Let It Die Coming To PC

Let It Die, Grasshopper Manufacture’s rogue-lite action title, is coming to PC this Fall, GungHo has announced.

Originally a PlayStation 4 exclusive, Let It Die released as a free-to-play title in December 2016. The game had hack-and-slash gameplay, online elements, and an overall style that enraptured players when it released. The framing device of the game put players in an arcade playing the fictional console to access a virtual tower that may or may not be an apocalyptic warning in the real world. There’s also a skateboarder named Uncle Death who runs your tutorials.

The online elements of the game recorded your status and inventory at death and sent that information to other people’s games, who could then get attacked by your character in their games. GungHo did not mention crossplay between PlayStation 4 and PC.

Let It Die started off as a cel-shaded action title named Lily Bergamo. The game was canceled in 2014 and re-revealed as Let It Die exclusively for the PlayStation 4. The PS4 version has crossover content with Killer7, as well, which will presumably come to the PC version considering Killer7 is also coming to PC later this year.


Let It Die was actually a lot better than I thought it would be, but the monetization got a little too aggressive for my liking. Still, I would be willing to give it another shot on PC, because it was definitely fun enough.

If you saw Shovel Knight as an assist trophy in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate this past week and were disappointed because you wanted to play as him instead, indie 2D Smash Bros.-like Rivals of Aether will make your every shovel-related dream come true. Shovel Knight is coming to the game as a playable character.

Shovel Knight has a lot of his items from the game, like the Dust Knuckle or Propeller Knuckle. You can check out a trailer of the blue knight in action below.

This makes the 14th playable appearance of Shovel Knight in another game (and the fourth fighting game of those appearances) of a total 21 appearances, playable or otherwise. Shovel Knight is the Stan Lee of indie video games.

Shovel Knight’s appearance in Rivals of Aether is labeled as “Coming Soon” from the trailer, but the developers have put up a larger blog post detailing how he will play in the meantime. Rivals of Aether is currently available on PC and Xbox One, though there are plans to bring it to other systems in the future with an announced Switch port currently being a priority.


That’s actually fewer appearances than I thought, though now that he is in Smash Bros. Ultimate, I wonder if he’ll just be in AAA games now. Maybe the next God of War should have his armor on the ground and return the crossover from the Kratos boss fight in Shovel Knight.

You don’t have a creed in Assassin’s Creed Odyssey. It makes sense, considering the game’s setting of Greece circa 431 BC predates the establishment of an organized Assassin brotherhood by several hundred years. In short, you’re not an Assassin, or at least not one like we’ve known throughout the Assassin’s Creed series. Whether you choose Alexios or Kassandra, your official job title is the same: mercenary. As it turns out, you’re far from alone in that field. 

In Assassin’s Creed Origins, the player character Bayek was hunted by powerful enemies throughout his journey. Bayek was a threat to the pharaoh Ptolemy, and the ruler sent his private guards, the Phylakes, to track Bayek down and snuff out his life. It was a fun way to add an additional threat layer to the game, and when that signature horn blew, players knew they were in for a tough fight. Once all 10 were killed, Bayek was rewarded with a slick new outfit – and that was it, basically. In Odyssey, Ubisoft Quebec is taking that kernel of an idea and exploding it.

Without a strict code to follow, you’re much freer in the world. You can choose to steal, slaughter livestock, and go on murderous rampages. “Let’s say you’re going around the world and you’re a s—head,” says creative director Jonathan Dumont, “It’s your choice, but there are consequences.” If you commit crimes, a bounty will be placed on your head. And when mercenaries appear to collect, that’s when the real fun begins.”

Every player’s game starts with 50 mercenaries, drawn from a pool of hand-crafted characters and others that are randomly generated. They all have their own special abilities, strengths, and weaknesses, as well as gear. “It’s endless Phylakes,” Dumont says. “And some have bears.” They’ll leave you alone if you walk the straight and narrow, but beware if you decide to indulge your criminal fantasies. 

Players can accrue an increasing amount of notoriety, which is represented by a one-to-five scale. An easy way to think about it is like the wanted levels in the Grand Theft Auto games. When you’re wanted, the mercenaries will start to look for you. A higher bounty attracts higher-leveled mercenaries, and more of them, so it might make sense to pay your fine to get them off your back. Or, if you’re feeling more confrontational, you can track down the person who issued the bounty and eliminate them – and the bounty, too.

They’re like Origins’ Phylakes, with a little bit of Shadow of War’s Nemesis system thrown in for good measure. The interesting part comes in after you’re done battling them. Once you’ve incapacitated them, you have a couple of options: You can choose to kill them, or you can hire them. “If a mercenary is pursuing me throughout the world, you know what, I want to show respect for that guy and keep him,” Dumont says. “You can do that.” Regardless of whether you choose to kill them or let them live, you get whatever gear they have, which can include special legendary items. 

Mercs and other characters you recruit join your ship’s crew. Some of these guys add special abilities for your ship, such as reducing cooldowns for your weapons or increasing your ship’s speed. There’s also a skill, Call to Arms, which allows your character to summon one of your allies into on-foot combat for a while. 

Don’t think you can simply massacre your way through all 50 and call it a day. The Mediterranean is a lucrative place to be, and more mercs will arrive to take the place of the fallen. As you eliminate the competition – by recruiting or killing them – you’ll work your way up the rankings. Each ranking tier has special benefits, such as getting discounts at vendors and smiths.

Bounties will also slowly reduce over time if you stop committing crimes, but you’ll be hunted as long as you have one. And as long as you do, it pays to be vigilant. “Let’s say you have a three star bounty and you go into the world and you go into a big fort and you start messing around,” says game director Scott Phillips. “Then they sound the alarm. Who’s coming? The bounty hunters. All those guys know where you’re at. They’re seeking you. They don’t come straight for you, they come in the area you’re at, but in this case when the alarm rings you see them like they’re ring wraiths coming. Oh no! We wanted to create those tension moments. When you have a five-star bounty, which takes a long time to store up, it’s something.” They’ll follow you out to sea, too, so don’t think you can easily hop on your boat and sail away from your problems.

The mercenaries seem like a great addition to the series, adding a much-needed layer of variety. If you get tired of questing, you can decide to pursue mercenaries and level up that way. Or you can chase after them simply because you want to enhance your ship’s crew or get better gear. You’ll see them in the world, too, even if you haven’t riled up the locals, so you can opt for a confrontation on the fly. That doesn’t mean you have to cause trouble if you want to engage in mercenary combat, though.

Role-playing is a big component of Odyssey, but don’t think you’ll be missing out on the mercenary elements if you decide to play as a law-abiding citizen. Mercs hang around arenas, and you can rise through the ranks in officially sanctioned battles, too – no murdering, stealing, or slaughtering required.

Assassin’s Creed Odyssey is coming to PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC on October 5.

Id Software’s new vision for Doom debuted at QuakeCon in 2014. As imps and demons were torn to shreds with bullets and chainsaws, the crowd roared in approval, and clearly wanted to see more.

Flash forward four years, and the bloodthirsty cry for more was answered: id once again gave QuakeCon attendees the first look at Doom Eternal, the next chapter in studio’s flagship series.

Id’s Marty Stratton and Hugo Martin took to the stage with heavy metal blaring as loudly as the crowd’s screams. Stratton was taken aback by the crowd’s enthusiasm, giving them a, “F— yeah. You guys are unbelievable. It’s awesome to be back here.”

The Doom Eternal presentation began with concept art that showed the Demon Slayer’s new look, which includes armor tweaks and new tools. Stratton said id’s focus was making this interpretation of the Doom Slayer the most powerful hero the studio has ever created.

As you can see, the Doom Slayer boasts modified armor with an extendable blade, spikes on the gloves, an over-the-shoulder attachment (which can equip flamethrowers, missiles, and grenade launchers), and just as much green as he’s always worn. His boots also grant him the ability to perform a new omnidirectional dash maneuver to give him a little burst of speed when he needs it.

While he looks like a formidable killing machine with nothing in his hands, id has developed plenty of new and updated weapons for him to wield. The return of the Super Shotgun was greeted with a cheer, which now has a Meat Hook below its barrels. The Meat Hook isn’t just used to stab enemies in the face; it functions like a grapple that allows players to latch onto something at a great distance and pull the Doom Slayer closer to it. The momentum of that pull can propel the Doom Slayer in different directions, allowing for vast amounts of space to be gained in the air.

Other new armaments include a handheld ballista, a redesigned rocket launcher, a plasma rifle, and something called the Crucible Sword. What will the Doom slayer use them against? Martin says this sequel boasts twice as many enemies as the previous game. Along with a host of demons we’ve never seen before, id is bringing back the Pain Elemental, Arachnotron, and Archvile, to name a few. One of the new beasts is named the Marauder, and Martin teased that he looks like the Doom slayer for a reason. The level of detail in each of these creatures is impressive, as are their death animations, which now unfold through new technology id calls “Destructible Demons.” In a series of stills, we could see how taking bullets incrementally affects a demon’s limbs, skin, and organs.


The new gameplay demo begins on a familiar note: With the Doom Slayer putting on his helmet. We then see him test out his blade by extending it for a second before retracting it. As he moves forward, it becomes quickly apparent we aren’t on hell anymore. The fires are now on Earth tearing apart one of its cities. Skyscrapers lay in ruin, and demon are everywhere, even descending from the skies.

The first few minutes of action play out like a greatest hits reel from the previous game, showing the demon slayer unloading clips into slow-moving demons, and periodically rushing in to decapitate one or feed it its own heart as a meal. The fluidity of play is impressive, holding true to the 60 frames per second that id achieved in the original. The environment is wide open and vertical, allowing for the Meat Hook to be used to reach higher areas and stretch across fiery pits. We even see the slayer launch into the air, grab onto a yellow pipe for a split-second, and swing to another area. While the gunplay seems rote at this point, the Doom Slayer’s range of mobility impresses, and he can even make new paths for himself by punching through walls or scurrying up them with his new gloves.

While the gunplay looks fun, the most interesting elements that occur during it are the little things, like the periodic flamethrower burst from his shoulder attachment, which stuns a couple of enemies, allowing for ammo to be sprayed at them safely. The glory kills are as violent as always, but none of the executions were radically different than stuff we saw in the last game. Heads go flying, bodies are split in two in a variety of ways, and a stern punch can splatter brains. The most interesting glory kills incorporated the slayer’s new blade, which in one instance doubled as a skewer for a heart. You also don’t seem to be rewarded with as much ammo or health for performing glory kills; the only pinata like effect we saw happened when the Doom Slayer ripped through an enemy with his chainsaw.

As fast-paced as the action was, id revealed that it was being played on a controller, and then showed what that same area and combat could look like when turned up a notch while being played on a keyboard and mouse. The heavy metal intensified and the bodies hit the floor with ease and at an almost hilarious speed.


This second playthrough also teased something new in an “Invasion” alert that appeared on the screen. Invasions allow you to enter another player’s game as a demon. You can even invite a few of your friends to enter someone else’s game together as a slayer hunting party.

Stratton said that the game won’t just be set on Earth and Hell, and teased much more. “We’re not just making a Doom game anymore. We’re making a Doom universe,” he said. One of these new destinations is Phobos, a technologically advanced place that houses a giant skyscraper-sized version of the BFG called the BFG 10,000.

When the Slayer arrives on Phobos, the people running the station are in awe of him. They back away, murmuring how he shouldn’t be there, and one guy is so speechless that he doesn’t say anything when the Slayer grabs the red keycard from around his neck and drags him in his wheeled chair to open a door. The slayer also silently takes a weapon out of the hands from a soldier. He apparently has quite the reputation here.

The Phobos area delivered more of the frenzied combat Doom is known for. The demonstration ends with a tease of a boss battle and the promise of a new weapon being used to tear this foe wide open – the crucible blade.

Doom Eternal doesn’t have a release date or window yet, but is in development for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PC, and Switch. Let’s hope this means the Switch version will launch alongside the others this time.

The crowd at QuakeCon ate up the violence again, but the cheers weren’t as loud as in 2014. The shock factor just isn’t there: id isn’t reinventing the formula again. The roar of approval had more of an “I can’t wait to get my hands bloody in this world again” tone to it, and that’s exactly what id is inviting players to do.

You can check out the extensive footage in the video below starting at 1:10:56.


Doom Eternal just got detailed with new footage and a presentation at Quakecon, finally fleshing out the anticipated sequel since its announcement at E3 in June. Despite the previous Doom game coming to Switch last year, not many people expected the sequel to launch on Switch, as well. Bethesda apparently delights in subverting those expectations.

The Doom Twitter announced after the presentation that Doom Eternal will launch on PC, PS4, Xbox One, and Switch. Bethesda’s wording of “will launch on…Switch” sure makes it sound like it’s day and date as the other versions. If that’s true, that makes the first simultaneous launch for a Bethesda title on a Nintendo system pretty much ever.

Panic Button, the studio which ported Wolfenstein II: The New Colossus, Doom, Rocket League, and Warframe to Switch retweeted the announcement, indicating they’re likely behind the port. That means the game will probably look graphically similar to last year’s Doom port.

Doom Eternal has a target date of 2019 for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Switch, and PC.


It’s actually kind of a 

During today’s QuakeCon 2018 keynote, Avalanche and Bethesda showed off fresh gameplay for the upcoming first-person shooter Rage 2.

Set 30 years after the events of the first game, Earth is beginning to return to its previous stage, springing back to life after the cataclysmic events that preceded the initial title. While the weapons, abilities, and wingsticks steal the show in the new gameplay trailer, we also get a look at a the new Goon Squad faction, as well as our first glimpse of an intense convoy takedown. You can see the new gameplay for yourself below.

Rage 2 launches PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC in spring 2019. For our recent hands-on impressions of Rage 2 from E3, watch our discussion here.

As he walked out on the Quakecon 2018 stage, Bethesda Game Studios head Todd Howard was immediately inundated with questions.

“I understand you have questions, and demand answers,” Howard said. But he wasn’t there to shed more light on Fallout 76 just yet – that’s tomorrow. Instead, he made a housekeeping announcement about a partner studio. 

After years working with id Software on projects like the 2016 Doom reboot’s SnapMap tools, Escalation Studios was acquired by ZeniMax Media, the parent company of Bethesda Softworks in 2017. Now, the studio has been rebranded as Bethesda Game Studios Dallas. 

This gives Bethesda Game Studios offices in four cities – Austin, Dallas, Montreal, and Rockville, Maryland. 

Howard said BGS Dallas is working on key parts of Fallout 76, Blades, and Starfield.

Announced today at QuakeCon 2018, The Elder Scrolls: Legends is getting a Sheogorath-centric expansion called the Isle of Madness. While little is known at this point, mechanics probably include something to do with insanity.

The whims of the Daedric Prince are often interesting and enjoyable when he makes appearances in the Elder Scrolls universe, and the elements of his realm infused into the digital card game should be interesting. 

Since its days as a Half-Life 2 mod, Insurgency has built a reputation for its hardcore, realistic combat focusing on modern warfare. Players will get the chance to take on the latest entry in the series and put their tactics and twitch skills to the test when Insurgency: Sandstorm launches on September 18.

Developer New World Interactive also revealed there will be two beta events before the game’s release. To get into the beta, you have to preorder the game. The first beta runs August 9-August 13 and the second is scheduled to start through weeks before launch, though no specific date range has been given.

Sandstorm Initially was supposed to have a singleplayer component but New World canceled it to focus on the multiplayer core of the game. For more on Sandstorm’s beta, you can read New World Interactive’s full rundown here, which includes what maps and modes can be played in the beta.

Insurgency: Sandstorm is one of our most anticipated shooters of this year. Here’s why.