Did you miss out on last year’s wildly successful
Kickstarter for the board game adaptation of  Deadly Premonition? Now’s your second chance.

Rising Star Games tabletop adaptation of the cult-classic
video game reached its funding goal in just
eight hours last year
, and shipped out to backers last month. However, a limited
retail release was also planned, and you can pre-order
a copy on Amazon
right now. This deluxe edition of the game will set you
back $60, and comes with a few bonuses including a cloth mat, custom dice, and the
original soundtrack of the video game to play during tabletop sessions. You’ll
also get a code for Deadly Premonition Director’s Cut on PC.

The Deadly Premonition board game has been generally
well-received, and can be played in 30-45 minutes by 2-4 players. Amazon will
start shipping copies on January 31, so you won’t have to wait. You can find
out more about how the game plays by checking
out the official website


Our Take
Investing in any Kickstarter project
is always risky, so it’s nice to see a guaranteed retail option after the
campaign has ended. The $60 price tag puts it on par with the Special Edition
version that was available during the Kickstarter, give or take some of the
bonuses, so if you’re kicking yourself for not investing earlier, it sounds
like a good deal.

God Of War Releases On April 20

Fans have had many questions about God of War since its initial reveal at E3 2016. Why Norse mythology? Why does he use an axe? Why give him a son? Now that we have answers to those questions, Sony just needed to answer one more big one: When does the game come out?

According to the latest trailer, God of War releases on April 20, 2018. That isn’t too far away, so start sharpening your axe.

That’s not all the information we get from the trailer, though. It gives new insight about what sets Kratos and Atreus off on their journey, and the issues they confront regarding their godly lineage. It might be a bit spoilery, but if you don’t care about going into God of War completely fresh, you can watch the full trailer below.

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For more about God of War, check out our month of exclusive coverage by clicking the banner below.

THQ Nordic, developer Obsidian Entertainment, and independent publisher Versus Evil have struck a deal whereby THQ Nordic will put out a physical edition of the upcoming RPG Pillars of Eternity II: Deadfire.

The game is coming to PC, Mac, and Linux, and THQ Nordic says that it will share a specific release date, price, and other release info about the game soon.

For more on the game, see why we included it in our list of our Top 10 Most Anticipated RPGs of 2018.

[Source: THQ Nordic] 

A significant change is coming to Microsoft’s Xbox Game Pass, with the announcement that subscribers will be able to access Microsoft Studios’ Xbox One-exclusive titles on their release dates. The first new release to be included is the upcoming Sea of Thieves, which is coming in March.

Other games, including State of Decay 2 and Crackdown 3, will be part of the Game Pass lineup, too. Phil Spencer revealed the news on Major Nelson’s blog, where he alluded to upcoming – and unannounced – entries in the Halo, Forza, and Gears of War series, which will also be also included in Game Pass. 

Spencer also outlined details about a new Game Pass subscription card. A six-month subscription to the service, which includes complete access to more than 100 games, will be priced at $59.99.

[Source: Major Nelson]


Our Take
This is great news for people who are already invested in Game Pass, and it could also be an attractive offer for people who haven’t made up their mind about the service. It would be made even more enticing if Microsoft could step up its first-party development, too.

By poking fun at slasher films and providing a captivating interactive horror experience, 2016’s Until Dawn was a pleasant surprise. Developer Supermassive Games’ successful storytelling made me hopeful for Until Dawn’s VR prequel, The Inpatient, but I struggled to keep interest due to mediocre scares and a forgettable cast.

The Inpatient takes us back 60 years and is set in the Blackwood Sanatorium, the dilapidated hospital you explore in Until Dawn. Playing as a patient with amnesia, you attempt to unravel a conspiracy and escape, all while savage monsters are on a killing spree. Although The Inpatient sheds more light on some of Until Dawn’s mysteries (such as the slaughter of the sanatorium staff), it fails to make this history interesting.

Like Until Dawn, your choices mold the story and have consequences. These decisions occur during dialogue with other characters, and they impact who lives and dies. Unfortunately, it never feels that tense, since the game is plagued with dull characters. Most of the hospital staff you’re grouped with seem emotionless, and are held back by stiff voice acting. Because it’s a short narrative experience, you don’t get much time to become acquainted with them.

Since the narrative changes based on your choices, you can replay The Inpatient to see its different endings. While there aren’t any huge revelations or entirely new sections that open up, I was happy to notice some noteworthy changes when making different decisions on my second playthrough, depending on how much others trusted me and who I managed to save. 

As for its VR component, Supermassive took another step to add a sense of presence. With voice controls, you can choose dialogue options simply by speaking into the headset’s microphone. Though it’s a small addition, I found it effective and fun, making it feel like I was directly speaking to other characters.

Good scares are few and far between, but some made me jump or shout obscenities because they were up close and personal in VR. Physically turning around to find a monster appear out of nowhere and seeing bloodied bodies appear and disappear on stretchers is terrifying. With the headset strapped to my face, I couldn’t look away and had to face these fears. I enjoyed exploring green-hued nightmares that tormented my character, where I’d walk through an otherworldly version of the sanitarium. Voices whisper unintelligible words while cell doors open and close on their own, making it a frightful experience. The Inpatient is at its best when it delves into psychological horror, but these nightmarish sections make up only a small portion of the game.

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As you make your way through the hospital, often your only light source is a flashlight. This was initially spooky, but long stretches of time are spent walking through barren hallways without much happening. Lacking in interesting dialogue and effective scares, these sequences left me bored as I wandered through the sanitarium.

As you explore, you can use either the PlayStation Move controllers or the DualShock 4 to maneuver. I found it much easier and comfortable to use the standard DualShock 4 controller, as the Move controllers are more awkward. You have to click a button on the left controller to move forward while tilting the other controller in the direction you want to go. I grasped the controls better as time went on, but it never feels natural. One advantage is that one Move controller also acts as a flashlight that you can wave around to light up areas, making it feel like you really have one in your hand. 

VR is great for immersion, but it can cause some unwanted side effects. Luckily, The Inpatient’s camera limits your movements to 30-degree pivots, reducing the chance of nausea. That worked for me; I never felt queasy during my time with The Inpatient, though I did experience headaches after about an hour of use. 

The Inpatient is a difficult game to recommend, with inconsistent scares and a mundane cast. It still offers some frightful moments, but they aren’t wrapped up in a captivating enough narrative to keep you engaged. Even if you’re a hardcore Until Dawn fan, this watered-down horror experience is probably worth skipping.

A Duke Nukem movie is being made and invisible WWE superstar John Cena is in talks to play the titular role, according to a story by Hollywood Reporter.

The movie is being produced by Michael Bay’s production company, Platinum Dunes. At this point, there is no director attached, or even a script. Hollywood Reporter speculates that, once Cena signs on to the vehicle designed for him, a scriptwriter will be tapped to bring the foul-mouthed hero to the silver screen.

Duke has had a rough go of it for the last decade or so, having most recently appeared as a guest character in the HD Remaster of Bulletstorm. His last full fledged game, however, was the maligned Duke Nukem Forever in 2011, a release of the development hell-burdened title was first announced in 1997. 

Duke Nukem first appeared in the game of the same name on in 1991 and later joined the 3D realm with the shock-filled Duke Nukem 3D in 1996.

[Source: Hollywood Reporter]


Our Take
I just can’t see John Cena in this role.

Phil Harrison, former executive of Sony, Microsoft, and others has announced that he has accepted a position as vice president and general manager.

Harrison, whose resume includes corporate vice president of Microsoft and vice president of Sony Computer Entertainment Europe, is well known as one of the most well-traveled veterans of the gaming industry. After leaving Microsoft Game Studio in 2015, Harrison has found himself at Google.

“Excited to be able to share that today I’ve started a new role as Vice President and GM of Google – and relocating (back) to California,” Harrison tweeted. Harrison was located in California during his role as president of SCE Worldwide Studios.

Google has not officially announced Harrison’s role within the company, suggesting they are not ready to unveil what he is working on. Considering his experience in the gaming industry, Harrison heading up an initiative related to gaming would make a lot of sense within Google.


Our Take
In his time in the gaming industry, Harrison has worked for nearly every major manufacturer. Part of me was kind of hoping he would land at Nintendo to just finish the circle.

Many football fans groaned when the New England Patriots pulled off another come-from-behind victory on Sunday night. The Patriots always seem to be a game or two away from a Super Bowl win, and their miraculous win once again came within minutes of what looked like a loss. If your closet isn’t filled with Tom Brady jerseys, the Patriots’ continued success is a long-running nightmare, and the NFL is playing out like Bill Murray’s Groundhog Day.

Overwatch League is two weeks young, yet fans are already bemoaning a team in the same way NFL fans talk about the Patriots. Seoul Dynasty is undefeated this year, winning all four of its matches convincingly. Two other teams, New York Excelsior and London Spitfire, are also undefeated with four wins each, but their successes have been overshadowed by Seoul’s dominance.

Seoul is performing at a high level on both offense and defense, leaving little room for any kind of mistakes or pauses in strategy by rival teams. Seoul is backed by the ridiculous skill of Byung-Sun Kim, who goes by FLETA in the game. Kim has pinpoint accuracy with almost every character he suits up as, whether it’s Widowmaker on the perimeter, Genji up close, or Pharah from the skies. Kim is just one of many stars on Seoul. The spotlight also shines brightly on Je-Hong Ryu (ryujehong), Sang-Beom Byun (Munchkin), and, well, everyone on the team. These players have shown the flexibility to adapt to opponent strategies, whether it’s swapping in a different player from the bench, or switching heroes mid-match. We haven’t seen a strategy that has slowed Seoul for long.

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Seoul is the early frontrunner to win the championship, and may even march through all 20 weeks without a loss. That’s how good they look right now. For fans of other teams, this is certainly a disheartening thing to hear, but it should make you want to watch the games more. What if your team ends up being the one that pulls off the upset victory against Seoul? For that chance alone, the matches against Seoul should hold excitement. Sure, Seoul may end up crushing your hopes in a matter of minutes, but we always love the David vs. Goliath story in sports. So far, all teams going against Seoul look like David without his sling.

Should Blizzard be concerned with Seoul at this point? This Friday’s match between Seoul and New York will be telling. Both teams are undefeated, and if Seoul demolishes them as it has every other team, alarm bells may ring through Overwatch League’s headquarters. Seoul is making it look easy at this point, and that’s the last thing you want to see in a debut league, especially one that is trying to establish itself as the next big esport. Team balance and draft strategies will definitely be looked at if Seoul continues marching.

In the long run, though, the New York Yankees have been great to baseball, and the New England Patriots great to football. As much as you may hate them, they have brought people into the stands to marvel at their talents, or cheer when they finally fall. Seoul, even after just four weeks of play, appears to be that team for Overwatch League. It’ll be fun to see how long their winning streak lasts, and who may end up breaking it. They’re a good problem for the sport to have at this point.

The director of Thor: Ragnarok, Taika Waititi, has been given the green light by FX to produce a pilot for a TV adaptation of his vampire movie What We Do in the Shadows, reports Variety.

Both Waititi and Jemaine Clement, who starred in the comedy Flight of the Conchords and the movie version of What We Do in the Shadows, are on board as executive producers, but both are also still hands-on with the pilot. Waititi is acting as director, while Clement is writing the show. Waititi also starred in the movie version, but there’s no word on whether the two would reprise those roles in the show.

There are no details of how the show will play out, but Waititi has speculated on the idea before, suggesting a TV show would be similar to the movie but take place in America. The movie took the form of a mockumentary about several vampires living together in a house in New Zealand. A sequel, We’re Wolves, was announced but it is unclear when it will begin production.

FX has not ordered a full series, only committing to a pilot so far. Still, after Waititi’s success with Thor: Ragnarok, it is no surprise that doors are being opened for him left and right. Chris Hemsworth has said that he and Waititi are tossing around ideas for Thor 4, even though Hemsworth’s Marvel contract has expired. If Thor 4 does come, hopefully Waititi reprises his role as Korg.

[Source: Variety]

For those planning to pick up Monster Hunter World this Friday, remember to set aside a little time for an important day one update.

Version 1.01 – which weighs in at a relatively lightweight 815 MB – will be available as soon as players boot the game up for the first time. It’s a pretty crucial update, as it not only lets players get content from the servers, but it lets them access multiplayer, which is a pretty important aspect of the game for a lot of hunters.

The update also adds a Gallery mode to rewatch any cutscenes, fixes a few unspecified bugs, and adds a poogie to your central hub area. The poogie is a small big who can be petted with proper timing and will eventually let you pick them up, sniffing out treasure for you as you walk around town.

Monster Hunter World releases on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One on January 26. A PC version has been announced but is not expected until Autumn.


Our Take
Luckily, it’s not too big of an update, so hopefully it shouldn’t take players much time at all to download. This is, of course, assuming PSN servers hold up. Considering it’s a pretty big day for game releases, we can just cross our fingers and hope.