Constantin Film, the company responsible for the live-action Resident Evil films starring Milla Jovovich, is set to begin filming and producing a film based on Capcom’s liberty-taking wildlife simulator/hunting series.

Variety reports the project is set to reunite the Resident Evil film team, with Paul W.S. Anderson directing, Jeremy Bold producing, and Jovovich starring in the film, which is set to shot in Cape Town, South Africa. The special effects will also be done by Mr. X, which also worked on the Resident Evil films.

As with their last video game film adaptation, Constantin hopes to turn the film into a series. “We are in the business of brand creation,” Constantin’s Martin Moszkowicz said at the Cannes film festival.

The company is also working a reboot of the Resident Evil series, though Anderson will not return to that project. ““He did six movies, earning $1.2 billion, 10 years of work; he felt it was time to move on,” said Moszkowicz.

With Monster Hunter World becoming Capcom’s fastest-selling game ever with over six million copies already out in the wild, it should be no surprise the franchise has gained traction in Hollywood. Hopefully the movie won’t be 50 hours long and force viewers to watch certain parts multiple times in order to see the ending.

An artist that goes by the name of @_Turul_ on Twitter and acTurul on Deviantart decided to blend Assassin’s Creed and Marvel’s Avengers: Infinity War into one piece of fan art, and the result is pretty cool. 

The artwork features several protagonists and secondary characters from different Assassin’s Creed entries. It’s styled in the same way as Avengers: Infinity War‘s movie poster. You can view the impressive artwork below.

You can see a comparison between this poster and the original Infinity War poster below in @_Turul_’s tweet.

For more on Infinity War, listen to our in-depth and spoiler-filled discussion about the movie here.

Last month Konami announced that it was not going to renew its deal with UEFA for the Champions League and Europa League licenses. Naturally, everyone’s assumption was that rival EA Sports was going to jump on the tournament licenses involving top European clubs. Now a Dutch commentator who does work for FIFA may have slipped that the licenses have been added to FIFA 19.

In a TV interview, Dutch football commentator Evert ten Napel, who apparently has done voice work for the FIFA series for many years, said he’s working on FIFA 19 right now and that it includes the Champions League and Europa licenses.

EA is expected to announce the deal at E3 next month. I’ve reached out to EA for comment on the matter, and will update this story if the company has anything substantial to say.

For more on my thoughts of what the loss of the license means for PES fans and Konami, check out this entry of the Sports Desk column.

[Source: Resetera via Eurogamer] 


Our Take 
It’s no surprise this is happening, but what EA does with the licenses is the larger question. Having it in The Journey story mode will be cool, but that mode still has a ways to go to capture the energy and vibe of league play. Can it do so with the Champions League? Hopefully it’s not like the real-life managers in the game who are there in form but add nothing to the experience.

Members of a subreddit group banded together recently to uncover one of Destiny 2’s most intriguing secrets in the recent Warmind expansion. Their collective effort began with deciphering one of the game’s hidden puzzles, which then led them to a real-life treasure cache.

The treasure, which contains a replica of Warmind’s Valkyrie and gold coins, was found in upstate New York after the group solved a cipher that gave them a secret message. Redditor Randomiser posted on the subreddit last night, saying he had figured it out. The message said:

thank you for taking the time to piece together this message, friend. the time of our final conflict is drawing closer and you and ana have an important role to play in the events to come. so watch over her, guardian. i would have no life without ana or the exoprogram. i regret that we have become strangers, but we each have a path that we must walk. and, ironically, there never seems to be enough time. tell her, rasputin’s first attempt was in the right location, but the wrong moment. look here: 43.549573, -73.544868 – e

The “e” is short for Elsie Bray, sister of Ana Bray, who is the Stranger from the first Destiny. The coordinates listed in the secret message lead to Sleeping Beauty Mountain. This is in upstate New York, which is where Warmind’s lead developer, Vicarious Visions, is headquartered as well. Redditor I_love_science happened to live nearby, and took the initiative to follow the path to treasure.

The real-life treasure was placed in a cache, pictured below, and included a letter from Warmind design lead Rob Gallerani:

For more images of the treasure, you can view all of them here.

Only three spears like the one in this treasure exist: this one, along with one at Bungie and another at Vicarious Visions. It’s pretty cool to see a studio put together a treasure hunt like this, bringing Destiny’s mysteries to the real world.

[Source: Kotaku]

Telltale’s Batman: The Enemy Within could be heading to Nintendo Switch soon. It recently showed up on Germany’s rating board which lists Nintendo Switch as the platform.

Though Telltale has its original Batman series on the Switch, titled Batman: The Telltale Series, it has yet to announce that its sequel The Evil Within will join too. This rating, however, suggests it could be coming to the system soon.

Read our review of The Enemy Within here. You can also check out Javy Gwaltney’s feature about how Telltale created an incredibly memorable villain.

[Source: German USK Website]


Our Take
Though some of their titles are stronger than others, I’d love to see more Telltale games on the Switch. It seems like the perfect platform for it. Remember to take this rumor with a grain of salt, as we won’t know for sure about this release until Telltale confirms it.

Later this year, Koji Igarashi’s Bloostained: Ritual of the Night is heading for release. Before that happens, however, Igarashi has yet another Bloodstained coming out, and it’s releasing this month.

Bloodstained: Curse of the Moon is an 8-bit, Castlevania throwback. You play as Zangetsu, a demon slayer with a vengeance who travels through an ominous land to defeat a powerful demon. Zangetsu will meet other characters along the way, who can join your party to help you defeat enemies on your journey.

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Bloodstained: Curse of the Moon was promised as a stretch goal for Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night’s 2015 Kickstarter campaign, which raised more than $5.5 million. 

Bloodstained: Curse of the Moon is coming out on May 24 and will cost $9.99. Those who backed Rtiual of the Night on Kickstarter for more than $28, however, receive it for free. It’s coming to a slew of platforms including Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Vita, 3DS, and PC.

Following the release of Deux Ex: Mankind Divided, which received lukewarm reviews and wasn’t as big a hit as Eidos Montreal anticipated, many wondered about the future of the series. It looked even more uncertain as Square Enix announced shortly after that the franchise was going on hiatus, so that the publisher could focus on other projects.

However, in a recent interview with PCGamesN, Eidos Montreal studio head David Anfossi finally cleared the air. He says that Eidos Montreal has no intentions of abandoning the Deus Ex series any time soon. “Deus Ex is not dead, I can confirm that,” he told PCGamesN.

You can read the rest of his quote below.

Deus Ex, of course, it’s the brand of the studio. We are all attached to this franchise, but we cannot do everything, you know? So we have Shadow of the Tomb Raider, we have this co-development with Crystal [Dynamics] on The Avengers, and we have a third game in development, so it’s enough at the moment for us.

The third game in development that he mentions is unannounced, but it has been rumored that it may have to do with Square Enix’s Marvel partnership and based on Guardians of the Galaxy.

Eidos Montreal is currently working hard on producing Shadow of the Tomb Raider and aiming for a September 14 release. You can find out more about the title by reading about six things we learned while playing it and checking out our concept art gallery.

[Source: PCGamesN]


Our Take
Deus Ex: Mankind Divided may have underperformed, but it’s far from a bad game. There are so many fans out there (including me!) that would love to see this series continue and grow. However, another Deus Ex game likely isn’t going to happen for a long time since Eidos Montreal has a lot on its plate.

As the northern hemisphere enters that wily time between Spring and Summer where the weather can’t decided what it wants to throw at us, we have a few tournaments and events to keep us occupied until Summer hits.

The League of Legends Mid-Season Invitational brings the best team across various regions together for a few high-stakes matches, and lets the teams size each other up as they head into the second half of the season. (Stream / Schedule)

While you wait for the next stage of the Overwatch league, you can catch the teams waiting in the wings in the Contenders league, which sees its final matches today. (Stream / Schedule)

The Heroes of the Storm finals for the Heroes of the Dorm will pit the universities of Buffalo, Cal Poly, Kentucky, and Quebec’s Laval against each other starting at 1pm Pacific. (Stream).

American Hearthstone pros have their work cut out for them as they fight for their spots at the HCT Summer Championship. Catch the qualifying matches this weekend. (Stream / Schedule)

Fighting game fans should keep their eye on the Canada Cup Masters Series, which as events for Street Fighter V, Tekken 7, Dragon Ball FighterZ, Gundam Versus, Arms, and many more. (Streams and Schedule)

Super Smash Bros. fans should watch the Smash Royale at the Esports Arena in Oakland, Californa. And as the name implies, it also includes a Fortnite tournament! (Streams and Schedule)

That’s it for this weekend! Let us know if we missed an event, or if there’s a scene you’d like us to cover, in the comments.

This month Days Gone is on our cover, which is a great excuse to go and check out some of the developer’s previous work.

Before working on Days Gone, and even before releasing Uncharted: Golden Abyss for the Vita, Bend Studio was the Syphon Filter team. Bend developed all six of the Syphon Filter games that released for PlayStation, PlayStation 2, and PSP, and we’re taking a look at the fifth game in the series. Dark Mirror released on PSP first in 2006 and was then ported to PlayStation 2 in 2007. That’s the version Andrew Reiner, Suriel Vazquez, and I are looking at.

Part two this week is sort of inspired by our recent Replay of Lair.

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It’s Friday! Unless you have one of those weirdo jobs, that means that you’ve got a couple of days ahead that are perfect for gaming. The GI staff is taking full advantage of those days, cleaning the streets in Yakuza 6 (!!!), saving the world in Chrono Trigger (?), and getting back into Mario + Rabbids (?!?!). Whew!

Don’t forget, Sunday is Mother’s Day. Give her a call, whether that means picking up the phone or hollerin’ across the yard. And let us know what you’re doing this weekend in the comments. Don’t worry – it’s not like we’re going to follow up with you to make sure you did what you said you were going to do or anything.

Dan Tack (@dantack) – Dota 2! The International Compendium events have me loving Mutation mode, cavern crawl, and just loving getting absolutely destroyed with my friends in classic 5v5 combat.

Ben Hanson (@yozetty) – This weekend I continue my journey through the post-God of War desert. I’m most likely going to check out the final release of Laser League on Steam, and maybe a couple of other things here and there. I really want to play Chrono Trigger on Steam now, but I’m holding out hope for some sort of Chrono Trigger on Switch announcement at E3. We’ll see!

Imran Khan (@imranzomg) – This weekend, I expected to be playing God of War, which I will do, but I’m also getting back into Mario + Rabbids again. I never finished the game the first time around and forgot how much fun that game is. In addition, I’ve been putting some time into Frostpunk, which I need to take breaks from, because it’s great and also depressing and that causes some mixed feelings in me.

Javy Gwaltney (@HurdyIV) – I’m getting lost and fending off demented cannibals in The Forest this weekend and exploring Mexico in my revisit of Red Dead Redemption.

Leo Vader (@leovader) – More Yakuza 6 please!!! I am making such little story progress in that game because the loop of fighting and eating is honestly enough for me. Sorry Haruto. I’ve also gotten into an idle game for the first time in a long while, called Idle Poring. It’s less about making numbers go up faster, more like watching someone play an RPG and managing their gear, stats and pets. It’s remarkably satisfying, and pretty friendly to free players. HAGS!!!

Jeff Cork (@gijeff) – I’m not going to have much time this weekend for playing, but I’ll probably try to sneak in a few Overwatch matches. At the very least, I’d like to roll through enough arcade-mode wins to get my free loot boxes, because those are still Very Important for me. Don’t ask why, because I don’t really have a good answer…

Jeff M (@GIJeffM) – My top priority for the weekend will be defrosting my freezer. FUN! I also hope to get back into God of War. Come to think of it, both activities will probably include a lot of rage-induced yelling. “Boy” is a good nickname for a fridge, right?

Kyle Hilliard (@KyleMHilliard) – I think I am sort of close to the end of Ni No Kuni II? It’s very surprising because as much as I love the Ghibli-inspired look of the game, I didn’t think it would be one I would see to the end. It’s possible I still may not, but I have been enjoying it. I have to put a bed together this weekend, so that should be fun. It has a slide on it. I look forward to all the morning injuries that will result. Otherwise, pretty normal weekend! Oh crap, I have to mow the lawn.

Brian Shea (@BrianPShea) – I won’t have a ton of time at home this weekend, but I’ll probably spend most of my gaming time playing Overwatch and Yakuza 6. 

Suriel Vasquez (@SurielVazquez) – I finished up Yakuza 6 this week and while it relies a little too much on tropey plot twists towards the end, I really enjoyed it! Next up I’ll be diving into Destiny 2 this weekend to get through the Warmind campaign and gear up for the Spire of Stars raid. I’ll also be keep reading that Witcher book, because I’m also liking that!