgrade the definitive edition once the console port hit. “That, they do.” Larian replied.

The changes in the definitive edition are “over 45 pages long,” according to Larian, making it the most substantial update to the game thus far. Xbox One players can also check out an early version of the game on Xbox Game Preview starting tomorrow, May 16.

[Source: Larian Studios Facebook page]


Our Take
I have a copy of Original Sin II I haven’t touched since last year, so at this point, I may as well wait ’till August!

Here’s what you need to know about our own Suriel Vazquez: Fighting games are kind of His Thing. Therefore, it only makes sense for him to be our tour guide through BlazBlue: Cross Tag Battle. “What’s BlazBlue: Cross Tag Battle?” you may be asking. Well, at least that’s what Leo and I were wondering. Now we know. And you can, too, after watching our latest episode of NGT.

Suriel walks us through just about everything you need to know about the game, showing off plenty of combos and explaining some of the deeper gameplay systems. Also, he takes the bait and shows off a little about the game’s campaign, which I instantly regretted asking about.

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BlazBlue: Cross Tag Battle is coming to PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch, and PC on June 5.

The thief, err, treasure hunter from Final Fantasy VI is making an appearance in Dissidia Final Fantasy NT.

The trailer, which you can find below, was released by Square Enix today, showing off Locke’s fancy moves. The footage begins with a pan to a passed out Terra before Locke and a number of Moogles step in to intervene.

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Locke has a knife-focused combat style with the jack-of-all-trades magic and weapons style that Final Fantasy VI’s characters were capable of mastering. He also appears to be able to steal from the opponent and has a costume that’s closer to his Final Fantasy VI in-game look. The publisher says that Locke should be available in late June and refers to him as the next DLC character, so presumably more will be coming after.

Rage 2 was one of the numerous games no one has heard of listed on Walmart’s website last week. No one had heard a peep about Rage 2 prior to this listing, leading many internet sleuths to think it was fake. Bethesda Softworks didn’t stay quiet for long, as it playfully poked fun at Walmart on Twitter for having the wrong font for Rage 2.

Today Bethesda validated this leak with the official reveal of Rage 2, which is surprisingly being co-developed by id Software – the developer of the original Rage – and Avalanche Studios, best known for its work on the Just Cause series and the Mad Max game. Rage 2’s gameplay trailer shows off a sprawling open world set in the aftermath of mankind’s rise to power. The game takes place decades after the asteroid scorched the Earth, and follows a character named Walker, the last Ranger of Vineland. The footage shows just how resourceful and firearm-capable Walker is, even when standing at the feet of giants.

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Why two development teams? We don’t know the role each team plays in development yet, but Bethesda has teased that the partnership favors on id’s mastery of first-person gunplay and Avalanche’s time of making vast open worlds. Along with the sprawling deserts you have come to expect from this series, Rage 2 will take players to jungles and swamps, and the threat is much larger than the gangs that roam the wilds. Walker must contend with the Authority, the foes from the first game. They are now led by General Cross, a tyrant who wants to kill off the pureblood Arkists and will stop at nothing to achieve this goal. Walker just happens to be one of them. Why does Cross want them gone? Their blood can meld with nanotrites to grant them special abilities, like a force push move. This power can also be sewn to weapons to push them well beyond their factory settings.

The rapid-fire montage of footage in the trailer makes the game look ridiculously fun. I enjoyed the hell out of the original Rage, giving it a glowing 9 out of 10 rating, and saying its “story and overworld design feel dated, but its heart-pounding
gunplay is a nice change of pace in a market filled with ‘follow me’ and
pop-and-fire shooters. While light RPG elements are present, this is
mainly a game for players who love challenging combat experiences.”

No release date (or even release year) were given, but plenty of gameplay footage was shown, leading us to believe there’s a shot it could fall into 2018. Odds are we’ll see a nice slice of Rage 2 at Bethesda’s E3 showcase in June.

If you’re dying for a new science-fiction experience to play right now, I highly recommend you check out Forgotton Anne, a sidescrolling puzzle adventure from developer ThroughLine Games and publisher Square Enix. Described by ThroughLine as a “seamless cinematic adventure” the action bleeds right into anime sequences that bring a surprisingly dark story to life.

You play as Anne, an enforcer who is tasked to keep order in the Forgotton Lands. Outside of a few humans like yourself, most of this region is occupied by Forgotlings, living beings that are composed of items that humans forgot about. This means you’ll run into talking lamps and chairs, some themed to their role in society – such as a gun serving as a police officer. Anne wields a device that can suck the life right out of these unique beings. Most of these moments are determined through player choice. Your ultimate goal is to return to the land of the living, but how far will you go to get there?

The game is fascinating in concept, and delivers on its story promises, but is a bit clunky in its platforming movement (which is a throwback to classic Prince of Persias), and relies too heavily on level-based puzzles. These gameplay elements lead to frustration at times, but are not enough to detour an otherwise excellent adventure from delivering a spellbinding experience.

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Outside of games, Jon Favreau’s forthcoming Star Wars TV series for Disney’s upcoming streaming service received an unexpected update when the creator answered questions on the red carpet for the premiere of Solo: A Star Wars Story last week. Favreau revealed he had written half of the season for the show, and said it takes place seven years after the Battle of Yavin. This puts it in the post-classic trilogy era, just a couple of years after the Battle of Jakku, and the birth of Ben Solo.

I can’t even imagine what the setup for this show will be. I hope it steers clear of focusing directly on the Rebels and gives us a broader look at the universe at this point, especially since it will be difficult to tap dance around Princess Leia, Luke Skywalker, and the known players, unless they recast them for the show. No matter which way they go, I think I speak for everyone is saying I’ve been dying to see Star Wars on TV in this way. Here’s hoping Favreau and company knock it out of the park.

The Forest is a gripping game that mixes horror and the survival-sandbox genre into something special. However, it’s also a game where you can get into all sorts of wild shenanigans. Here are 30 of the wackiest, grossest, and most bizarre things you can do in the game.

1. Kill a turtle and then use its shell as an improvised sled.

2. Use your downed flight’s passenger list to track down all your fellow passengers to find out what happened to them and steal their clothes and wristwatches. It’s not like they need that stuff anymore, I guess.

3. Find some human bones. Make a club. Or, better yet, wear someone’s skeleton as armor!

4. Break open suitcases to find little travel-sized booze bottles that you can turn into molotov cocktails. Or drink. Whatever.

5. Go on a scavenging hunt and blow up secret mounds with dynamite to discover gun parts that you can use to build a flintlock pistol!

6. Take a break from all of the murder and mayhem to tend to your garden.

7. Find a stick. Wrap a cloth around it. Set cloth on fire. Beat cannibal to flaming death with a big Stick ‘O Death.

8. Use that hairspray can you found in a piece of luggage with your lighter to barbecue any cannibal dumb enough to mess with you.

9. Just got into a fight? Hunger meter going down? Take your axe and chop up your enemy’s corpse. Not only can you recycle your foes’ bones into weapons and even furniture, but you can also cook their flesh and chow down if you’re desperate for food.

10. Play a multiplayer session so you and a fellow player can fight the forces of cannibalism while clinging to dwindling sanity. Yay!

11. Build a bird feeder into the side of your cabin. Slap any of those unfortunate fellows with a womping stick and then cook them.

12. Build a bomb using only a circuit board, duct tape, watch, and some coins. If you want to go for a gross-out, stick the bomb inside one of the severed heads of your foes and play catch with the next group of jerks you find.

13. Try to hug a shark underwater. Regret the choice.

14. Are a bunch of cannibals bothering you or your base? Build a giant, gory scarecrow from the bones of their comrades and then set it on fire to send them howling in terror.

15. Find some red paint. Throw it on. Run around to scare the cannibals.

16. Kill a lizard. Fashion armor out of surprisingly durable hide.

17. Go hunt down your missing son. Like a good (boring) parent.

18. Speaking of your boy, you can find drawings he’s left behind all over the island then decorate your cabin with them. They look really nice next to the skull lamps.

19. Why settle for setting enemies on fire with a molotov when you can build an elaborate trap that does it for you while guarding your base?

20. Build a drying rack. Hang up your collection of human feet and arms for the world to see, you weirdo.

21. That turtle shell we mentioned a few points back? You can also use it to collect rain for drinking water, if you don’t want to go sledding.

22. Collect human teeth. Weld them onto your weapons to make them more powerful. That’s … uh … cool? Is that the right word? Yeah. We’ll go with that. Sure.

23. Thump a foe in the face with a pebble from a slingshot and watch him fall to his doom.

24. Collect cassette tapes. Blare arena rock as you run through the forest, pursued by cannibals.

25. Find a katana. Hunt squirrels with it.

26. Delve into dark caverns and beat angry naked men to death with a rock when they scream at you.

27. Eat all the mushrooms, even the poisonous ones, because you’re the adventurous type and your bowels are godly.

28. Speaking of poison, why not scrub your weapons with the poisonous berries and mushrooms you collect so they deal more damage to your foes, and then you can mock them for being felled by the local flora?

29. Build a trophy stand in your log cabin. Show what a big game hunter you are by hanging a crocodile, lizard, or even squirrel’s head on it.

30. Lose a fight to an enemy for a big, nasty surprise….

For more on The Forest, check out our review here.

Codemasters has announced the release date for F1 2018 on August 24 for PS4, Xbox One, and PC, and while the developer isn’t going in-depth regarding the title just yet, it’s promising that the career mode will continue to be an emphasis.

Paul Jeal, the F1 franchise director at the developer, says that career mode is being “further expanded” thanks to the return of an un-specified fan-requested feature.

Outside of bolstering the already notable career mode, more classic cars are being added as well as other to-be-announced additions.

[Source: Codemasters]