Bethesda had plenty to reveal at today’s E3 2018 press conference. With a deluge of new games alongside content for existing IPs, Bethesda played to established strengths and let loose tons of details on upcoming titles. New Elder Scrolls! A brand new IP, Starfield! Fallout! DOOM! And much, much more.

If you didn’t get a chance to catch the presentation, or you’re looking to watch it now, we’ve got you covered. Check out links to announcements, trailers, and the full show!

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After weeks of rumors and teases, Bethesda pulled back the curtain on Fallout 76, offering up a lengthy look at the game during its E3 2018 press conference.

Bethesda teased its Fallout 76 reveal earlier today during Microsoft’s press conference, announcing that it is a prequel to the previous Fallout games and is set in West Virginia in a world four times the size of Fallout 4. Todd Howard continued the string of new details tonight during its own press conference. Here are the big takeaways:

  • Players will play as the first vault members to emerge after the bombs dropped.
  • Vault 76 was built to celebrate the tricentenary, the 300th anniversary of the United States, and is even more patriotic than Vault-Tec’s other vaults.
  • The survivors in Vault 76 have been waiting 25 years for Reclamation Day, the day the vault opens. The demo suggests the vault had a major party the night before Reclamation Day, and that the player woke up after everyone else had already left.
  • Fallout 76 features all-new rendering, lighting, and landscape tools, which sport 16 times the detail of previous games.
  • The engine offers so much detail that you can see distant weather systems in areas across the map.
  • The Overseer of Vault 76 sends players on a quest through six regions in the world, each with distinct styles and rewards.
  • Players will run into a host of different enemies not seen in previous Fallout games. The demo was filled with all kinds of weird creatures, including an enormous sloth and a crablike creature with a giant hornet’s nest on its back, and a huge bat called a Scorchbeast.
  • Howard says Bethesda has always wanted to tell the story of the first people who left the vault. The difference is this time each of the characters is a real person. Fallout 76 is an entirely online game.
  • That said, Howard assures the audience that you can “of course play [Fallout 76] solo.” Howard says single-player games have always been hugely important to Bethesda, and they aren’t going to change that.
  • Howard says Bethesda got the idea for Fallout 76’s multiplayer four years ago.
  • Howard referred to Fallout 76 as “softcore survival” compared to previous survival modes in other Bethesda games, and that death won’t result in the loss of progress.
  • Contrary to other online games, you’ll never see any game servers while playing Fallout 76.
  • Fallout 76 will have smaller player counts. “You’ll be in the world with dozens, not hundreds of players,” Howard says. “It’s the apocalypse, not an amusement park, okay?”
  • Howard says you can play with your friends whenever you want, and all of your progression will travel with you.
  • Howard says that by creating a world with very few rules, players will have more impact over the world than ever before. “You’ll decide the heroes and you’ll decide the villains.”
  • Building is back in Fallout 76, but you can now build wherever you want. The demo showed custom camps complete with automated turrets, a variety of shelters and living space, and outhouses.
  • Fallout 76 has multiple nuclear missile sites on the map. Groups of players can take down NPC characters guarding the areas to get snippets of the launch codes. Once they complete the code together, they can input them into the mainframe and then launch the missile to nuke an area of their choice on the map. Players can then go into the blast site and collect rewards – if they can survive the nuclear fallout.
  • Fallout 76 runs 100% on dedicated servers.
  • Bethesda is holding a B.E.T.A. for Fallout 76, which in Vault-Tec acronyms stands for Break-it Early Test Application. Howard also poked fun at Bethesda’s history of buggy games.
  • Howard closed out the presentation with a surprise release date announcement: Fallout 76 is coming out November 14 of this year.  

You can watch the official E4 trailer for Fallout 76 below, and be sure to come back to later in the week for our impressions from the showfloor.


As a closer to its pre-recorded (and mostly satirical) E3 press conference, indie publisher Devolver Digital confirmed that it will be bringing Metal Wolf Chaos to modern platforms and western shores, as it teased a few days ago.

The game, famous for its hammy dialogue, voice acting, and ridiculous story, is being brought to PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC as Metal Wolf Chaos XD. The port will have updated graphics, 16:9 support, and will be releasing later this year. You can check out the teaser trailer from the show below.

Fallout 76 Beta Coming

At Bethesda’s E3 press conference, Todd Howard made light of the company’s own buggy track record with some of its previous titles, “I’ve read on the internet that our games have had a few bugs,” he quipped.

Don’t worry, Bethesda is doing what it can to make Fallout 76 as clean as it can be with a beta.

Howard didn’t give any details on the beta, dubbed the Break it Early Test Application, but it should undoubtedly give testers a fun dose of the game’s multiplayer.

Fallout 76 is out November 14.

During their E3 show today, Bethesda’s Todd Howard introduced a slight hint toward the next big game from Bethesda Game Studios. 

Howard closed the show by talking about Starfield, a name which has been passed around in gaming circles for years as a major project for Bethesda. Not much was shown beyond an initial teaser, but Howard categorized the game as “something we feel uniquely qualified to create.”

The only release timing hinted at was Howard saying the game would be beyond this year and would likely be for the next generation.

After captivating over 120 million players on Xbox One, PC, iOS, and Android, Bethesda is bringing Fallout Shelter to PlayStation 4 and Switch. The announcement commemorates the third anniversary of Bethesda launching Fallout Shelter on mobile devices at E3 2015.

Like the other versions, the PS4 and Switch editions of Fallout Shelter are free. If you download the Switch version, you can play with the Joy-Cons or touchscreen controls.

Fallout Shelter launches on PS4 and Switch tonight for free.

Todd Howard closed out Bethesda’s showcase with a big announcement for one of its biggest series: The Elder Scrolls VI.

Unfortunately, outside of the confirmation that it is in development and offering a brief look at a foggy landscape as the title appeared on screen, we don’t know any additional details.

The Elder Scrolls VI is coming… eventually. You can check out the tease below.


We just got our first real look at Cyberpunk 2077 from CD Projekt RED at Microsoft’s E3 press conference and there is a lot to talk about. We gathered Game Informer’s Joe Juba, Ben Reeves, and intern Jacob Geller to talk about comparisons to The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt and much more. To learn even more about the game, check out our news story where we break down even more hidden messages in the trailer itself.

At Microsoft’s E3 press conference, From Software and publisher Activision revealed an exciting trailer for Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice. We gathered up Miyazaki superfans Dan Tack and intern Derek Swinhart as well as ol’ Ben Reeves to talk about what we learned about the gameplay from this short trailer.

If we’re getting any Fallout 76 details this week, they’re gonna be here. Tune in at 6:30 PM PT (one hour from this posting) for a look at everything Bethesda has to show off this year, and join us fifteen minutes early for pre-show coverage from Jeff Cork and Matt Miller.

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